Monday, 25 April 2016


Versatile clothes are the ultimate best. Whether it's a pair of shoes that can be worn everywhere, or a dress that can be transformed from day to evening, it's nice to have pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

 photo 20160417_123211_zpsuqc3d0nc.jpg

Dress - George at Asda
Blazer: George at Asda
Black heels: George at Asda

 photo 20160417_123224_zpssjwupsqg.jpg

This dress is my new go-to and it's not even a 'safe' colour. All my versatile pieces tend to be black or navy, but this dress is such a pretty colour. 
I first styled the dress for a casual day at work - just with a nice pair of low heels. It's a comfortable look and will work so well for any day at work.

 photo 20160417_123233_zpsghdevdzo.jpg

For those slightly more professional days, I think adding a blazer would work so well. This is only the second blazer I own and I want more. I think, paired with the dress, makes it so perfect for when I have a meeting. 

 photo 20160417_123449_zps1jn22rw4.jpg

 photo 20160417_123454_zpss066epu5.jpg

And finally, this dress works for going out after work too - all I need to do is add a cute pair of heels. I am so excited to bring sandals back into my life after a long winter of confined black boots. Aren't this sandals the actual cutest though? Perfect for a Friday night out after work. 

 photo 20160417_123526_zpshfpcqhtv.jpg

 photo 20160417_123533_zpsd8o9zn0y.jpg

How would you style this dress?

Sherin xx

Monday, 18 April 2016

Is it Summer yet?

The sun has been peaking through a lot more these last few weeks and we've been able to go out a bit more bare legged, albeit for just a few hours every few days.

 photo 20160417_122038_zpszycnoopg.jpg

Dress - TU at Sainsbury
Shoes - Spartoo

 photo 20160417_122035_zpsgmxtxkxg.jpg

I really like the TU dress. It's a beautiful colour and it's a dress that can be worn to a lot of different occasions. I can see myself wearing it to work, picnics in the park and even to various family events. I do have a lot planned this summer, from holidays to outdoor live gigs so this will hopefully get a lot of wear over the next few months.

 photo 20160417_122055_zpsdzcthosn.jpg

My feet are still a bot cold though, hence why I'm still in fairly warm boots. I've been wearing these constantly over the last month but I'm excited to start wearing some summery sandals.

Sherin xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Wedding Festivities

Last week was the first part of my friends wedding. This Sunday was the final day of the wedding and in true traditional style, it was a night to remember.

As she's a really good friend of mine, we went over the night before get henna done on our hands, then the whole of Sunday was spent preparing.

 photo 2016-04-10 17.53.53_zpsdhw3hgeg.jpg

I wore this to a wedding a few months ago, and this dress needed more wear - it's just beautiful. I love the blue colour so much, and blue was definitely the colour of the wedding. 

 photo 2016-04-10 17.55.38_zpsefq130lv.jpg

I had fun accessorising it as well. The shoes are Dorothy Perkins, while I massively wearing all the big pieces of jewellery. I mean, weddings are the only place where you can go all out with jewellery - large necklaces, bracelets connected to rings and even huge earrings. 

 photo 2016-04-10 17.55.13_zpsiue4itqf.jpg

 photo 2016-04-10 17.53.42_zpsn2hyapbv.jpg

I also enjoyed going all out with my make up look. It was about 2 layers more of make up than I usually wear, but it was nice to be completely glammed up for the evening.

 photo 2016-04-10 17.55.52_zpsrgmd6wl6.jpg

Sherin xx

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