Monday, 20 April 2015

Working Out

For that that don't know, I'm doing a 5k muddy run this summer, with the Race for Life. Needless to say, preparing for it hasn't been going too well. I was meant to start training weeks ago to build up my energy, then slowly get to 5k, but I'm also really lazy.

 photo SAM_3868_zps2d2tmm10.jpg

Top - Race for Life
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - adidas

 photo SAM_3867_zpstxbq067g.jpg

I finally got round to putting on my running shoes this weekend and went for a walk (rather than an actual run - I do know that I won't be wearing sunglasses when I actually run).
I've decided to start my training by finding a 5k route then by power walking through it.

 photo SAM_3871_zpsiljvmlwa.jpg

 photo SAM_3864_zpsf3fyehnr.jpg

These adidas trainers still need a bit of wearing in, so hopefully they're comfortable enough by the time I move on to jogging or running. I like the pink colour, making them more fun to wear than a standard pair of black or white trainers.

 photo SAM_3876_zpsmnros3zb.jpg

I've not been doing great with my fundraising campaign, but if you do have some spare change, feel free to donate to my JustGiving page.

Sherin xx


Adam said...

Stop posing and start running Sherin!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Le sigh...loving those Adidas trainers! You will do amazing, Sherin! You just need to push yourself - and, once you start moving, you're going to want to keep working out. Totally addictive!


Cee said...

All right, this is my second attempt at commenting, not sure where the first one disappeared to. I was saying something about how I've also been trying to run... and failing. Hopefully we both get better at it ;)


Love those trainers. I used to run quite a lot in school, but now I walk loads since my track injury. Good luck on the 5k, I've only done that once. <3 It's always good to work out!
Spring Favourites

Couture Carrie said...

Good luck with your training!
Love the look!


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