Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Candice Swanepoel is obsessed with her new advertisement campaign for a reason. Posing fetchingly in a rustic barn, not only does she LOOK great in her cowboy boots and hat, we can comprehend why she FEELS great playing out her cowgirl fantasies on camera. There is something about the country style that makes you want to slow down in life, wear your sundress and boots and relish the last drop of sauce off your barbecue ribs with Keith Urban playing in the background. Quite the picture, innit? Country dresses with boots paint a similar picture too. The style is almost an oxymoron of a combination of outrageous and laidback at the same time. It can also be a little tricky because you want to toe the delicate line between sassy and tacky, and as much as we love the rebellious nature of dresses with cowboy boots, sometimes it can get a tad too much if not balanced out well. It is important to take into consideration all the styling elements and embellishments of both the dress and the boots to create a seamless look that is very country chic but also very this moment. This post looks to serve that need: here is a checklist of country dresses to wear with boots, so you never find yourself fumbling for the right combination.

Country Dresses to Wear with Boots

Let’s start with the omnipresent dress style: the cold shoulder dress. It is popular, widely available across your favorite stores and maybe a little annoyingly too oft-seen. Nevertheless, they are a perfect find in your quest for country style dresses to wear with boots because of the Boho laidback vibe they offer.

Pro styling tip: If there are too many ruffles going on in the dress, wear it with plain tall boots. If the dress is relatively simple with just cold-shoulder details, jazz them up with embellished country boots.

Country crochet and lace dresses with boots

country dress with boots

Crochet and lace resonate with country style so much it almost paints a picture of an artisan weave up wads of fabric at her quaint cottage. And the fact that most lace and crochet dresses come in shades of white or crème, they make for the perfect country dresses to wear with boots, especially your tan suede boots or dark brown leather ones. These are also extremely versatile to style and never really go out of style.

Pro styling tip: A white mini dress and tan knee-high boots are a real classic combination, but feel free to double up the country act with the addition of a suede vest. The white canvas of the dress beautifully offsets and accessories you might choose to add.

Country floral print dresses with boots

We cannot hold a discussion on the topic of country style if we don’t mention prints, more specifically, floral prints. And they’re not just meant for the curtains, they also make exceptional partners for those Cavender’s boots for women. If your style is particularly feminine, floral dresses with boots would be your ideal country choice.

Pro styling tip: To keep this combination fresh and avoid looking dated, choose your prints in muted, pastel colors instead of the usual bright colors, like powder blue or lilac instead of sunny yellow or orange.

Country plaid dresses with boots

The other unavoidable print beside florals that has its country style game strong is plaid. Also extremely versatile (you can easily take this from summer to fall without raising eyebrows), this makes it to the list of my western dresses to wear with boots, especially the Cavender’s women’s boots.

Pro styling tip: An empire waist black and red plaid dress with black tall boots look great always but don’t get stuck in a rut. Experiment with plaids in pastel and candy colors and wear them with fringed cowboy boots for some extra brownie points.

Country bell sleeve dresses with boots

Another trend to have hit big some consecutive seasons now are the big, wide, statement sleeves adorning every country dress you can find in stores. Some come with cold shoulders, some as off the shoulder, but they all make pretty incredible dresses to wear with cowboy boots, simply for the same Bohemian feel.

Pro styling tip: Although any length of boots works, my personal favorite is to wear them with ankle length booties as they show off ample legs to balance out the heavy fabric business going on in the upper half of the body and keeps the silhouette from getting too overwhelming.

Country embroidered dresses with boots

This is another no brainer. Embroidery and country are like wine and cheese, the complement each other very well. So if you are in a rush to pick out country dresses to wear with boots, pick up something embroidered and it will instantly lend you the classic rustic feel you look for in western aesthetics.

Pro styling tip: There is none of the consequence here, really. Embroidery is a vast field to play in and all you have to do is get your Cavender’s boots out and play! A nice wide belt (preferably also embroidered) is a nice touch to add to this look.

Country ruffled dress with boots

The best thing about country style fashion is the playfulness of it and ruffles add to that in plenty. And considering how trendy ruffles are today, and available in so many forms, if you’ve never tried a ruffled dress with cowboy boots, now is the time. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how dainty ruffles form a glorious partnership with tough cowboy booties.

Pro styling tip: Find your ruffled dress in a lacy fabric to really offset the toughness of cowboy boots; the flirty feminine dress will act as the perfect yin to the yang of the leather boots.

Trapeze dresses with boots

And speaking of playfulness, trapeze dresses take it a notch higher. Fitted at the bust and flaring out from the empire line, they’re the dresses you wear if you’re still in touch with the child in you. Trapeze dresses make for the most cutesy kind of dresses to wear with cowboy boots. You’ll never want to stop twirling!

Pro styling tip: The choice of prints and colors are far and wide and all totally relevant to wear with boots, but keep the hemline well above the knee for the maximum playful factor. The shorter, the better it works at showing off those booties!

Maxi dresses with boots

Before you start asking “But a maxi dress with cowboy boots?”, hear me out. Not all kinds of maxi dresses fall under this purview. There are only certain kinds of maxi dresses that have that quintessential country feel that lend themselves well to this niche. I’m talking ample prints, flowy silhouettes, peasant-style bodices and possibly slits along the length. You’ll find that not only are they the best kind of country dresses to wear with cowboy boots, they are also the most comfortable.

Pro styling tip: Easy, breezy and oh-so-effective, take this style up a few notches adding a hat and lots of jewelry to match. Scarves are a great addition too.

Asymmetrical dresses with boots

We’re down to the quintessence of country style now. Asymmetrical dresses, in any color or form, when worn with boots, will undoubtedly make the combination look right out of a Western classic, but unless you pay attention to picking out the right dress, you might look like an extra from a bad remake of the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Pro styling tip: Because an asymmetrical hemline is a very strong feature in a garment, keep the rest of the styling elements at the minimum. Skip any jewelry or other add ons, and make a strong statement with a pair of thigh high boots in a contrasting color.

Wedding dresses with cowboy boots

I saved the best for the last. Ever fancied a country style wedding? Then you know where I’m getting at. But be warned, wearing country wedding dresses with cowboy boots is not for the faint-hearted. Only the bravest, most experimentally inclined bride can pull this off. But let me also add, if you can, it is also the most rewarding. A far cry from the usual dainty wedding styles, showing up in a wedding dress with boots clicking underneath is a fashion statement that is fit for a bride who’s got the guns (pun obviously intended).

Pro styling tip: But of course, the bridesmaids need to match up to the daring bride in their country dresses with cowboy boots and what better than some tiny little crochet dresses with knee high cowboy boots embellished either with sequins (it’s a wedding after all) or good old embroidery.

It can be a never-ending search trying to look for country dresses to wear with boots if you’re clueless as to what makes a certain combination tick. I hope this post sheds some light on that the idea is to find a harmony between the dress and the boots, whether short ankle booties or tall ones, so that both end up seamlessly reflecting what the country style represents in the first place: a laidback life or a gun-fighting, horse-riding adventure: you choose!

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