Best Denim Shorts For Women

Best Denim Shorts For Women

It seems like no matter where I look online, I can never find the perfect denim shorts. Not only are regular jeans difficult to buy online because of how unforgiving the sizing is, shorts are a whole other ball game.

But with how convenient and simple it is to purchase clothing online, I went on a hunt for the perfect jean shorts! Because I wanted some new outfit choices for summer, but also to save you some time and trouble when it comes to your own online shopping spree.

You might be wondering why I decided to go on the hunt for the best denim shorts when it’s still quite cold outside? Well, to keep it short (get it?), I wanted to start looking for ways to create more versatile options in my wardrobe from spring and summer, and plus they’re super cheap right now!

Even though I love a good pair of jeans, having a classic pair of jean shorts that are comfortable in every way can be absolutely life-changing. They can be dressed up or down for most casual occasions, and they can play a major role in making a statement look.

The best qualities I could ever find in the ideal pair of jean shorts would be this:
Comfortable: This doesn’t mean they have to be stretch, but they shouldn’t feel like I’m wearing cardboard.

Quality Hardware: The zipper and button shouldn’t always be a fuss to deal with.
Proper Fit: The size should be right and there should be no tailbone gap if you don’t don’t want to wear a belt.

In this top five list of denim shorts I tried, I’ll be giving you my honest opinion and hopefully, it will make your spring and summer shopping a piece of cake. Don’t forget to let me know what pair is your favorite by sharing and commenting!

Best Jean Shorts For Women – At A Glance

Best Denim Shorts For Women – in depth review

Vibrant Women’s Juniors Denim High Waist Cutoff ShortsVibrant Women's Juniors Denim High Waist Cutoff Shorts

These denim shorts are by far one of the best I’ve ever tried on, seriously! They’re stylish and I love the fact that they’re high-waisted and actually fit well without having to wear a belt with them. They’re quite comfortable and seemingly high quality. I wore them for a whole day and I didn’t even want to take them off right when I got back from errands.

They come in a range of different colors so you can be sure to find a pair that will match anything in your wardrobe. They go up to a size 13, but they are pretty true to size. Do you think you’ll be trying out these Vibrant denim shorts?

Liked THIS:

They are a true fit
They come in a variety of colors
They’re high-waisted
They’re pre-distressed and trendy
Reasonable price

Didn’t like that:

They don’t come in black
They do show a lot of skin
They don’t stretch


HyBrid & Company Women’s Butt Lifting Twill ShortsHyBrid & Company Womens Butt Lifting Super Comfy Stretch Twill Shorts

I fell in love with these denim shorts when I first tried them on, not only are they stretchy, but they’re super cute in the variety of bright colors they offer! Not only do they look great for spring, they also won’t ruin your wallet either!

This brand is quite reliable as well, so if you happen to have any issues with your product, contact them and you won’t be ignored. Overall the experience with these denim shorts have been great and I know I’ll be getting more soon, how could I resist?!

Liked THIS:

Super cheap
They stretch
Tons of bright colors
Variety of sizes

Didn’t like that:

They don’t have neutral colors


Levi’s Women’s Authentic Shortie ShortLevi's Women's Authentic Shortie Short

These denim shorts might look simple, but that’s what makes them so great. I could always go out and get a trendy pair of jean shorts, only to have them go out of style in a few weeks, which is exactly why I wanted to invest in a high quality pair of basic denim shorties!

If you’re looking for an all around great pair of denim shorts, these are the ones for you without a doubt!

Liked THIS:

True to size
Trusted brand
Comfortable fit

Didn’t like that:

Only two colors available
Limited sizes


Silver Jeans Women’s CO Aiko FitSilver Jeans Women's CO Aiko Fit Mid Rise Short, Gray Wash

These gray wash jeans stand out from the crowd. While they’re not a pair you could always dress up, they do make a statement even if you’re dressed in a casual look.

I paired these denim shorts with a cropped vintage t-shirt and a pair of classic sneakers, I loved how sporty these jeans looked because of the athletic short hem on the legs. They’re very flattering on anyone and they really fit true to size. I loved how they flattered my waist and I didn’t even have to wear a belt with them.

Liked THIS:

A unique hem
A great gray wash
True fit

Didn’t like that:

They are very limited
They only have one size


Levi’s Women’s 501 ShortLevi's Women's 501 Short

I had mixed feelings about this pair of denim, but I honestly believe they just might have not been the ones for me, because I could easily see these fitting into someone’s wardrobe no problem.

I did love that these shorts are both trendy and timeless, the rough edge with the classic length and cut is a great mix of the two very different styles. But I didn’t like how uncomfortable they were, partly due to the lower waist. If you do choose to purchase these, I would suggest wearing a belt with them.

Liked THIS:

High quality
On trend
Large amount of sizes
Reasonably priced

Didn’t like that:

The waist is a bit loose

Regardless of some of the small problems with these denim shorts, overall they were fantastic and I will be wearing each of them once it gets a bit warmer! Although my favorite would probably be the HyBrid & Company Women’s Butt Lifting Twill Shorts because of how comfortable and cheap they are. A total win in my book!

I’d be open to trying more options from these brands as well, you never know you might see more reviews of these in the future!

What pair is YOUR favorite? Which ones do you see yourself wearing once the chill goes away!?

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