by Christopher T

Technology is on the rise and I really don’t see it going on a decline anytime soon. New technological advancements are being pushed out every other day, if not every day, and the technology we already have has vastly been improved. Things that were complicated in the past can now, effortlessly, be achieve in a matter of hours, maybe even seconds. I remember researching a time where computers were the size of a small room and now they can securely fit in your pockets. Technology only went upward from there. Industries continue to thrive from the benefits technology brings to the table. Thanks to technology, we are able to indulge ourselves in tons of cool toys and gadgets. I believe adding even more technological enhancements can only improve dexterity and versatility of the individuals working in these industries. Imagine a world where a simple shirt could effectively be five other shirts based on the time of day, temperature, or even the weather. A house completely concealed underground until the press of a button and you get to witness your house rise up before your eyes. A painting that is formed before a person’s very eyes based on that individual’s thoughts or feelings without an artist being present. Over the next 10 years or so, I can only see good circulating around technology and how it will affect fashion, art, and design industries.

Technology could immensely revolutionize the fashion industry with a clothing line called mood clothing. There are potential risk factors with an idea complex as this, but it would take the first step towards a future that is completely technology based. I see the clothing having a ton of microchips imbedding along the threads. Those microchips would be extremely durable and water proof while having the ability to change the color of the particular thread they sit upon based on outside factors. For example, if it’s cold outside one’s hoodie could be red symbolizing heat. Subconsciously, an individual will feel a sense of warmth and the cold would be even more bearable. There are obvious cons to this but I feel like risks need to be taken for an ultimate breakthrough. Through rigorous trials and errors, I definitely see something like this at the top of the fashion charts for years to come.

The concealed house of the future is another technology based design I can see happening in the future. It seems a bit farfetched, but I see it being very attainable. It wouldn’t be like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. It would be a house completely submerged underground and with the flick of a switch or the push of a button, the house would then reveal itself to the proper owner. To take it a bit further, there could be an iris scanner outside and upon a complete scan, the house will finally reveal itself. I feel like a house design like this could come in play in the future. House buglers would have no way to access someone’s home unless they were extremely witty and able to bypass that added source of security. I envision the house coming out of the ground like an armed nuclear warhead. Upon hearing the idea, the feat seems very miraculous, but I bet it would be jaw dropping to actually see it happen in person. First, a mechanism would have to be built to lift and lower the house. The lift mechanism will have to be capable of providing the necessary pieces that makes a house a house like electricity, plumbing, gas, etc. Looking at it a little more, there are a lot of factors to consider before making this idea a part of reality. One factor would be what if a homeowner wants to keep a pet of have a home garden. What is likely to occur if an animal is completely submerged underground for long period of time? Another factor would be the likelihood of destruction a potential natural disaster would due to the setup. Would the house or the lift mechanism be subjected to damage? There are a lot of grey areas, but I do believe technology has the ability to add color to those grey areas and help bring this black and white abstract idea into a beautiful and colorful reality.

A picture drawn or painted without the artist being present is my idea of art in the future. I’m not talking about just a portrait of someone. I see a computer taking a person’s thoughts or feelings and making it into a one of a kind masterpiece. Each painting would be based on the individual making it very unique. If unwanted, reading someone’s thoughts could be considered evading someone’s privacy, but what if the individual is asked to think about a picture to be painted? It would turn out better than just randomly reading a person’s mind. This technology could help those who have difficulty expressing or explaining how they feel. In a matter of minutes, a person could have a well-illustrated painting depicting their emotions. It could potentially help those who are struggling with emotional problems get the help they need before it’s too late. Also, this technology could help a person’s imagination come to life. Comic books and manga drawings would be a synch with this technology. We could see an enormous boom in the comic book industry. It can even be taking a step forward. Imagine your thoughts coming alive in 3-D rather than 2-D. In an instant, you can watch your thoughts as if they were a movie. The likelihood of this happening may be slim to none, but the way technology is progressing I can’t help but think this is what the future holds.

Without a doubt, I believe technology will positively affect fashion, art, and design. The possibilities are endless to say the least. Creativity will take a backseat to nothing. The limit would solely be based on the creativity of the individual. If the person can imagine it, then it would be completely possible. Along with the creating of one’s imagination, I see those industries being completely green and innovating new ways to reuse certain materials from the past, present, and future. I honestly get chills thinking of how technology can lead the way to a great future.

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