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best black leggings

Couple years ago youtube supper star Jenna Marbles published a video on the addiction to leggings. As is her style, the video showcased her hilarious take on how women worldwide want to wear leggings with everything and how many leggings they own that look exactly the same, proudly showing off her collection of the best black leggings. Obviously an exaggeration of reality. Or is it?

Even before the start of 2017, the sales of leggings have been reported to have increased by 40% from the previous year. As opposed to the 4% increase in the sales of jeans. This is of course further facilitated by the boom in the athleisure trend. As we inch closer to 2018, one look at women around and you’ll know Jenna’s “funny” video isn’t funny anymore. The deed is done. Women have fallen prey to the addiction of leggings and are not apologetic about it.

And with good reason too. Leggings are just as stylish as jeans yet they are so much more comfortable. Black leggings, in particular, are as basic a wardrobe staple as blue denim. And frankly, you have to be an ascetic if you’ve seen Gigi Hadid rock her several pairs of black leggings and yet don’t want them for yourself! Therefore, I come bearing the gift of a list of the best black leggings that covers all major styles. Take heed:

Best black leggings – at a glance

Best black leggings – review in depth

Core 10 Women’s ‘Build Your Own’ Yoga
Core 10 Women’s ‘Build Your Own’

Fitness freaks, rejoice! Say Namaste to this pair of leggings from Core 10 that comes with a stirrup addition for that extra snug fit so your pants don’t ride up when you stretch. Leggings these days come in all avatars: some are meant purely for fashion purposes, others are for the hardcore fitness purposes. These leggings definitely belong to the latter category. They are stretchable enough to move and expand with you. So they are a convenient choice for both your gym sessions as well as your yoga classes. The stirrups, in particular, are a very retro reminder of the exercise heydays of the 80s. And they are back (minus the big, frizz-ball hair, thankfully!) with a bang these days, just as much as the leotard has made a comeback in the guise of the bodysuit.

But there’s more to love about these pants. The wide waistband, for example. Anyone who wears a lot of leggings (represent!) knows that they can cause a funny little underbelly effect. And unless you’re wearing maternity leggings, that’s not a very pretty sight. Wide waistbands such as on these ones smoothen out the midriff flatteringly. Then there’s stiches detail running along the entire length of the pants that effectively rescues it from getting boring and adds a sensual twist to it.


Super stretchy fabric; facilitates movement just like leggings are supposed to
Snug and comfortable fit, perfect for gym or yoga
Stirrup detail makes for a pleasing “yoga pants” aesthetic
Wide waistband tucks in the tummy
Stiches on the side adds a chic element


If you’re not a fan of stirrups, keep scrolling.


SPANX Women’s Faux Leather Leggings
best black leggings SPANX Women's Faux Leather Leggings

One word. Spanx. My review of this item of the best black leggings list might as well have ended here. The word Spanx is so iconic in the body shaping area that just the very word conjures images of taut and lithe bodies. These faux leather leggings that are made of nylon and spandex are crafted to do for your entire lower body what other body-shapers do for other targeted parts of your body (obviously).

Black leather leggings are a classic must-have in your wardrobe. They can come to your rescue – with a crisp white shirt –when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. But a lot of us don’t prefer wearing leather for conscientious reasons. These faux leather leggings are a great vegan alternative for them.

But let’s talk more about what Spanx does best. Tones up the wiggly jiggly body parts! And these leggings are no exception. The super high waist that ends at the small of the waist, lifts everything up and tucks them into one tight and compact package of waist, tummy, butt, and legs. Winner!


Spanx is reputed for its body shaping abilities and these leggings live up to that name
Tones the legs and the derrière so these are great for those not so much in shape at the moment
Faux leather option that looks quite close to leather for those who don’t like wearing leather
Doesn’t run short; even long-legged beauties can fit themselves into these


Might be a little too tight to be comfortable for some women


Alo Yoga Women’s Moto Legging
best black leggings Alo Yoga Women's Moto Legging

If you live for trends and interesting design elements are just as important for you as performance, I present to you these Moto Leggings from Alo. Alo has a wide range of leggings available as they are a well-established name in the fitness wear industry and is therefore featured on my list of the best black leggings. These leggings are clearly an effort to make fitness freaks look as good as they feel comfortable in their gear. And there’s no denying that they have succeeded on this front.

The leggings are low waist and end just below the belly button but the moderately wide waistband offers a flattening effect on the waist. That is also a great way to show off the abs for those who have them, paired with a crop top. But what makes them super stylish is the combination of matte and glossy fabrics. While the leggings are made out of matte nylon and spandex fabric, they feature glossy panels along the front. These panels are further flanked by mesh panels. And the raised stitch details bring them all together.


Yet another design choice from the stable of Alo fitness wear that is high on style and performance
Very fashionable, on-trend pair of leggings with matte and glossy, fabric and mesh panel details
Low waist design for those who aren’t fond of high waists


Price is a bit on the higher side for something you need to wear AND wear out a lot


Splendid Women’s French Terry Leggings
best black leggings Splendid Women's French Terry Legging

In hindsight though, what if you’re someone who is all about the clean and classic? And don’t care much for fleeting trends? Well, I got some for you on my list of best black leggings too! There is no over-exaggerating of things here. These leggings are just what they look like. Plain, simple and basic black leggings. But simplicity is often underrated, right?

The best thing about basic clothing is that the options of styling them are diverse and endless. These leggings do not have extra stylized details which means that they don’t fall under any particular “look” or “feel” so they can be styled with almost anything. You can wear them with neutral shirts with clean cuts or with dressy tops with frills and prints. Due to the minimal aesthetic, they are also do not appear as fitness wear, so even if the athleisure trend dies down, these leggings will still give you many wears.

However, the biggest USP of these leggings is that they are made from cotton, which makes them super duper comfortable to be wearing all day. So don’t worry about wearing tight leggings on a working day with lots of errands to run on.


Simple and minimalistic design aesthetic for those who want to stock up on basic clothing
Versatile styling options
Soft cotton and spandex blend for comfort and stretchability


There aren’t really any, except that these are not very stylish-looking, but you would be making your buying decision based on your requirements.


Koral Women’s Lustrous Legging
best black leggings Koral Women's Lustrous Legging

Did you think the shine is for sequins only? Well, I’m proving you wrong with these leggings from Koral, that will put any sequin-studded party dress to shame. To that end, you could also wear these leggings on an evening out. In fact, these are just the perfect option to wear on a Friday morning when you know your day is about to blend into the night without any time in between to change. Just switch your daytime sneakers with high heeled boots and add some dangling earrings and red lipstick (or berry, whatever you prefer), and voila! Just like that, your daytime athleisure look transforms into a nighttime glam look.

But of course, they are also great to wear in the day with a tee and sneakers. They are as comfortable as they are figure-forming and are made to wear during yoga and exercises too. But the high glamour quotient will ensure that you choose to wear it mostly on days that you need to look an extra bit of stylish. And for that reason alone, they find a place of pride in this list of the best black leggings.


Very glamorous-looking leggings; looks exactly like in the pictures
Perfect for daytime to nighttime transformational looks
Body-shaping yet comfortable and breathable


Might run small and tight depending on your size


So I know I’m not giving up on wearing leggings anytime soon (especially after compiling this list of best black leggings!) What about you? How cray are you about them? Let me know in the comments below and who knows, maybe we’ll end up making a Jenna Marbles-inspired video!

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Awesome! These look simply incredible, I need to try this. Thanks for sharing.