Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dress in Winter

I do quite struggle with wearing dresses in the winter, but every so often a particular dress comes into my life which I try to wear throughout the winter, with a lot of layers, of course.

 photo 2015-11-29 10.16.43_zpsv09kypud.jpg

Dress -  Vera Moda via House of Fraser
Tights - H&M
Shoes - TU at Sainsburys

 photo 2015-11-29 10.16.09_zpsd8vskbja.jpg

I really love this grey dress. It's so perfect for this time of the year. I wore it for a casual Sunday where I stayed in North London, seeing family and friends. It was so comfortable and I love the flare at the bottom. 

To add a bit more 'spice' to the look, I added a really bright and colourful necklace. I really under estimate the power of a good statement necklace so I've decided to wear a few more of them over the course of the winter. Just to brighten up those 

 photo 2015-11-29 10.16.45_zpsxbtrvx9s.jpg

And can we talk about this ring please? It's kind of incredible! It's a Coast ring, also via House of Fraser, and I am so excited to wear it again and again. I have a few Christmas parties coming up, so I can see it getting some wear.

 photo 2015-11-29 10.17.03_zpsbklhzu0y.jpg


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Planning a Festive Night Out

It's officially PARTY SEASON!!! I've already had several (even one involving a snake) and the next few weeks have several more in store for me. There are work Christmas parties, and also Christmas parties with all my various groups of friends. And putting together the perfect festive night out can be challenging at times.

Nights out this time of year differ very much from those in the summer. During the summer, you can spend whole evenings in the park, or in a cute beer garden. In the winter, however, you want to stay indoors as much as possible. A night in is always tempting, but I love going out so indoor pop ups are my go-to this time of the year.

So what does my average winters night look like?

The Location
Every year, Peroni hosts their annual House of Peroni pop up and I try and go as much as I can. The location is always really done well and there is a lot to do in terms of food, drinks and entertainment. 
Held in Brick Lane this November, the residency house had a really nice and chilled out vibe when I went to visit. 

 photo 05_PAPER_LEAVES_0039_WEB_zps4ea9mh4z.jpg

 photo 04_SNUG_0018_WEB_zpsljw20hux.jpg

The House was everything I needed for a night out - there was a great menu, and we enjoyed the food, not to mention there was a nice array of Peroni based cocktails, created by mixologist Simone Caporale. Now, I'm not a Peroni drinker, but the drinks were unique and different enough that I got through them easily. Meanwhile, the menu offered a 5 course dining experience, curated but Michelin chef Accursio Craparo.

 photo Peroni Negroni Autunno_zpsai74blwk.jpg

 photo 06_CLOUD_0064_WEB_zpskrosjh5b.jpg

The venue itself was gorgeous - based around an Italian home, with a number of different rooms, each with a different theme. A key was needed to enter each room, and each one was magical in it's own right. There was everything from a pantry and garden, to a kitchen and bedroom. It was definitely a nice way to spend an evening, and it's so relaxed that you'd never know that just outside is a very busy Brick Lane.

Definitely worth a visit next time it's open.

The Shoes
Those days of cute summer flats or fun looking heels are behind us. Instead I've been wearing my UGGs around the house and have been living in heeled boots. They allow me to keep warm but still look good enough for a night out. These French Connection heeled boots are on my wishlist. I have more than enough shoes that look like this, yet I could probably do with some more! Black boots are pretty much my life right now! You can find these French Connection boots online here.

The lipstick
Red lipstick has always been a bit of a go-to of mine for when I want to add a hint of glamour to my look. Although, recently I've discovered plum lipstick and it's changed my life! It goes with everything that I wear and it instantly adds an element of glamour to any look. I have a feeling my nights out will now consist of switching between red and plum lips.

 photo Pictures4_zpsbwq2xvaj.jpg

The accessory
A good accessory can pretty much make a look and pull together a whole outfit. I would say it's one of the most important things of any look in fact. I love chunky jewellery, especially at this time of the year. This House of Fraser bracelet is stunning and I'l be wearing it to all the parties. I mean look at it: it's definitely something very special.

 photo 2015-11-29 10.17.00-2_zpsif8iae3m.jpg

Statement jewellery is great for the party season and it's so much easier to transform a look, especially if you're going straight from work to a party. House of Fraser has a magnificent collection of jewellery, whether you like your cocktail rings or prefer to stick to a more delicate necklace.

 photo 2015-11-29 10.16.57-1_zps1oycsjcw.jpg

How are you partying this time of year?

Sherin xx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

New York

It's cold. Oh so cold. I can't leave the house without 3/4 layers, at least, and all my nice clothes have to be hidden below my boring black winter's coat.

 photo 2015-11-22 12.13.15_zpsoendiyjd.jpg

Top - Missing Jonny
Jeans - Fat Face
Boots - TU at Sainsburys

 photo 2015-11-22 12.13.19_zpszu8ahhzn.jpg

This NY top is actually really cool and I've been enjoying wearing it around town, when going to work or shopping. It's so comfortable and I really like the fitting of it. It's nice and laid back, making it great for this time of the year, when all I really want to do is walk around with a blanket. This is the next best thing for sure! It's so comfortable.

Also, can we talk about the shoes? I think it might be time for me to invest in more knee high boots to keep me warm, rather than my usual black ankle boots.

 photo 2015-11-22 12.13.24_zpsbkvjyavr.jpg

Also I thought it was about time for a change in look. I got myself some plum lipstick and then also decided to add a nose piercing in to the mix. I'm loving the new look!

 photo 2015-11-22 12.14.11_zpscckgdfl2.jpg

Sherin xx

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