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by Christina B

Blending nylon, rayon, and silk into the perfect hexagonal shape, a piece of fabric was born that was equal parts strong and delicate in appearance. The perfect lightweight material for ballerinas, this fabric became the height of fashion in the 1700’s. Named after a city in France, designers began to adapt this material to fit […]

by Rodrigo A

Technology has become an important, irreplaceable and mandated tool in many areas in the modern world. Teachers use computers and programs to teach students in ways they never could have ten or twenty years ago. Engineers across all fields use advanced technology like 3D printers and supercomputers to get precise measurements and data that wasn’t […]

by Danielle J

Fashion, art, and design are not usually thought of in the same way that technology is. Technology is usually thought of as more important, while art, fashion, and design are more creative past-times. This simply isn’t the case, despite the many differences between the two. But, the pronounced similarity between all of these fields, is […]