by Danielle J

Fashion, art, and design are not usually thought of in the same way that technology is. Technology is usually thought of as more important, while art, fashion, and design are more creative past-times. This simply isn’t the case, despite the many differences between the two. But, the pronounced similarity between all of these fields, is the fact that they are all constantly evolving to fit needs and wants of the influencing society. This makes them all dependent on one another. I believe that with technology rapidly expanding and changing as much as it is, these creative fields will be hugely impacted within the next 10 years. Some technological achievements that will impact fashion, art, and design are virtual reality, graphic design, and smart clothing.

Virtual reality technology has exploded over the past few years, and it could be even better within a couple of years. This technology immerses people into a completely virtual world that they can move around and interact with. The impact this technology could have if combined with art would be exponential. Artists could use these virtual worlds to really make people feel like they are within the story or emotion that they are trying to convey. For example, if an artist wanted to provoke fear they could make the person feel like they are being watched, or chased within this completely virtual world that the artist created. Virtual art exhibitions could be a very plausible thing within the next decade. Haunted houses, paintball courses, and escape rooms could be even more enveloping with the use of virtual reality technologies. People would be able to walk through actual virtual courses and interact with their virtual environment. Virtual reality technology could not only impact art, but it would strongly impact design. Instead of drawings and computer simulations to design buildings, furniture, homes, and machines, they can be created in a virtual world. This allows them to be interacted with, allowing the designer to see entire buildings and room without having to wait until it is built. They would be able to see their design from the perspective of being there without having to build anything. This would benefit engineers the most because they can see the flaws and benefits of the building they are trying to design without actually constructing it.

Graphic designs are getting better and better as we improve our technologies, but this can be used for more than just created animated movies and video games. The fashion industry can create computer designed outfits that look like the real thing. With more complex graphic designs, fashion designers could add textures and shadows to their creations to make them look how the real clothes would. They could create 3D pictures of clothing so buyers can see the entire piece of clothing and not just different photo angles. This same concept could be used for designers to make more realistic furniture, and buildings. This technology could be combined with the virtual reality to make building homes a completely virtual, yet realistic experience. The homes would be able to be designed by the buyers. They could walk through the home, furnish it, and decorate without having to build. Artists would be able to do so much more with computer art. They could also make their pieces look more realistic than in past years. With better graphics technology artists could make movie animations look more realistic, and make even better more immersive paintings. For video games and movies, designers could create more realistic characters and animations, making them more immersive.

Smart phones, smart watches, and smart televisions are a part of our reality, but something that could make an appearance within the next decade is smart clothing. Smart clothing would have the ability to perform a number of tasks. This clothing would be most beneficial to athletes. Smart shirts would be able to give the wearer accurate and real-time heart rate measurements. Smart pants or shorts could measure the length or their stride, and how fast they run. This could be used to train professional athletes to get real-time measurements and statistics about their performance. Some smart clothing could even correct running form and provide the wearer with temperature controlled comfort during their workout. But this technology could also be used for the everyday person. The clothing could be programed to track how much sweat is lost, how much UV radiation a person is exposed to, temperature, and vital signs. With smart clothing, the fashion possibilities are endless. This could also be used in hospitals to track patient’s vitals, and metabolic processes without being invasive. The patients would simply wear a smart clothing gown instead of getting their blood draw and blood pressure taken. This could help prevent a lot of errors that happen with other technologies, because the monitors are worn by the patient at all times. After time and adjustment there would be little problems and this technology could be very trustworthy, even in diagnostics.

All of these technologies are fairly new, and we are just scratching the surface. By combining technology with fashion, art, and design, we are opening a door of possibilities. Virtual reality can completely change all of these fields by providing a completely virtual world for creative brains to invent. This would help art by creating a more immersive experience, and design by letting designers see their creation without having to construct it. More improved graphics designs could completely revolutionize the movie and video game industries, creating more realistic images. Fashion designers, and engineers could see their work without having to draw it up on paper. This combined with virtual reality creates a whole new type of real estate. Smart clothing could transform the sports industry with smart clothing that measure vital signs, and correct athletic form. This could also be used in hospitals to create a more comfortable, less invasive environment. Fashion, art, and design all have a very large influence of society, along with technology. By combining these things, endless opportunities could be achieved within the next decade

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