Best Non Slip Work Shoes – top reviews and comparison

best non slip work shoes

Oh the nuisance of being a strong independent woman in a gender equal society! First, you gotta sign up for the hardcore action with respect to jobs – I’m talking factories, outdoors, and long shifts, none of your dainty desk jobs –then you gotta find the most apt work boots for women, and then you gotta make sure they are the best non slip work shoes too! How do we transport ourselves to the time where men worked the tough jobs and women sat pretty knitting and sewing?


This is THE best time for women to have been born into, and whatever little is left of the gender disparity will soon be gone because when it comes to being tough and working hard, women are stopping at nothing. Needless to say, the modern-day Cinderellas need their appropriate shoes that, unlike the original glass version, are slip-proof. The best non slip work shoes in the market use a combination of techniques like a fine, treaded design on the bottom of the shoe and a soft sole that is made of rubber, PVC or PU. The best non slip work shoes sometimes are capable of handling even oil or soapy water!

Best non slip work shoes for women at a glance

Here’s a quick showdown of the best non slip work shoes. For a more detailed review, keep reading till the end of the post:

Best non slip work shoes for women detailed review

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe
Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe best non slip work shoes

Skechers has been making work shoes and boots of all kinds for so long, they are now synonymous with utility shoes. There’s no wonder then that their bestselling grip shoes feature first on our best non slip work shoes list. The shoes are made with a combination of leather and synthetic material with a synthetic sole and memory foam insole. They meet both the required slip resistant and electrical hazard standards and are usually considered safe and convenient to wear in such conditions. However, these particular slip resistant shoes do not have a safety steel toe, so if that’s what you’re looking for, these are not the right shoes for you. But if you want something lighter and comfortable to be standing in during long hour work shifts, a big yes to these!


They do a pretty good job in the slip resistant department, and are helpful even on wet floors and oily floors.
Very lightweight and comfortable. The padding around the heel and ankles make sure there are minimum blisters.


These ones do not have steel toe, which is kind of sad, because steel toes would have made these  winning combination of comfortable and tough.
They lowkey squeak. But that’s okay I guess, because the upsides are so much more important than the little squeaking.


Emeril Lagasse Women’s Quarter Slip-Resistant Work Shoe
Emeril Lagasse Women's Quarter Slip-Resistant Work Shoe best non slip work shoes

A nubuck option in the best non slip work shoes list, these have an athletic lace-up avatar. The sole is rubber, which is the most effective material when it comes to slip resistance. The company claims for the outsole traction to be slip resistant even on very wet and greasy surfaces. They also have what they call the ‘B.A.M. (Balance Active Movement) Memory Foam Insole’ and the ‘Anti Fatigue & Comfort Mid-Sole’ that ensures that the shoes are just heavy-duty slip resistant footwear, but also extremely supportive and comfortable in their make. However, the slight irony is that nubuck tends to be high-maintenance in terms of usage in wet conditions, which is obviously where you’re going to be wearing slip resistant shoes in the first place!


Gel-cushion inner soles called the ‘B.A.M. (Balance Active Movement) Memory Foam Insole’ by the company, as well as the mid-sole support make these shoes one of the most comfortable, even if they need a little breaking in.


The sizes run a bit on the smaller size, so you need to order accordingly.


Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe
best non slip work shoes

The very popular Skechers make a second appearance in our list of the best non slip work shoes for women, this time with a pop of color. Available in combinations of black and blue, black and pink, gray and purple, these are a relief for eyes sore from seeing a sea of black and grays in the work shoe department. But, if pinks and powder blues are not your jam, they have an all gray option too. The make is smooth leather upper with synthetic overlays and a synthetic sole. The insole is cushioned and the midsole is shock absorbing and flexible. The outsole is rubber, therefore quite competent its slip resisting job.


These work shoes are very popular among women and no prizes for guessing why. Honestly, these don’t even look like work shoes; they’re like legit sneakers, but with extra properties.
Between the cushioned insole, the supportive midsole and the padded collar and tongue on the shoes, these tend to be as comfortable as they are (relatively) stylish.
These are also steel toe shoes, so you have that added protection.


Whether your feet can get accustomed to these is an important condition for selecting them (they might run large or wide on some feet), so that bit can be a bit ambiguous, but otherwise there isn’t really anything I don’t like about them.


Dankso MaxTrax Slip Resistant Clog
best non slip work shoes

You immediately know a Dankso when you see one; the design is so unique! If you are a clog lover, the Dankso MaxTrax will appeal to you. It is made of leather uppers which come in two options: premium leather or patent leather. The design is quirky but it gets even quirkier with the use of prints on a couple of them. Or you can find them in black, white or navy. These shoes have their SR Max MaxTrax outsoles that are an industry favorite for slip resistance and claim to be fully slip resistant even in the most difficult conditions. Plus there’s the added advantage of dual-density comfort footbeds, and yet, inspite of it all, it has a lightweight finish, which greatly adds to the comfort and convenience level, especially if your job requires you to trudge them along the whole day (a thankless table waiting job, for example).


They are among the more good looking shoes in the list and in the market, so if you’re a person who gets hung on looks along with utility, these shoes are good for your “sole” (get it?)
Overall, these shoes provide great utility combining safety, ruggedness, and comfort all in one option.


Due to the design, they can run wide on some feet, so that needs to be considered while ordering.


Reebok Senexis MaxTrax Women’s Slip Resistant Sneaker
Reebok Senexis MaxTrax Women's Slip Resistant Sneaker best non slip work shoes

Reebok Senexis MaxTrax is like the sneaker cousin of the Dankso MaxTrax clogs. Both use the same SR Max slip resistant technology for superior slip resistant properties, but these ones are sneaker versions. And I decided as long as I’m committed to compiling an exhaustive list of the best non slip work shoes, I need to add a killer option for all the sneaker-heads out there. And what better than Reebok! These are suede shoes with a leather upper and a nylon mesh lining. The cushion insoles that have a rubber wedge heel, are removable, so that makes them convenient to clean, because we all know how difficult it can get to clean suede shoes. The slim fit feature is a bonus because it’s like wearing regular sneakers with extra safety protection.


Regular non-clunky pair of sneakers that offer top-of-the-line slip resistance and is also durable to wear in rugged conditions? Yes please!
The removable insoles make them customizable according to your requirements and feet size, which is always a plus because no two feet are the same (refer back to the Cinderella story where a pair of custom-made glass slippers saved the day!)
The reasonable pricing makes these shoes quite affordable. That’s commendable, given that work shoes come with a lot of extra features that regular shoes don’t.


These are relatively slim fit, so if you have really, really wide fit and are looking for a comfortable fit to support your aching feet, you might want to pass on these for the more wide-foot friendly options on this list.


This concludes our list of the best non slip work shoes for women. But since we’re always looking to reinvent our repertoire of knowledge, do feel free to add to the list. Which are the shoes you find most effective? Which non slip shoes have you worn to death? And which ones didn’t make it to your favorite list? Leave them on in the comments below and get the conversation going. Because sharing is caring and caring for your fellow women helps us all kick more ass!

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