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How to Wear Women’s Loafers 2017: Fashion Ideas

how to wear women's loafers title image

Penny loafers are no longer only for backpack-wearing students in uniforms. In fact, classic loafers have been reinvented. But before we go into how to wear women’s loafers today, it would be worth your time to learn a little about their history and how they’ve lasted as a popular shoe through the years. History Of Women’s Loafers […]

599fashion reviews – a safe haven for affordable shopping?


599fashion reviews Before I even begin to review 599fashion, there are a couple of things you guys need to know about my shopping tendencies. First, I end up buying lots and lots of white even when I’m planning not to. And second and most important, I’m a sucker for great deals! Not exactly cheap, no […]

6 Easy Tips for How To Clean White Converse

6 Easy Tips for How To Clean White Converse

When it comes to wearing white sneakers it can be extremely daunting to figure out how to clean white converse. You might be asking can you put converse in the washing machine? Probably not the best idea. Keep reading this guide to find out best ways on how to clean white converse fabric. Just thinking about […]

Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans style tips

shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans are a staple in every closet and if god forbid you don’t own one, we HIGHLY recommend grabbing a classic dark wash, high waisted version to finally complete your wardrobe. You might think that finding shoes to wear with skinny jeans might be pretty basic but is it really? We don’t think so. Here […]

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Candice Swanepoel is obsessed with her new advertisement campaign for a reason. Posing fetchingly in a rustic barn, not only does she LOOK great in her cowboy boots and hat, we can comprehend why she FEELS great playing out her cowgirl fantasies on camera. There is something about the country style that makes you want […]

How to Clean Suede Shoes – Definitive Guide

A well-balanced fashionable wardrobe deserves, among other things, the indulgence of the soft and velvety suede. Sneakers, boots, loafers or oxfords—suede shoes provide that perfect balance of casual and dressy that makes them so versatile. And let’s face it, it’s really hard to resist the allure of a camel suede jacket. Also, doesn’t every fashionista […]

15 Athleisure Outfit Ideas with Shoes

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At its core, athleisure is about adding leisure and comfort to your regular every day wear. Thus, the athleisure styles of shoes gravitate around the “sneaker” variety, or so you might think. When donning an athleisure outfit, you might be tempted to add some glamour into it. And, why shouldn’t you? It’s 2017 and women’s […]

Fashionable hiking outfits

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Hiking is is becoming a favorite exercise of many celebrities. It doesn’t hit as a surprise, as hiking has everything one might wish for: the endorphins, great views and unlimited Instagram photo opportunities. It also can burn a few calories and allows one to look fashionable while doing so. Are you wondering how to achieve […]


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Boat shoes are a must have this season and if you’re feeling the need to add them to your collection you are spot on. Now, I know what you must be thinking and you are not alone. To some, boat shoes seem like a casual piece of footwear difficult to incorporate into their favorite outfits. […]

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals 2017: Fashion Ideas

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals

The ancient Romans had something apart from their leadership styles and impressive architectures. The gladiator sandal is an outstanding signature of the ancient Romans. The Romans are usually recognized for their thin straps and flat shoes tied around the leg and foot. The truth is that gladiator sandals are great to wear. These sandals can […]