Thursday, 17 April 2014


I know the whole asymmetrical trend was a few seasons ago, but I couldn't control myself when I saw this dress. I think my black dress collection is pretty varied already, but this was a nice addition to it.

 photo SAM_1981_zps0ef07cc4.jpg

Dress - Local
Shoes - Dune booties
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

 photo SAM_1989_zpsbe780b17.jpg

Seriously though, nothing makes me happier than sunny weather, so much so that I temporarily (and prematurely) abandoned my tights. I've also been going to the gym more regularly so also really want to show off my leg muscles these days. And I was only a little bit cold. On the plus side - a new dress! I can't get enough of black dresses, and was different enough from the others to let me justify the purchase. I also love these laced boots - I can never get over how comfortable they are. They just sit around the ankle perfectly. 

 photo SAM_1993_zps6d545334.jpg

 photo SAM_2001_zps8614fcfb.jpg

Sherin xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has always been one of my favourite campaigns. It's see's some of the UK's biggest brands getting involved with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to come up with some exclusive pieces, with proceeds going to charity.
This season has seen quite a few famous women get involved, such as Laura Bailey, Emeli Sande nd Jessica Ennis-Hill, with them calling fashion lovers to 'Wear Your Support'.

Once again, the like of M&S, Warehouse, Debenhams, River Island and Laura Ashley have come up with some lovely pieces, that are both wearable and fashionable - perfect to support such a great cause. I got to see the piece up close at the launch party last week and everything looks great. The Superga trainers are my absolute favourite, but that Velvet Johnstone top looks pretty incredible too.

  photo FashionTargetsBreastCancer_zps8cd796bb.jpg

I also got to ask celeb stylist, Alex Longmore, a few questions as she's just come on board as an ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. She'll be pushing the pieces to celebrities to spread the word even more, not to mention that it's a cause that's really close to her heart. 

 photo AlexLongmore_zpsc465db7c.jpg

What was your inspiration to become an ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer?
I went into have a meeting with the wonderful team at Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to see the really cool collection they have worked with High Street brands and designers for this season and I left as an Ambassador for the charity, as you do!!  Once I had heard all about the great work they do, It seemed natural really for me to get involved especially as I have a personal story with breast cancer, my mum died of the disease when I was 16 years old, so I really felt an affinity with the work they are doing at Fashion Target Breast Cancer plus I work in Fashion so it’s a kind of perfect match. Personal and professional.
What are your favourite pieces from the collections?
I absolutely love the LOVE top from Topshop, I was first online this morning to buy mine. The pink Supergas modelled by Suki Waterhouse totally get my vote as well especially worn with the Debenhams Henry Holland pale blue jeans. It’s like my perfect outfit.
How do you think campaigns like Fashion Targets Breast Cancer help to raise awareness for cancer?
I think it’s a fantastic way of raising awareness for cancer because often ‘cancer’ is something nobody wants to talk about, it’s a taboo scary subject associated often with fear but by bringing the fashion element in it helps to make it more positive, something to embrace and gives it a bit of glamour to what is a pretty depressing subject. Raising awareness is so difficult nowadays as the world is saturated with charities, but I think it’s great what Fashion Targets Breast Cancer does - working with the different brands so that people can purchase a fashion item and really get use out of their kind donation. 
What would you like to see for the future of Breast Cancer awareness?
My ultimate wish would be that this disease did not exist and with Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s work we are getting closer all the time. This is a primarily a woman's disease and I would like to see women helping other women out there to spread the word and raise as much money for charity that is possible.

Don't forget to follow Fashion Targets on Facebook (, Twitter (@FashionTargets) and Instagram (FashionTargetsBreastCancer), and by using #WearYourSupport.

Sherin xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Blue Lace

Summer is well and truly upon us. While Saturday was a bit chilly, I managed to catch some rays in the garden on Sunday. About time too; my legs are ridiculously pale.

 photo SAM_1867_zps48a87396.jpg

Dress - bought locally
Shoes - I Love Shoes via Sarenza

 photo SAM_1864_zpsce246c9e.jpg

Please excuse the bags: someone (me) decided to go out 4 nights in a row, leaving me feeling a bit rough by the time Sunday came round. Whoops. On the plus side, it hasn't rained in a bit, which means I can wear super stunning heels every day, without the fear of slipping. I love the two tone shade of these, and felt they matched the dress perfectly. 

 photo SAM_1875_zpscddc3c4d.jpg

I'm already planning all my summer activities, and this dress looks like it's going to be worn to death this season. I love lace so much and dark blue is one of my core colours to wear anyway, so can't wait to wear it more. 

 photo SAM_1871_zps25cf599b.jpg

What are your staples this summer?

Sherin xx

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