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African Fashion

Let us face it. African fashion has seen an increase in popularity this past couple of years. Fabrics like Ankara, Leso, and Kitenge are headlining major fashion shows. African accessories are selling like hot cake and African hair and skin products like the African Black soap and natural hair products are being sought after by renowned personalities all over the world. African hairstyles, dress patterns, and jewelry styles are being talked about by fashion bloggers and writers all over the world. Look at the head wrap for example. This was for old African women in the past. Right now, everyone who knows fashion is rocking a head wrap or a turban.

Up until a few years ago, Africans did not know that they were sitting on a gold mine. Ankara (famous in the Nigerian fashion scenes) Kitenge and Leso (famous in the Tanzanian market) were mostly worn at traditional African ceremonies. The bold colors and amazing patterns were not as valued as western outfits. Women had given up their kitenge skirts and Ankara dresses for jeans and chiffon. African fabrics were associated with village women and they only made shawls and simple dresses to be worn to church or other major events. Modern women never wore Ankara or kitenge outfits.

The Future of African Fashion

What does 2018 have in store for African fashion? This is a question you might ask yourself if you are a fashion enthusiast. The future definitely looks bright. If you are a lover of African modern fashion, you can put a smile on your face because things look bright.

african dressWhen public figures like Michelle Obama, Beyonce and her sister Solange started spotting African prints in their outfits, fashion designers; both African and from overseas started putting in their creative juices and African fashion as we know it today was born. A modern aspect was added to African creations and this created great fashion pieces like Ankara pencil skirts, formal jackets, skater skirts and dresses, shirts, pants, jumpsuits among other creative pieces. African prints are being seen on the red carpet, at weddings, in the workplace all over fashion shows.

When we talk about beauty and hair, African styles and creations are making magazine covers and fashion news headlines. African makeup lines and skin care products might not have hit it big like the African fabric but they are on the way. African hairstyles are famous and everyone is nowadays proud to wear their textured hair without straightening it. YouTube is full of natural hair care tutorials whose target audience is women of African descent. Most of the products used in these tutorials are made in Africa or by Africans abroad.

Future has a lot in store for modern African fashion. The African print is being incorporated into not only clothes, but shoes, bags, jewelry, and many other fashion items. Men are not left behind. The African print is nowadays being worn by all genders and all ages. African Fashion is being used as information for Gucci or Fendi and other designers who have incorporated the fabric into their lines know that there are greater things to come when we talk about African fashion.

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