Monday, 26 January 2015

What Skin Needs - Beauty Review

For those that don't know, today is Australia Day. So what better opportunity to look into some new Australian beauty products.
I recently came across 'What Skin Needs' - an Australian skincare brand that's perfect for sensitive skin. While my skin isn't really sensitive, it is still a bit and I do have various scars and skin allergies.

What Skin Needs is a natural skincare solution that helps with the likes of irritation from cold weather, dry skin, cracked skin, and skin issues such as eczema. The ingredients are natural and includes Plantolin (a plant extract) that helps to soothe and protect skin. These products also protect skin cells from damage and promotes natural skin cell renewal.

 photo SAM_3788_zpseb5326db.jpg

I got the chance to try out a few products and I'm a fan.
First up was the 'Cracked Skin Cream', perfect for rough and damaged skin, particularly in areas such as heels and elbows. I do have quite dry elbows and wearing high heels has not been kind to my feet, so I've really been using this. It actually works pretty well and my rough areas seem a lot softer.

I also had the 'Skin Balm'. This looks like it might be a saving grace for any one who has dry skin, rashes or severe irritations. This cream helps to revive skin and reduce irritations. Again, it's a really soft cream and works well in helping the skin renew itself.

Finally, the 'Soothing Skin Gel'. This is more of a relieving solution, helping with the likes of sun damage and windburn. It uses natural ingredients to protect chapped skin. It's great for dealing with the after exposure to the elements. I'm off on a sunny holiday in a few weeks time, and I often become sun burnt, so this is definitely coming on holiday with me.

 photo SAM_3789_zps9385ee3d.jpg

If you do have sensitive or damaged skin, I definitely recommend this brand. Give it a look and the products will definitely help soothe any skin issues.

Sherin xx

Friday, 23 January 2015

New Shoes - Rainbow Club

I think we all know about my shoe obsession. And I'm never one to turn down yet more pairs.
These are Rainbow Club shoes and I'm in love.

 photo 2015-01-22080320_zps33f51aa5.jpg

They mainly focus on doing really lovely wedding inspired shoes, in satin. My favourite part is their Colour Studio, where you're able to customise any shoe design with any colour that you want. I picked a nice silvery colour, making this the perfect shoe for any night out.

Keep an eye open next week to see how I style them.

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

HiFashion Turns 6!

I can't believe it, HiFashion is officially 6 years old. I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday me and my friend, Leia, decided to sit down and write our first ever posts.

But 6 years later, I'm so happy this is something I've continued with over the years. I've learnt so much and felt like I've grown so much as a person because of this. I've met some amazing friends, had some wonderful experiences and even got on my first job because of it.

I know there are bloggers that have been blogging for less time than me and have accomplished so much more, but I'm proud of my little corner of the internet and wouldn't have done anything differently.

I have thought about giving up and shutting this down more than once, but I'm glad I've soldiered through and carried on.

I'll be celebrating with a nice fashion themed cake, obviously.

 photo 900x900px-LL-3abb6c79_017_zps12c57109.jpeg

Sherin xx

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