Sunday, 24 July 2016

Touristy in Istanbul

As you might have spotted, I was in Istanbul recently. I was there during the political instability and there was a really rough night involved but, before that, the holiday was amazing.

 photo 2016-07-13 12.57.18_zpsuj7af1gr.jpg

Top - Pull and Bear
Shorts - Mango
Shoes - Oasis 
Scarf - Accessorize

 photo 2016-07-13 12.57.19-1_zpskymdk2bb.jpg

I've been to Istanbul before - years ago - so it was nice to re familiarise myself with the city and re discover all the sites.
Day one involved a lot of walking and these low heels were pretty comfortable to walk around in.

 photo 2016-07-13 12.57.23_zps8amypc1c.jpg

It was super hot. But because it's a very traditional country, I decided it would be best to be slightly more conservatively dressed. That is not actually a skirt - they're actually long baggy shorts. I got them on a whim and thought they were super cute. I struggled to style them originally,  but though they worked well with that top.

Sherin xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Capri Days

I realise I've been off for a while. I had myself a double holiday, hitting Italy and Turkey and it's been a great time (except being caught up in the unrest in Turkey).

So I headed to Capri first, with Reena, and the sun was absolutely glistening.

 photo 2016-07-09 16.00.52_zpspcbqttuy.jpg

Top - Hollister
Shorts - ASOS
Shoes - Keds
Hat - Accessorise

 photo 2016-07-09 16.00.27_zpsqiwnefjf.jpg

The first day consisted of a lot of walking. But the whole island was so unbelievably stunning, that it hardly felt like a chore. We spent the afternoon wandering down small alleys and discovering hidden spots and old ruins.

This outfit was perfect for this. The shoes were comfortable enough for over an hour of climbing and the top is open back so I got a nice cool breeze.

 photo 2016-07-09 16.00.29_zpsgmraan1r.jpg

The higher we climbed, the prettier the views became. They were awe inspiring and really were out of this world.

 photo 2016-07-09 16.42.13_zpsk1q22aui.jpg

 photo 2016-07-09 17.18.12_zpslshy65xc.jpg

Expect more holiday outfit posts over the next few weeks, and then I'll be on yet another holiday.

Sherin xx

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Summer Sandals

It's the end of June and I'm sitting here looking out my window at the rain that hasn't stopped in days. It's times like this that really makes me feel like summer isn't going to come.

I do have a few summer holidays planned though so I'm thinking of all the pretty summer sandals that I get to wear. I've been in boots and socks since about September last year, so can't wait to get some fresh air on my feet and legs.

Here are some top contenders for summer sandals - admittedly, I may have accidentally bought more than a few on this list...

 photo Pictures17_zpsqal3iacr.jpg

1. Sam Edelman - Perfect for a beach trip
2. Tamaris - I have these in another colour and are already in my suitcase for my next break
3. Toms - I love that Toms have branched out and become a lot more fashion forward
4. ASH - aren't these a beaut?
5. See by Chloe - I have so much love for these. I might break the bank and get them
6. French Connection - They look so glam!
7. Ravel - Because you can't go wrong with some comfy flats
8. Clarks - You can't beat the comfort of Clarks
9. Dune - These are perfect for a summer's night out

Sherin xx

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