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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sweet Sweet Sun

Love the sun. I literally have nothing else to say. It's the best thing about the year. I love wearing pretty summer dresses and cute heels that I can just put on and go.

 photo SAM_2111_zps4823ddbf.jpg

Dress - Mango
Cardigan - Hollister
Shoes - Ravel via Vinted
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

 photo SAM_2107_zps6f8b1387.jpg

True story - I loved this dress so much that I bought it in two colours. It's a pretty little thing, but it's still a tad too chilly to go cardigan-less. But I can definitely see myself wearing these dresses through the summer - I just need to figure out how to keep it up as the lace of sleeves means there is nothing helping hold it up!

 photo SAM_2091_zps82574e33.jpg

And these shoes are stunning. They're Ravel, but I got them via Vinted is a new app that helps people buy, sell and swap pre loved fashion items. I had a look through some of the pieces and there's a huge selection. I loved going through all the shoes and bags and clothes etc - can't go wrong with  bit of online window shopping. 
I immediately fell in love with these shoes and they were in fantastic condition. The laser cut and tan colour are great to add them to any look. I wore this outfit this weekend, but I've also paired them with my skinny jeans for work too. Vinted is a lot of fun and you can download it from Android or iOs7.

 photo SAM_2115_zpse32ebc58.jpg

 photo SAM_2089_zpsc0d6342e.jpg

I also finally got my phone a cover from The Snugg. I'm a bit careless with my phone - I've dropped it in a pool several times, not to mention spilled drinks on it tons too. I've had to replace the battery already and have wiped off a fair few stains. It's surprising I haven't cracked it yet! So clearly, a cover was much overdue. I got this really practical tan leather case which has already been really useful - it fits the phone in perfectly, but it's also easy to to get the phone out and hear it. There is also a card holder in it too. This makes is great for a night out. I can slip in my card and money in the slot, while leaving my bag in the cloak room.

 photo SAM_2098_zps9d69c94b.jpg

 photo SAM_2086_zpsbccaf34f.jpg

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Going for a spin

The one thing I miss about Dubai is all the relaxing. I loved sitting in the garden and catching up on blogging, and I particularly loved being able to just go for a drive, and take in the Dubai skyline.
And when it's ridiculously hot, I definitely didn't want to be faffing around with any high maintenance look, so I was all about being casual.

 photo IMG_1677_zpsb6fc6f1d.jpg

Top - Hollister
Shorts - Boohoo
Shoes - Mel available at Sarenza
Bag - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - Toms

 photo IMG_1674_zpsdf6dfa75.jpg

Not joking - I really miss not being able to walk around casually, in just shorts and a t-shirt. And I miss that gorgeous bright sun. 
And this is my newest bag. I seem to have an obsession with Steve Madden bags, and this is my third one now. They're just so perfectly priced and so easy to carry around. There is a massively cute selection available on Sarenza at the moment too. I always saw myself as a shoe girl, but I think I'm slowly becoming a bag girl too. 

 photo IMG_1675_zpse6c10bd5.jpg

And my ride for the week that I was cruising around for was this beautiful Dodge Charger. If you haven't figured it out yet, I love cars, and fast, muscle cars are a personal favourite on mine. Need I remind everyone of the Mustang?

 photo IMG_1666_zps8e635c55.jpg

 photo IMG_1667_zps46fe173e.jpg

And the bracelet I'm rocking here is this beautiful piece from Olivia Accessories. It's a fantastic jewellery and handbag site, with a very nice selection of vintage inspired jewellery pieces. There are some really nice and wearable pieces online - the leather look bracelet is the cutest. And most of the items are around £10, so really affordable jewellery that you can wear everyday.

 photo 20131001_215413_zpsb3d6629a.jpg

What would you be wearing if you were in the sun right now?

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Work Outfit

I think most Londoners are at that point where they're too hot to put together amazing outfits. Running for trains and buses in this weather is hard enough, especially during the rush hours. But not complaining. I'm not used to it be this warm for so long, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

 photo DSC_0222_zpsd4ff86ff.jpg

T-Shirt - Hollister
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Converse via Sarenza

 photo DSC_0220_zps11f5e067.jpg

I love that I work in a more causal office, so I can roll in in a pair of Converses. This probably isn't my best put together look, but I quite liked it and it was super comfortable. I abandoned my Converses a while back, but my feet are starting to love them again and I'm glad I re discovered this classic pair that I got ages ago. I remember the days when I used to live in Converse, and wearing them again is like reconnecting with an old friend. Yes, I get very passionate about my shoes.

 photo DSC_0224_zpse9e9a8a3.jpg

 photo DSC_0225_zps9b81038d.jpg

So I wore this outfit to work - and I'll definitely be wearing it again identically - then went to a cooking class with Rachel. For those that don't know me, I'm kind of a disaster in the kitchen and I may have panicked at some point during the class. It was hilarious for everyone else to watch, but I did eventually make some progress. Will fill you guys in at a later date!

 photo DSC_0223-001_zps1a58455c.jpg

Sherin xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fountain Dancing

Every once in a while it's nice to slow down a bit. I've had some pretty full on few weeks, with more coming, so on a recent day off, I went out with Danielle and we had some fun times, first at Afternoon Tea, then at a book launch.

 photo IMG_3993_zps518a159a.jpg

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Warehouse
Jeans - Either Warehouse or A Wear. All my jeans are pretty much identical, so I sometimes forget which ones I'm wearing
Shoes - Clarks via Sarenza
Bag - Steve Madden

 photo IMG_3970_zpsb0f4855c.jpg

 photo IMG_3964_zps65d4f5a9.jpg

While we had a few hours to kill between events, we wandered over to Somerset House. Now, I'm used to either seeing massive Fashion Week tents around, or the huge Christmas time ice skating ring, so it was a shock to see the space so calm and mellow. The weather was beautiful and with the combination of dancing fountains in the main courtyard, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun. The natural thing to do was, obviously, run around and splash in my suede shoes.

 photo IMG_3968_zps1fe75ed6.jpg

 photo IMG_3971_zps671332d4.jpg

Yes, I proper tired myself out, but it was so much fun. The world definitely needs more fountains. I feel like the world would be a happier place if it did. My Clarks mini wedges are one of my go to shoes. I spend a lot of time in very high heels, so I go to these when I feel like a more casual look, but I still want some heigh to myself. Also, in terms of comfort, very few brands compare to Clarks shoes.

 photo IMG_3999_zpsaf441212.jpg

 photo IMG_3981_zps7b30be83.jpg

And have you seen my necklace? My mum made this specially for me last time she was in Pakistan. It translates into Sherin (my name). I have silver ring with my name in Arabic, and the two definitely compliment each other.

 photo IMG_4001_zpsee3d4191.jpg

Sherin xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Eden Project Outfit

I've had an insane week. I started off on Monday, exploring Cornwall, did an incredible Afternoon Tea while back in London, and now have just come back from an amazing weekend in Paris. I can't wait to organise my pictured from all three activities and share them!

 photo Warehousetop_zpsea050d70.jpg

Cardigan - Hollister
Top - Warehouse
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Sperry

 photo HandMJeans2_zpsb2eff368.jpg

This is what I wore when I went to explore the Eden Project over in Cornwall. It's a gorgeous place but there was a lot of walking around, so comfortable shoes were a must. These are my new Sperry's and did the job so well. Sperry's are just fantasticly comfortable shoes and this pair in particular didn't let me down. They were perfect for a day of walking around and are also now available from Schuh as well.

 photo SperryShoes_zpsd6208819.jpg

I have to admit, we were very lucky with the weather too. It was a stunning day. The Eden Project is half indoor and half outdoor, so it was nice to be able to walk around all the gardens comfortably without getting too hot or cold. It also meant I could wear my summer jeans. I'm slightly in love with this pair from H&M. They're a light denim, so dead easy to just put on when it's warmer.

 photo EdenProject_zps38b8b441.jpg

Above is me sitting on a rock. Riveting stuff I know. And below, next to a waterfall, with not so great hair.

 photo Edenprojectwaterfall_zpsdf749288.jpg

And a shot of my Sperrys from the aerial walk, about 100 ft in the air. Literally we were just standing on this metal platform.

 photo Sperry_zpsf495c466.jpg

Sherin xx

Friday, 28 June 2013


Breakfast is my favourite meal of that day. I love it so much that, when on holiday in a hotel, I wake up extra early so I can dress up for it.
While in Cornwall this weekend, we stayed at a super cute little hotel just outside of town, and the breakfast was as good as expected.

 photo HandMTank_zps02553ab3.jpg

Tank - H&M
Cardigan - Hollister
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Clarks via Sarenza

 photo HandMjeans_zpsd5ec6f78.jpg

These are my new favourite shoes. I say this about every new shoe I get, but I mean it this time. They're the perfect black pump - at the perfect height. Surprisingly, I have very few plain black heels, and my collection definitely needed one. In true Clarks style, they're ridiculously comfortable and great to wear. I love how they go perfectly with both skinny jeans and a cute dress. 

 photo Hollistercardigan_zpsc070cd82.jpg

The hotel we stayed at had the most gorgeous little garden ever, so naturally I had to take pictures there. There was even a little swing in the corner. 

And this picture below was me shouting 'Am I even in the shot?!?!', not understanding the concept of a wide lens.

 photo Gardenlook_zps1b211c45.jpg

 photo Clarksheels_zpsd469d706.jpg

This is my 'attitude' face. Clearly one that I need to master a bit more.

 photo HiFashionlook_zpsfef13ec1.jpg

Sherin xx

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Yes it's still cold and dark, despite it being nearly April. It's totally not fun being this wrapped up, especially as my scarf strangles me, and sheds everywhere, my beanie is itchy, and I've lost/ripped 3 pairs of gloves this season so am left with mittens, which makes easy tasks super hard. So I decided to add some cheer in my life and attempt some stronger than usual colours.

 photo DSCF2910_zps9c813831.jpg

Top - Hollister
Jeans - A Wear
Shoes - Keds

 photo DSCF2909_zps715f0e23.jpg

Keds have definitely built a special place in my heart over the last year or so. They're just so easy to wear, and so much fun. There are a lot of different colour and prints, and they're super comfortable. I've always been Team Vans, but I think it might be time to move over to Team Keds! I think there's a sneaker war brewing in my closet.
I also bought a brighter-than-the-sun orange jumper from Hollister. I always find myself queueing for a long time in that store, but I have a few things from there that are worth it, and this jumper is definitely one of those. I've been wearing it quite a bit, and like to think that it makes people slightly more cheerful when they see this colour in this weather. 

 photo DSCF2908_zps0a51bdb3.jpg

And how cute is my new handbag. It matches my shoes - that's fashion dedication! It's from a British brand called Brit Stitch and I can't wait to see more from the brand. The quality is exquisite. I'm impressed at the craftmanship and how well it's been made. It's such a sweet bag but also one that can fit a lot in. The brand has a wide range of coloured bags, so it'll be so much fun to style them out. They're very stylish bags and a brand worth keeping an eye open for!

 photo DSCF2912_zpsf669a2b9.jpg

 photo DSCF2915_zps5824a9d8.jpg

And to end, have you seen some of the campaign shots from the upcoming Keds campaign? Taylor Swift looks amazing and I've fallen in love with I Knew You Were Trouble. Seriously I know that song so well. I also have a pair of the red keds, so I'm loving her styling of them. And how incredible are all the pastel colours for all the Keds?

 photo Bus-Red_zps91a2f04f.jpg

 photo GuitarCase-RedKeds_zps58280e4a.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-25at133531_zpsbfabce5c.png

Sherin xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

The Red Sole

So my actual outfit posts have become less frequent but hopefully that is all behind us. I've been a bit under the weather this last week and haven't managed food in at least 4/5 days - but after the break this weekend, I do feel much better.
But in much happier news: I bought LOUBOUTINS! I am so happy with them and so excited to wear them - I need an appropriate occasion.


Top - Hollister
Jeans - Fat Face
Shoes - Louboutins


I love my decision to buy them and knew I had to buy something amazing when my first paycheck from my new job came in. I definitely don't regret buying them, especially since they were pre-owned and so were slightly more affordable. 


I went to Buy My Wardrobe and knew I had to have them when I say that they were in my size and the ones I had my eyes on and snatched them up immediately. I was a bit apprehensive about making such a big purchase online, but they were in very good shape and fit ok. They're a tad too big so if anyone has any tips on how to make them fit better, let me know.



Hopefully there'll be more outfit pictures this week! And hopefully I'll come up with the perfect excuse to wear them soon.

Do you own a pair of Louboutins?

Sherin xx

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