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2018 Jeans Trends: Boyfriend, White, Black Jeans and More

As far as I know, all girls in this world love jeans. Jeans are our best friend in every ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ situation. You can wear it casual, but you can also style it to look super elegant. This fashion season, trendy jeans that we could see around were boyfriend jeans, white […]

Sneaker News 2017 – Women Sneaker Trends

sneaker news 2017

What are the coolest girls wearing this fall? Sneakers? No way! But if you look more closely at all the athleisure style photos, you will see it quite clear – sneakers are a must have this fall. If you are wondering about which of the newest sneakers models everybody will love, I’ve done some snooping […]

Best Hiking Pants For Women: The Complete Guide

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I hope that you are an outdoorsy type because we will be talking about the absolute best hiking pants for women! You will get the information about what to do before buying, what are the characteristics that best hiking pants need to have and how you can wear them. It will be very interesting to […]

599fashion reviews – a safe haven for affordable shopping?


599fashion reviews Before I even begin to review 599fashion, there are a couple of things you guys need to know about my shopping tendencies. First, I end up buying lots and lots of white even when I’m planning not to. And second and most important, I’m a sucker for great deals! Not exactly cheap, no […]

Top 5 Athleisure Mistakes

Top 5 Athleisure Mistakes

We all done it, we all made these athleisure mistakes before. I mean Gigi Hadid in a pair of black leggings and a duster coat, with that trademark VS hip swing, is a sight to reckon with. A sight that instantaneously brings to mind two obsessive thoughts: a) Imma hit the gym right now and […]

Why Athleisure is The Hottest Trend of the Decade

Why Athleisure is The Hottest Trend of the Decade title

Athleisure started out as a bit of a fad in 2010 and has since grown into a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon. Don’t believe me? Here’s one simple indication: Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon are in the top ten list of the most valuable brands in the world. The athleisure trend is so ubiquitous that yoga pants have […]

Best Underwear To Wear Under Leggings

Best Underwear To Wear Under Leggings title

SAY NO TO THE VPL! Looking good and feeling great go hand in hand, am I right? A night out with your squad requires top form in regards to your apparel. Outfits must be planned to perfection, consequently having you resemble an effortless immortal goddess. Those go-to leggings cannot have evident panty lines or your […]

15 Athleisure Outfit Ideas with Shoes

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At its core, athleisure is about adding leisure and comfort to your regular every day wear. Thus, the athleisure styles of shoes gravitate around the “sneaker” variety, or so you might think. When donning an athleisure outfit, you might be tempted to add some glamour into it. And, why shouldn’t you? It’s 2017 and women’s […]

Top Athleisure Street Styles 2017

Athleisure is taking over the fashion world, holding its title as possibly the biggest fashion movement as of late. A few seasons running now active wear has cemented its place amongst the top trends for fashionistas around the globe. And it seems as though this street wear statement is not going anywhere in the foreseeable […]