Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas at John Lewis

You always think that rooftops are a summer thing, but looks like Christmas is also a great time to hang out on rooftops.

John Lewis has recently opened up their Christmas rooftop and it's a great way to spend a cosy evening.

 photo IMG-20161130-WA0008_zpszvwbqbcc.jpg

I went there a few evenings ago and had a great time - they have several little lodges across the rooftops and it's a perfect way to stay warm. Each of the lodges is filled with blankets, tables, chairs and cushions, giving it a really laid back, chilled environment.

 photo 2016-11-30 18.47.26_zpslsoktwen.jpg

It's a beautiful rooftop to spend an evening up in the winter, and it doesn't feel that cold when you're up there. There are, of course, the lodges to fill you up, and also a Mac and Wild restaurant. The restaurant is indoors, equipped with delicious warm food, and even more delicious cocktails.

John Lewis really want Christmas to be the time for giving and so have decided to focus a lot on treating each other. I love the idea of making presents more thoughtful, and the evening had some great personalised elements. You could get a personalised Elemis cream, for all those beauty lovers in your life, or even some personalised PlayDoh.

 photo 2016-11-30 22.38.22_zpsadwjkdjj.jpg

Personally I love giving really personalised presents to my loved ones, and John Lewis will be a great help this year for those who think the same.

Sherin xx

Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Clutches with Le Redoute

December is nearly upon us, and with that comes the Christmas panic. Presents is one thing, but getting all your party looks is a whole other stress.

I went to check out the Le Redoute winter collection a few weeks back and looks they they really have you covered if you're still in need of some festive looks. I particularly love their accessories section. There is a whole host sparkles and sequence to make you stand out at your parties.

 photo 2016-11-17 19.51.30_zpsgxtolztr.jpg

 photo 2a988de8-76f0-497f-bc96-e0d7f239cfae_zpsnmxfagvi.jpg

 photo 2016-11-17 19.51.54_zpsolxgnujr.jpg

As you can see, they have an amazing range of clutches. I love how sparkly they all are, making them a really necessary accessory for all the parties. (Or in my case, not so many parties)

Sherin xx

Monday, 21 November 2016

Christmas with Hotel Chocolat

Yes, it's that time of the year. Time to get your festive spirit in order so you can get started with eating and buying presents. I got myself really organised this year and have bought my most important presents already. But if you're stuck for gift ideas, Hotel Chocolat has you covered.

 photo 0177b5a9-4deb-49e4-aa1d-e9c2b62991b1_zpsrmnm5ufw.jpg

They have this great Merry Little Christmas Hamper, which would make a fab presented for all chocolate fans you know. This awesome box of happiness contains so much goodness, it's insane. It has Rocky Road, a caramel slab, milk snowflakes and so much more. I'm saving this until Christmas morning before I start opening and munching through these all - I'm crazy excited to open this up.

 photo 85b0b69b-95fc-4ffd-b08c-5965773a9122_zpsm4ztkipc.jpg

There are so many other Christmas things available from Hotel Chocolat, from Yule Logs to Christmas Bauble's. You'll seriously be spoilt for choice.

 photo 87c63e27-7ed2-496e-b79d-894c57f426ba_zps5uaupacx.jpg

How's your Christmas planning going?

Sherin xx

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