Friday, 1 August 2014

Eid Outfit

I love it when people compliment and say 'OMG is that new?' when you wear something that you've had for years, and wear quite frequently.

 photo SAM_2882_zps57cf20ad.jpg

Outfit - Traditional
Shoes - Blink via Sarenza

 photo SAM_2879_zpsc4c72f51.jpg

I actually bought this traditional outfit ages ago and have worn it dozens of time during family functions, weddings and religious holidays - like this one. I love that it still has that new vibe to it and I'll be sneaking it into various other family events to see if they notice again.

 photo SAM_2884_zpsf50b4696.jpg

Monday was a religious holiday, so we took advantage of the lovely weather to dress up and eat loads. Most of the family was pretty keen to change in to more comfortable outfits by about midday, so none of us stayed in our over dressed and sparkly clothes for too long.

 photo SAM_2888_zps13cd3c71.jpg

Are you also noticing my that green band on my wrist that looks like it'll match with none of my outfits ever? Well, that's my new fitness band, which was a birthday present from my dad. It's a Garmin Vivofit, and I've been having so much fun analysing how many calories I burn and how much I walk. Let's just put it this way: turns out I'm a lot lazier than I initially thought and I spend a lot of my day in the 'red zone' as defined by the band. I'm having most fun analysing my sleep movements though. I'm pretty much a nerd when it comes to graphs.

 photo SAM_2892_zps7be158de.jpg

And say hi to my new gorgeous Olivia Burton watch. I already have an extensive collection of watches and this is my latest conquest. I got this from Twisted Time and love the simple design of it. I've had nothing but compliments for this watch.

 photo SAM_2902_zps71b28204.jpg

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bastille with #HPConnectedMusic

Three days before my birthday, my favourite band - Bastille - had an epic one off gig with HP, so naturally I had to be there.
This is part of HP Connected Music, where HP get some amazing artists to do one off gigs, fused with technology. I've seen Bastille live before and they were incredible, and this gig lived up to all my expectations.

 photo 2014-07-23185944_zpsb60e137a.jpg

Dan from the band has a great presence on stage and it was so much fun being in the crowd and watching him perform. I  love that they have both fast paced songs and slower songs too, so that there's a nice mix in the set.

 photo 2014-07-23210630_zpse1b0be97.jpg

 photo 2014-07-23212437_zps3a66ff4a.jpg

HP had a surprise in store for everyone too. During 'Of the Night', the crowd was able to control a light show with their feet as jumping on different points of the venue added different lights to the show, connecting the fans to the music even more. It was done so well and was such a unique experience to watch from above. 

 photo 2014-07-23212726_zps798854b5.jpg

Sherin xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Benicassim Day 2

My last post from Benicassim. It was such a great festival so I've just been so excited to share as much as I got up to. The weather was beautiful throughout (except for the thunderstorms during Jake Bugg) and it was a nice excuse to get out the shorts I don't usually get to wear at home.

 photo SAM_2834_zpse5aa597e.jpg

Top - Warehouse
Shorts - Boohoo
Shoes - Vans

 photo SAM_2837_zps3f165e1b.jpg

By far my favourite shorts. So much so that I actually got them in two colours when I first bought them. And my poor Vans - they did me well but definitely needed a bit of a hose down when they came back. They came back a bit more orange and rugged. Although I love that they're so worn in now.

 photo SAM_2838_zpseb9243a5.jpg

The highlight of Benicassim was all the Pringles. They were giving out free Pringles, while they also had regular parties, games and other freebies. 

 photo 2014-07-18195440_zpsc032dab6.jpg

We'd also, by this point, figured out the best time to head to the stages so that we got good views of the bands. We were right at the front for Razorlight, who did a fun set, and even managed a good place to stand for Tom Odell. While I say that Kodaline were my highlight, Tom Odell was a firm second. He played a beautiful set and there were definitely tears in the crowd. 

 photo SAM_2850_zpsee98f016.jpg

 photo SAM_2854_zpsc56c9ff5.jpg

 photo 2014-07-18195239_zpsd52a9559.jpg

Sherin xx

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