Thursday, 21 January 2010


HiFashion is one whole year old! When we started this blog last year, we had no clue what we were doing. We thought it would just be a bit of fun, and had no idea how many friends we would make! This past year has been amazing and we really have met some wonderful people - in person as well as online.

In honour of this, we've got three fun things lined up:

1) We're doing a giveaway as a thank you to all our blogger friends! This one is not sponsored by anyone like others in the past have been. It's open to everyone, all around the world, and the winners will be picked at random - all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. There will be 2 winners... each of you will win one of these cute little Accessorize coin purses!

We'll announce the winners next week.

2) We also made a special award for this occassion. This is our 'HiFashion Award' and we're giving it to the bloggers that have come into our lives and really made a difference. We are awarding it to all those that we consider great friends, even though many of them live a long way away.
- Ella from Ella Inspired
- Lauren from La Petite Fashionista
- Carrie from Couture Carrie
- Marta from With Love
- Sarah from Yes & Yes
- Clare from Clarabelle
- Dawn from A Dress and a Bike
- Rachel from The Redhead Fashionista

All you bloggers mean so much to us, and we're glad to have 'met' you all! Feel free to pass on the award on to any other bloggers that have inspired you or who consider a great friend.

3) Lastly, we are launching the HiFashion Closet today! Please check it out. The items that are labelled "new" are absolutely brand new and have never been worn. We are selling clothes that range in size from UK 6-14 (approx US 2-10). If this doesn't include you, we've also got shoes and accessories that may be of interest! If you have any questions or want better pictures of certain items, measurements, etc., don't hesitate to let us know.

Sherin & Leia xx


CC said...

Congratulation! The coin purse it truly darling. And the awards is super fab. :)

TehrenAnaiis said...

congrats congrats on the blog-iversary ahah and those coin purses are fab!

Claire said...

Awww Happy Blog-day!!! It was great to meet you guys too, hopefully things will get less busy for me and we can meet up soon!!

Claire xx said...

Congrats guys! I am quite new to blogging and you guys have made me very welcome!
Love the coin purses and will check out the new site!
Claire xx

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Hooray! Congrats on the blogiversary ladies. =) You have such a wonderful blog.

Florrie xxx

Princess Liberty said...

Happy blog-birthday ! Bon anniversaire à ton blog !

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Happy Blogiversary girlies! And congrats to everyone who got onto the HiFashion list ;)

Heading to the Closet ASAP!

Andy Tan said...

Happy blogiversary HiFashion!
All the best! And those purses are lovely!

Nerdic.. said...

Congrats on the award!
X, fashionnerdic.

Harriet said...

Thanks so much for the award, and congratulations on the blogaversary! You guys have been so great and such a help and inspiration to me, so thank you both and may there be many more years to come!

Sher said...

Happy happy blogiversary! And yay to the award winners:)


Claire said...

Congrats! Here's to the next year (and so on, and so on, and so on, and Wayne's World).

MissNeira said...

Aw thank you darlings! Happy Blogiversary! so exciting!

Anna Jane said...

Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary and the opening of HiFashion closet! Time seems to go so fast in cyberspace. Even though I haven't been following for the full year, I feel very glad to come across your blog as I love following your outfit posts and great great tips. I think I'll be using your long healthy hair tips for life!

- Anna Jane xxx

Retro Chick said...

Ah! Happy Blogaversary!

Rachel said...

Congratulations ladies! It's so exciting that HiFashion is one year old today!
Thank you so much for passing the HiFashion Award on to me. It's lovely! I am so glad that I was able to "meet" you girls. After all, you two were some of my first blogging friends. :)

Keep up the fantastic work and congrats again!

Couture Cookie said...

Congratulations! One year goes by really fast, right? Love the coin purses - they are deliciously retro, in the best way ever!


Amy said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Mine is coming up too, and I'm SO EXCITED!

Congratulations! :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Yay! Happy Blogiversery!!!! The coin purses are adorable, I love love the pink one.
And congrats on the launch of HiFashion Closet; I'm off to check it out now!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Congrats and I love the coin purses!

Luinae said...

Congratulations to you and all the bloggers who won your HiFashion award!

I'd love to enter the contest, woo hoo!

~kristie~ said...

congrats on hitting the one year mark! your blog is awesome and can't wait to check out your shop!

Kristin said...

Happy happy bday to your beautiful blog. Here's to another fabulous year!!

Florencia Ravelli said...

nice blog!
i follow you

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy, Happy Blogiversary darlings! How exciting that HiFashion has hit its one year mark! And what a fabulous giveaway - I'm drooling over those coin purses; tres cute!!

Thank you so much for the award - you're the sweetest! And yay for your new shop!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Happy Blogiversary, darlings, and congrats on the launch of your shop!

Thank you so much for honoring me with this award :)

Keep up the amazing work, L & S!


clarewbrown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I just LOVE this blog!! I hope to see this blog around for many years to come :)

And thank you so very much for honoring me with this lovely award! I am delighted!

Leah said...

Happy blog birthday Leia and Sherin! You girls are so awesome.

That's why you want to wait for Thursday to announce the Hifashion closet, it's a special day.

Thanks for the award. It really means so much to me given that it is an original award from you. I love you girls! xoxoxo

Dawn said...

Happy blogivarsary, and thank you for the award.I'm also glad to have 'met' you two lovely ladies as well!

beingdena said...

Congrats to everyone.... and there's an award waiting for you at my blog x

C. said...

congrats on the blogaversary!! oooh the coin purses are so so cute!


Tasha said...

hey girls! how amazing one year! my one year anniversary is coming up febuary 3rd and im super excited about it! i was debating about having a giveaway too. also im so thrilled about this award! this is my most favorite yet because i really view u as good friends! it made my day! thank u so so so much!

Tasha said...

also those coin purses r very cute! i hope i win!

Christen said...

Congratulations on your first year! You have every reason to be really proud of yourselves :)

The Style Rider said...

Congrats! Those coin purses are so adorable. You have such wonderful Ideas! I will be sure to check out your closet!

check out my blog!

Kait said...

Congrats on keeping an interesting and consistent blog with great content going for an entire year! You girls really put effot into the blog and it shows : )

Oh and Leia I'm glad my comment made you smile! Every word was true!

Continue being fabulous bloggers!

Aury said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!! Congrats girls you are amazing bloggers and you fully deserve your success. Here's to another year!

Zel said...

Happy blogiversary! Congratulation for the HiFashion closet opening too :)

wreckedstellar said...

Aww HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! That's so exciting! Mine will be a year old at the end of Feb. Love the giveaway- they are so cute! And lovely award idea! I need to check out the closet- congratulations on the launch! xo, mel

janettaylor said...


♥Please don't forget to enter the newer giveaway♥

Cheryl said...

Wowweee! Happy blog anniversary! Me too, I'm glad to have met you girls or should I say "young and chic ladies" ;) in the blog world. You're one of my precious blogger friends here. :)

Oh, thanks for the award! I'm so honored to be one of the recipients of this award. Thank you,thank you, thank you. :)

Hey, I've just spilled the beans too on your special sale. ;)

Jing said...

i love love love the purse!!!
nice blog, by the way. :+)

Jana Banana said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! I've been following your blog a few months ago and currently loving your outfits and other articles.

beckyxoxo said...

Ohh the coin purse is so lovely ! Count me in dear ! x)

joei said...

happy anniversary! :)


The Glamourous Grad Student said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! You should both be so proud of all you have achieved here in such a short space of time!!

OceanDreams said...

What a wonderful year celebration - love your giveaway and that award is just darling! I am thankful for your fashionable blog. :)

jane st. clair said...

happy blogiversary!!! thank you for the award. so sweet. :) i cannot WAIT to see the HiFashion Closet!

ana said...

Girls!!!! Congratulations!!!! you both have become such good blogger friends to me... thank you very much for the award!!! it's so pretty and it means so much to me ;)... I'm sorry I didn't answer before I'm very busy at work I can hardly check out the blogs updates... but here I am... thanks again!!!!

roni said...

congrats on the launch of the store! amazing!

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