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The Five Ways to Wear Athleisure to Work

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Ever since I embraced comfort-core, I have been having a recurring dream that the world’s official weekend uniform is decreed to be athleisure. Imagine this for a second: a dystopian world where policemen patrol the streets fining anyone who “disrupts society with their unusual uncomfortable clothing!” Prior to the rise of athleisure, we were programmed […]

BEST WHITE SNEAKERS 2017 Stylish Reviews and Top Picks


Seemingly forever ago the white sneaker became the pinnacle of cool street fashion. For over five years they have been worn by the most stylish of the bunch. In 2015 they exploded, transforming into a mainstream wardrobe staple. Not one for sports or sport related clothing I ignored this trend for a while. I refused […]

Fashionable hiking outfits

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Hiking is is becoming a favorite exercise of many celebrities. It doesn’t hit as a surprise, as hiking has everything one might wish for: the endorphins, great views and unlimited Instagram photo opportunities. It also can burn a few calories and allows one to look fashionable while doing so. Are you wondering how to achieve […]

Skirt Trends 2018

Skirt Trends for Fall 2017

This fashion season, skirts are trending everywhere: in all sizes, materials, and colors, of course!  All around street style and runway shows, girls went crazy about them. The designers like Dior, Victoria Beckham, and others showed us a lot of models, that very soon became our new favorites skirt trends.   The most presentable and […]