Monday, 20 April 2015

Working Out

For that that don't know, I'm doing a 5k muddy run this summer, with the Race for Life. Needless to say, preparing for it hasn't been going too well. I was meant to start training weeks ago to build up my energy, then slowly get to 5k, but I'm also really lazy.

 photo SAM_3868_zps2d2tmm10.jpg

Top - Race for Life
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - adidas

 photo SAM_3867_zpstxbq067g.jpg

I finally got round to putting on my running shoes this weekend and went for a walk (rather than an actual run - I do know that I won't be wearing sunglasses when I actually run).
I've decided to start my training by finding a 5k route then by power walking through it.

 photo SAM_3871_zpsiljvmlwa.jpg

 photo SAM_3864_zpsf3fyehnr.jpg

These adidas trainers still need a bit of wearing in, so hopefully they're comfortable enough by the time I move on to jogging or running. I like the pink colour, making them more fun to wear than a standard pair of black or white trainers.

 photo SAM_3876_zpsmnros3zb.jpg

I've not been doing great with my fundraising campaign, but if you do have some spare change, feel free to donate to my JustGiving page.

Sherin xx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Victoria Sponge Cake with Baking Made

I've been baking a bit more lately, especially with a whole load of new ingredients from Baking Mad.
I've mastered the plain sponge cake or a good chocolate chip cookie, so I thought a Victoria Sponge Cake would be an ideal next step. I decided to make one after work earlier in the week and it was a full family affair.

I decided to change my mind last minute, and opted to bake a normal cake instead of a sponge cake - we didn't have jam or the right kind of sugar in the house. My clever plan was too half the ingredients of a Victoria Sponge recipe so that it wouldn't be as big - I still don't know the logic behind my thinking here. This meant that, despite being pretty delicious, I was left with half a Victoria Sponge.

 photo 2015-04-13 19.11.03_zpscyj1iaxx.jpg

 photo 2015-04-13 19.18.31_zpsyggzb614.jpg

It was actually not too hard a recipe. We all the ingredients mixed and set in no time, then it was just the wait of sitting in front of the over, taking in the smell of a fresh bake. And of course, I sneakily added some chocolate chips in the mixture.

 photo 2015-04-13 19.20.13_zpsnsdjabc6.jpg

 photo 2015-04-13 19.20.53_zps5wa82ovx.jpg

You can check out the full Victoria Sponge Cake recipe on Baking Mad website. Just don't half it! While my final cake was a bit on the flat side and didn't look amazing, it was actually pretty delicious.

 photo 10955630_10155398309395464_7788742919191731943_n_zpscfy42a3z.jpg

I'm definitely going to fit in a bit more baking. It is so much fun to do. And there are also some great Easter recipes that you can try with all your leftovers!

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Timex Watches

Me and watches is a love that most readers should know by now. I have quite a few in my collection and I'm always looking to add more.

I recently went to have a look at the newest and upcoming Timex collections and I was really impressed. There was a great mix of classic style, fashion and functionality.

Let's start with the old school classics. This is a design often spotted with other brands, but Timex were the front runners on this.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.07.35_zpsifumyki0.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.07.28_zpsx2htsaem.jpg

There were also some timeless classics - these are the pieces that you can wear day after day, no matter the occasion.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.08.10_zps4arquzi7.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.11.16_zpscerqcalr.jpg

And if you want a bit of spice to your classics with the coloured dials.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.06_zpsbkb03mqa.jpg 

There were also a lot of really cool and trendy pieces. I fell in love with all of these the instant that I saw them. These ones below were definite favourites!

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.10_zpshim67wrg.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.19_zpskxflxlvs.jpg

Timex have been around since 1854 so it's safe to say that they know how to make watches that last. With so many different styles and straps (some of which are interchangeable), there really is something for everyone.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.06.59_zpscymgxyh1.jpg

Sherin xx

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