Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Country Walk

As I mentioned, I spent the weekend in Kent with two of my most amazing friends: Rachel and Kathryn. We had a heavy 3 course lunch so I was forced into an hour long walk across the countryside, which absolutely tired me out.

 photo SAM_2326_zps935c45c3.jpg

Top - Mango
Jeans - FatFace
Shoes - Keds

 photo SAM_2331_zpsa16833ff.jpg

It's a miracle I was forced out the house let alone onto this walk. Anyone who knows me can tell you how lazy I am! I'm glad I went on it though. The view was incredible and I definitely appreciated all the fresh air. I definitely need to spend more time out in the greenery of the UK - it's so refreshing and soothing.

 photo SAM_2327_zps84aeb956.jpg

 photo SAM_2332_zps16740027.jpg

I loved walking around the small villages. There were lots of animals to spot and some really cute houses and farms. While I'll always be a city girl at heart, I am tempted to get a small place out in the countryside for those weekends when I just want to get away from the chaos of London and life in general. 
And these particular Keds are officially associated with fun. Everytime I wear them, I tend to have some amazing days that are usually epic - I'm definitely going to be wearing then throughout the summer. 

 photo SAM_2333_zps8e3fbb68.jpg

 photo SAM_2337_zps068b5c3e.jpg

Sherin xx


Ago Prime said...

cute look!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

KEDS are the perfect walking shoes - you look adorbs Sherin!!


Lady parisienne said...

you look lovely! Nice photos!!

Cee said...

I have to admit that I find it hard to picture you on a walk in the country. But you look so cute and happy in these photos, it's clear that it did you some good!

Couture Carrie said...

How lovely!
Cute Keds :)


Imogen said...

So stunning. What an absolutely gorgeous location.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Great pics, love that last photo of you! :)

Julie / It's My Passions said...

Great look, love the top and the sneakers :)


I agree, even though I do love the city it's nice to go to the countryside. I enjoy visiting the countryside, it's such a different and calmer way of living.

ana said...

England is so famous for these beautiful green landscapes gorgeous pics Sherin!!!

Allison said...

I want all of this! I'm coming to visit soon, seriously :)
You look gorgeous, and I LOVE that last picture of you, girl. It's absolutely perfect and you look so happy and carefree (and beautiful!).

Kimberlee said...

So pretty!

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