5 Cringe Worthy Trends I Regret Trying In 2017

5 Cringe Worthy Trends I Regret Trying In 2017

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight; we’ve all worn things we later utterly regretted. After all, that is the awful cringy and unavoidable part of fashion, even though we once thought (ehem) we looked ‘super-cool’. 2017 is no different; it has also left us with the undeniable question of “Ugh, why did I ever wear that?” But one thing is for sure, don’t fret, because 2018 will definitely have trends that are far wackier than those listed below. So, as 2017 is over, we cannot help to feel a little tinge and nostalgic. Therefore, we’ll be walking down a long cringe-worthy stroll down memory lane, meaning counting down the 5 trends that made us laugh and also cry a bit…

Leggings as pants

Leggings as pantsAnd of course no other than Kim Kardashian, amongst many other things, is to blame for this one too. Leggings have already been of debate when it comes to what does or doesn’t pass as pants. So why Kim, why did you have to end the debate and make them acceptable, don’t you know your power? It’s so strong, that even I got caught up in it… #BiggestRegret

The cold shoulder, aka. why are my boobs so low?

The cold shoulder2017 saw a rise in women between fashion week and street style, sporting this trend of the almost naked shoulder with sleeves that undoubtedly appeared to be holding on for its dear life (if I discreetly may point out myself). To this trend, there is one simple rule (which I figured out way too late). Only wear it, if you have small breasts, like say Gigi Hadid, she pulls it out perfectly. If not, don’t even go there. And no, a bra isn’t an option; it’ll just make you look tackier.

See-through heels

See-through heelsThese heels have everything going against them, from start to end. Seriously, every time I see these shoes in public, I wonder just how sweaty one’s feet would get. And I’m not even going to get into the hygienic part of it. Doctors, this is your place of expertise, put a block on these, so that only exotic dancers are allowed to ever wear them.

Tube socks

Tube socksMeaning they should be kept underground and eventually in the garbage. Remember, when our dads used to wear them at home, well that was until they became a fashion week staple. Hmm, wonder which dad went to fashion week wearing them.

The whole Yeezy hole-y clothes trend

The whole Yeezy hole-y clothesThis is absolutely the worst of the worst. So bad that I’m even too embarrassed to even speak of it. I should be ashamed. Kanye West brought it to fashion week and It-girls from Hailey Baldwin to Kendall Jenner dared to take it to the streets. It may have looked cool and edgy, as it took street style to a whole other level, but looking back now, it’s too cringe-worthy for all generations to come, not just ours.

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