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Ugly Christmas Sweaters – top best awesome

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters make a statement And no, I don’t mean it in an oft-used Vogue fashion editor language kind of a way. Ugly Christmas sweaters truly, genuinely make a statement in every sense of the word. It’s possibly the only surviving irony in fashion – to be intentionally unfashionable in order to be fashionable. […]

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Candice Swanepoel is obsessed with her new advertisement campaign for a reason. Posing fetchingly in a rustic barn, not only does she LOOK great in her cowboy boots and hat, we can comprehend why she FEELS great playing out her cowgirl fantasies on camera. There is something about the country style that makes you want […]

A Brief History of Women’s Party Wear

a brief history of party wear title

Share this Infographic On Your Site <p><strong>Here is a fun infographic from on the history of party wear.</strong></p><p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’a brief history of party wear’ width=’1000′ border=’0′ /></a></p> Women’s party wear fashion has changed drastically over the years. In the early years of the past century, global and economic events had a direct […]

How To Wear Vintage Clothing With Modern Outfits

How To Wear Vintage Clothing With Modern Outfits title

Mixing vintage clothing into your modern wardrobe is anything but daunting. With a few guiding tips below and reflection on your own true personal style the process will seem less overwhelming and more exciting. First things first; go through your current wardrobe and remove anything you do not wear or is not working for your […]