Monday, 27 July 2015

More from Greece

I've had a wonderful weekend - I turned the big 2-7 and celebrated in style with the gang I went to Greece with, which reminded that I still had some outfits to share from that holiday.

 photo 2015-07-06 15.14.59-1_zpsl0rtmn0d.jpg

Top - Oasis
Shorts - Boohoo
Shoes - Pull & Bear
Hat - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

 photo 2015-07-06 15.15.03-1_zpsswbourx3.jpg

This is one of my last looks from Greece and now I'm suer eager to go away on holiday again. I never seem to wear any of my holiday looks in London and I'm really missing walking around in shorts and cute tops - London, you see, has been quite cold this July. 
This top is the high light of this look for me. I love the two different colours at the front.

 photo 2015-07-06 15.15.07_zpsetu2exje.jpg

This hat though. I bought it while delayed for a flight back in February, and it has seriously come with me on every holiday I've had this year. And it's been in pretty much all of my holiday looks. I guess delayed flights have some advantages.

 photo 2015-07-06 15.15.18-1_zpskit9kfbv.jpg

Greek sunsets have probably been my favourite ever. They are stunners and everyday we were treated to different views and colours for the sunset. This was my favourite bar in Thessaloniki - it was located on a hillside and looked over the whole city and some ruins.

 photo 2015-07-06 21.22.42_zpsyyu7pd9i.jpg

And because Cat and I are so cool.

 photo 11221971_10153320923275380_6111947756675622089_o_zpsu7cfnako.jpg

Sherin xx

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Playsuit

One of my favourite days in Greece was the day after the wedding. The brides mother hired a coach for everyone who wanted to come along and gave us a tour round the whole city.

 photo 2015-07-05 11.28.37_zpsfnuwysv8.jpg

Hat - Accessorize
Shoes - Pull and Bear
Playsuit -  ASOS

 photo 2015-07-05 11.28.39_zpscifdijyb.jpg

I actually haven't been near a playsuit in years. I could never find one that really fit right but I took a gamble on this one and it really paid off. I would say it's on of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now.
I am currently hooked on Jane the Virgin and Petra is my current style icon - she's all about showing off the legs in heels, so I emulated her here.

 photo 2015-07-05 14.01.26_zpsg1xgxur5.jpg

I actually wish I was back in Greece. The weather in London is awful and these pictures of the sun make me want to go on holiday again.

 photo 2015-07-05 14.01.30_zpsoncacgmb.jpg

The whole day was so fantastic and we made some really good friends with some of the other wedding guests - people that I can call friends now. We travelled around the city together checking out churches (where Cat and I got in trouble for being inappropriately dressed), catacombs and even had another boat ride on the Arabella Ship - the ship that is actually a bar and cruises round.

 photo 2015-07-05 14.01.50_zpslncwzvkb.jpg

 photo 2015-07-05 14.16.17_zpscquwxz2t.jpg

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Real Greek Wedding

So while day one of the my friend's wedding in Greece was amazing, the second day was absolutely EPIC!

 photo 2015-07-04 17.48.51_zpsitxof8uu.jpg

Dress - Mango
Booties - Guess
Necklace - Happiness Boutique

 photo 2015-07-04 17.49.00_zpsbqcnumye.jpg

So you'll notice that I am eating in all of these pictures. That is traditional bread which is baked during a wedding and then given to all of the single girls as a form of good luck. The bread tasted so delicious that I clearly couldn't wait to eat it (attractive right?) and it was such a cute tradition.

 photo 2015-07-04 17.48.57_zpstb0kw9np.jpg

The wedding was amazing throughout and this day filled so much in. We had a pre party at the bride's house which involved a lot of music and dancing but also the sweetest tradition of the dad of the bride putting on the bridal shoes on his daughter. But of course the shoe doesn't fit so the the father has to put money into the shoe until it does.

 photo 2015-07-05 02.18.46_zpsw0aheewo.jpg

The bride looked super stunning. While she is one of my oldest friends and always looks good, she was looking particularly radiant. The above was taken right at the end of the night, and after I caught the bouquet. Clearly I was doing all the desperate single stuff.
After the ceremonies in the house, we headed to the church for the service, then over to a hotel for a reception and party. We tried the traditional Greek dances, but ended up tripping over ourselves and I think I accidentally kicked someone in the knee. Whoops. But that didn't stop us from being the last two on the dancefloor.

 photo 2015-07-04 19.17.57_zpsyxskfosd.jpg

My Guess heels did me really well and had me dancing well into the wee hours of the morning. I did have to kick them off at like 2am though so I could really get going on the dancefloor again. Cat cleverly had these really cute flip flops on for the dance floor though. Clever girl for getting those.

While my dress was a bold colour, I loved pairing a statement necklace with it. The necklace and dress just went together so well. It's one necklace that I'll definitely be wearing time and time again.

 photo 2015-07-04 19.31.17_zps2jilx9o4.jpg
Sherin xx

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