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599fashion reviews

Before I even begin to review 599fashion, there are a couple of things you guys need to know about my shopping tendencies. First, I end up buying lots and lots of white even when I’m planning not to. And second and most important, I’m a sucker for great deals! Not exactly cheap, no (although, who am I kidding? I can be really cheap at times), but generally, I’m willing to pay the right price for the right quality. BUT, I’m a frugal shopper, the complete opposite of those maniacal impulsive shoppers who salivate every time they see a “New In” sign.
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I’m a rather thoughtful shopper and will wait out until I get EXACTLY what I’m looking for, and I don’t like throwing away my money.  Not that anyone in their right mind does, and at this point, I’m just rambling away. Good deals, in my mind, are not just about cheap clothing; they’re about paying a price lower than what you’d normally expect to pay. And that is exactly where www 599fashion com held my attention.

Is 599fashion legit?

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I’m also a very meticulous person and obsessive about details. I like to do my research before I shop at a place. So when 599fashion claimed that the most expensive piece of clothing on their website costs $9.99 only, my Sherlock instincts rose to action. I must admit, I was wary, suspicious, and maybe even downright disbelieving of their claims. Or, if true, I expected their products to be extremely low quality, in which case, count me out always. I might be cheap but my clothing isn’t!

So I went looking for answers on their site and found them, quite literally! On their “About Us’ section, they address the concerns of suspecting individuals like me (and at that point they seemed like Sherlock and me, Watson). They clarify concerns about their clothes and accessories as being either used or defective and explain that their ridiculously low prices are the result of sourcing from local manufacturers. But what restored my faith in them is the fact that they’ve been in the fashion retail business for 15 years (call me old school), and have previously operated as a chain of stores in Los Angeles before moving their business entirely online, which, as they say, is another reason for their prices being so low.

So far so good. Now that I knew I wasn’t dealing with scammers, it was time to check out the actual goods and find out first hand, how far their claims of providing quality fashion at affordable prices held ground.

599fashion online shopping experience review

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My first thought was, I’m not sure about the logo, but that’s just my OCD speaking. The e-commerce website design is clean and does a great job at highlighting their USP of price point. They also have pictures of some of their best products on the homepage so you get an idea of what is available inside. From a personal point of view, from what I see on the homepage, I want to explore more. All the while thinking in my head, “All this for just $9.99 and less!”

Navigation through the site is also extremely convenient and the categories are up on the menu in simple, readable fonts. Because as much as I love a beautiful, aesthetically designed e-commerce website, some brands take it too far and it is so damned difficult to figure out which option does what!

The other thing to notice is, their stock is HUGE! It’s not just a capsule collection of some tank tops and leggings you’ll find for that price but actual real clothes like dresses, jeans, bodysuits, and shoes! It literally made me think if shoes were available for sourcing at that price, maybe I should start myself a reselling business. But I digress.

They also cater to niche categories like sleepwear, lingerie and plus sizes. But wait, that’s not all. They stock menswear too, but what was spectacularly surprising was that kidswear and pet care stuff too! Very aww-inducing, but very convenient too, if you think about it. I guess what I’m trying to emphasize on here is that even though it is a low-priced shopping place, it is still a well-rounded, all-inclusive store, maybe even more than some other higher-priced ones. So you don’t really have to compromise on a convenient shopping experience even when buying inexpensive products. And so now it’s time to evaluate that shopping experience.

599fashion review – pros

Price –Without the least doubt, this has to be the first attraction. I mean the entire store is placed within a price which is the starting point for most other websites. Or the sale section on those websites. When navigating my way through, I deliberately looked for the fanciest of their clothes and shoes, like a velvet lace-up dress or the satin slip dresses and the heels, and they were all still $9.99 or below. No hidden “conditions apply” anywhere. There is even this pair of boots with all-over buckle details that is just for $5.99! How I talked myself out of buying boots worth only $5.99 is something I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

You’d think a site that sells products at sale prices wouldn’t require a sale section but they have one! So your inexpensive products get even more inexpensive. They also have this 99 cent section which comprises jewelry like faux stone and faux pearl earrings and stone-studded bracelets and at this point, I’m like, Stop, why are you being so nice to me, what’s your ulterior motive? But drama aside, it is freakishly great to see a wide selection of products priced that way. So my first reason to shop here, is most definitely, the price range.

Quality –Here’s where things get interesting. When you shop on a lower budget, you’re mentally prepared to compromise on the quality. At least, if you’re in a sane mind. With 599fashion, you do, but not as much as expected. I mean, we shop for similar clothes and shoes in Forever21 all the time for a price much higher than this and the quality isn’t even that great. Compared to that, the clothes at 599fashion deliver pretty well on the quality level. Especially when you take into consideration their throwaway prices.

Of course, some of you might not like it as much, and personally, I’d probably skip on a few items on the site just because I don’t like the make, even if they were being offered for a mere dollar (which, in many cases, they are!). But I see a lot of people complaining just about anything these days. Like they will pay a fraction of the price but expect top notch quality. What’s up with that! 599fashion is strictly a hub for affordable clothing. Expecting anything more is sheer stupidity. On those grounds, the quality of their products is pretty commendable.

Variety –Probably should have placed this over the quality. As mentioned earlier, they have a wide selection of products, from clothes to accessories to beauty. And clothes include legit denim and casual and evening dresses, not just basic wear. And then they have lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, and activewear –basically covering the full spectrum of all you need when shopping for apparel. There are shoes, jewelry, bags and the target customer includes men, women, kids and your little pooch too. It’s great to have an affordable option for all kinds of clothing.

Trends –Don’t let yourself buy the idea that products as cheap as these would not hold up on the trend meter! From the omnipresent velvet bodycon dresses to the effervescent satin slip dresses and the ripped leggings, the clothes here are all caught up on trends including athleisure. Even the shoes are both pretty and trendy-looking, not your run-of-the-mill flip flops. It’s a big plus for people like us because we don’t just buy clothes, we buy trends!

Sizing – 599fashion has many American-made items, sourced from LA, which makes it a plus in the sizing department. Often, in a bid to shop latest trends at affordable prices, we tend to rely on products from China or elsewhere, and the sizing turns out all wrong, leading to a torturous process of returns and refunds.  That’s where 599fashion is a one up over other foreign alternatives.

599fashion review – cons

Yes, there are always cons. If not, somebody is lying. I have a few complaints, although the positives outweigh the negatives in the overall balance sheet.

Sells really fast –My God do they disappear fast! Stuff flies off their virtual racks and understandably so since their prices are so low. That is mildly disappointing because it means you have to immediately buy what you like or you might not get them at all.

Shipping –No free shipping for you here. Of course, I understand one can’t get everything after all. But it’s like if you bought a $5 worth item, you’d have to pay $5.75 for shipping! That’s disheartening. Because you would want to shop a $5 product sometime. That’s why you’re on their website in the first place! But if you looking to get few items at the same time, they have free shipping on orders over $35. All you have to do is sign up to 599fashion mailing list.

599fashion coupon codes

All in all though, 599fashion has my upvote. It solves a great problem for college goers who’re short on cash and even for people who don’t believe in paying too much on clothes when they could spend that money on other more important things. Plus, they don’t try to push bad quality stuff with the excuse of reduced prices either. They are not the only players in the field though, and there are websites like 599fashion (Clothing Under 10, 1015 Store, to name a few) that work around the same concept. But, the more the merrier, right?

If your pangs just got greedier, here are some 599fashion coupon codes for you.

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