Best Hiking Pants For Women: The Complete Guide

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I hope that you are an outdoorsy type because we will be talking about the absolute best hiking pants for women! You will get the information about what to do before buying, what are the characteristics that best hiking pants need to have and how you can wear them. It will be very interesting to know all these things, so let’s start immediately.

At A Glance: Best Hiking Pants For Women

To start with, let’s see what are the things you should do before you decide to buy your new favorite hiking pants.

7 Things You Should Look At Before Buying The Best Hiking Pants For Women

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If you are a fashion freak (I know I am) you will probably want your pants to be modern and to be in some nice and fancy color. But, please don’t sacrifice the comfort for the fashion. It is just not right. You have to put your comfort in the absolute first place. You will need your pants to fit comfy around your waist and around your legs. The easiest way to measure your inseam is to measure the distance between the crotch and the bottom of your legs.


When it comes to the fit, some women like when their pants have straight cut, while the other like more of a relaxed fit. You can also choose between the boot cut and long pants. The procedure is similar to one when you are choosing the jeans.

The best and the safest option is to choose something that is flattering to your body type and to go with it. When you are buying all the clothes, just listen to your body. And trust our reviews.


It is also very important for girls to choose a good material that is flattering to their skin. When you are in the nature the priority is to feel good in that kind of an environment. That is why it is important for the material to be made of very pleasing fabric.

Definitely, the most popular material among the hikers is nylon. I am not a fan wearing nylon in everyday situations, but in these occasions, I guess you have to make a good choice. Nylon is breathable, water resistant and if it happens for you to get wet, it will be quickly dry.


Hikers said that it is the best if you have the convertible pants. They can be either short or long. On the place for the knees, they have secret zippers, which you can unzip to make them short. It is very practical if you will be sleeping in the great outdoors. Morning in nature can be a little bit cold, as you might already know. So, you can wear them long in the early mornings, and make them shorter later on.


Let me say only one thing: do not choose the hiking pants that are made of any synthetic fabric. These materials do a terrible job in allowing air to get to your skin. It will just make a damage. Choose the materials that allow your skin to breathe. When you do all this, I guarantee that you will stay in the good mood. And that is the most important, right?


When we are talking about the materials, the durability is also one important thing to pay attention to. If you are going to climb it is the best to choose the thicker materials for your hiking pants. If you are planning to walk on flat terrain then feel free to choose the lightweight and less durable materials.

Sun Protection and Water Resistance

When you are out hiking one of the most important things to do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. Nowadays, it is very practical and easy thing to do because the hiking pants are made of materials that have UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection.

When you are hiking, you should always check out the weather forecast. If it’s raining, be sure to have pants made of the water-resistant material for yourself. Trust me, hiking while soaking wet is not fun at all.

Now that you are prepared and you know everything about what to look for in the hiking pants, it is time for us to see the list of the best hiking pants for women.

White Sierra Women’s Sierra Point 31-Inch Inseam Convertible Pant

white sierra convertible hiking pants

These hiking pants are awesome! They are made 100% of nylon, and the fabric comes with sun protection. Another great feature of these pants is that they are convertible: you can choose to wear them short or long. That is a really great thing for hiker pants and it is also a good way to save the space in your bag.


These pants are actually very comfortable, made of lightweight and soft materials. Their fit is straight and very flattering to your legs. You can choose between various colors, such as grey, beige, white and blue.


These pants are not for women with the thin thighs. One thing is for sure: you should measure your inseam and legs, before buying any kind of hiking pants. That way you will know what type of pants is flattering to your body shape.

Another feature that is not working here is that protection function. They don’t have enough UPF sun protection.


Columbia Sportswear Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

columbia sportswear saturday trail hiking pant

If you want your hiking staples to be more fashionable then these pants are the great option for you!

They are made of great materials – nylon and elastane. They are great when paired with some fancy hiking shoes. Be careful and read all the other features.


They come with high UPF, which is very important, especially if you are hiking in the summertime. They are also water-resistant because of the special feature that they have. Long story short: they are fancy and practical!


They don’t have knee zippers, and can’t be made short. This makes them less practical since you will have to wear another pair of short pants in your backpack.


Nonwe Women’s Outdoor Water-resistant Quick Drying Lightweight Cargo Pants

nonwe womens outdoor hiking pants

This is one great pair of navy-blue hiking pants. They are practical, with side pockets, made of two super quality fabrics – nylon and spandex. They have a great, straight cut. It is perfect for you girls who would like to look casual while hiking.


One of the best things about these pants is that they are water resistant. It is very important to stay dry while you are out hiking. They are also breathable, made of lightweight materials and very, very comfortable.


They are not convertible. Again, make more space in your backpack if you are planning to buy this pants.

Some hikers said that nylon can make a noise, while you are walking. Hope your hiking buddies won’t mind!


Duofold Women’s Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings

duofold thermals women hiking leggings

And now, something a little bit different, that you would perhaps like more. The leggings are the type of clothes that girls love, is that right? These black hiking leggings are made of cotton and polyester. If you like more bright colors, you can easily pick them up. They are also very trendy-looking.


Along with the fact that they are very fancy, they are also made of good materials. They are flattering to your skin and they will keep you warm.


They can be too tight, so if you are planning to climb or sit on the rocks and ground you can easily rip them.


Columbia Storm Surge Pant

columbia storm surge hiking pants

These regular fit pants, look very comfortable for wearing while you are hiking. They have the famous Omni-Shield feature, which is very popular among the hikers. They don’t look very fashionable. But they compensate this with many other qualities.


They have standard regular fit, which easily fits everybody. They slip easily on and off your boots, so they can protect you perfectly from the wind and rain. You can wear them with your jeans for rainy days in the city.


They don’t have any kind of pockets, which can be a little bit frustrating because you have to put your keys or phone in your backpack or jacket. They are too puffy, and the material is making a lot of noise while you are walking.



As you can see, buying the hiking pants requires some effort. To start with, you should do some homework. You can do that by researching and reading the things you should pay attention to before deciding to buy any hiker pants. It is very important for you to check out these 7 things I have written for you. All the features that you have there are very relevant if you really want to buy the best hiking pants.

When it comes to the pants, you can see the pros and cons for each one of them. When you are buying hiking pants, always make sure to check out both pros and cons. Maybe some of them will fit you right.

I hope you liked some of the hiking pants from this list of best hiking pants for women. If you have some other suggestions or questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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