by Deona W

I started this article with lofty goals. I would research and find the best fashion and technology! I would imagine a future where everything we’ve ever wanted in fashion, art and design would stun us. Through research, reading and a love for the cozy, I’ve found the future of fashion.

I’ve read about dozens of future fashion design ideas. Apple IWatch that makes phone calls. That would be an extraordinary fashion accessory, beautiful yet functional. Can you imagine not having to carry that bulky cell phone? A powerful technological fashion accessory would be a small cell phone on your wrist. It would spur new designs in watch straps and blue tooth accessories.
Other ideas show the future of fashion as solar panel clothing. The solar panel clothing can charge your electronics. Who wouldn’t want the ability to charge their phone while still looking chic? There is something to say about having an intelligent dress. Have you seen the refrigerators that tell you when you’re almost out of milk? Who wouldn’t want a dress that can be both intelligent and beautiful?
The merge of fashion and technology is ever growing. Technology has changed the way that we make clothes. Once we had looms and scratchy dyed wool. Now we can make any fabric in any design. As technology becomes more advanced, we see 3d printers become a part of our lives. Soon our 3d printers will be printing not just toys, but clothes as well. Technology is part of our lives, from the humblest first computer to our current IPAD.

Twenty years ago, a computer cost over $2,000, now you can order one online for under $600. You may be too young to remember the computer dark days. Computer monitors were bulky and ugly. The computers had black screens with green text, more functional than eye-catching. Through time computers became more advanced, their screens slimmer and their accessories wireless. Perhaps no one spends time contemplating the sleekness of an HP monitor? Look at your monitor, look how slim it is, see how the colors pop? It’s both a design and technological advance.

The fashion is there, we see it every day but we also want to be a part of it. We want those shoes! We want to wear that handbag and we want it now. Fashion isn’t about searching online for days. It is about wearing what’s hot now. This season, this color, this idea, it must be available. There are upcoming apps that find fashion. Take a picture of another person’s shoes/handbag/dress and the app will find a similar item online. This is part of the future. People want to see fashion, find it, and own it.

Another branch of the future of fashion would be the runway. Fashion week in New York used to be for the wealthy or influential. They would sit on chairs and watch the models walk down the runway. With technology, you are only a few clicks away from seeing the runway fashions. Soon we will be able to read an article for the brand-new fashion and click a link to purchase. Technology has increased our ability to see and share fashion. We had runways, progressing to magazines, to television, to the internet and now to apps.
Fashion and technology have the same flaw. When something new comes out it is expensive. Imagine the iPhone X, the Samsung curved television, or a purple alligator Marc Jacob handbag. After a week, a month, a season, a year… it’s out with the old, in with the new! For the more time pressed fashion dreamer, the future will be renting the runway.

Once we had whole books devoted to purchasing clothes. Mail order catalogs brought dresses to the masses. You could have open up a Sears catalog and purchase farm equipment right alongside a blouse. Times have changed, moving away from magazines to stores, from the internet and now to online clothes order.

Have you tried You pick a recipe, they deliver the food and you cook it. A new idea for the woman who has too much on her plate is Stitch fix is a similar concept, but with clothing. You can personalize your fashion interests and they will send fashion direct to your door. Eventually we will be able to design and customize our own clothing. As we think 10 years into the future of fashion, we must also consider its past.

There is something to be said about future and fashion in the same sentence. Fashion is a wheel. Eventually those ripped jeans or ruffled shirts will be born again. I’ve seen overalls come and go at least three times over. Sure, overalls aren’t high fashion, but they do show how a simple garment can be introduced to new generations. It’s not just overalls that are reborn. Peasant blouses you ask? Twice. Leggings? They’ve been reborn in hundreds of ways, from a different color, to a different design or fabric.
Fashion, art and technology are all intertwined. New technology can meld with fashion. Art can inspire new designs. Each person will gravitate toward their favorite article of clothing. Those tech savvy nerdy girls will be rocking the IWatch. The makers of the world will use 3d printers to make printed clothing a reality. Technology buffs will create Apps that will help you find fashion. The internet will let you see the runway and order items direct from the designer.

In the end, I realized that fashion is what you make of it. The future of fashion could be as simple as a pair of Levi’s or as complex as a dress that can read your vital signs. If you’re wondering how technology will affect fashion, art and design, the answer is in every way possible. Technology changes in leaps and bounds. With each new generation, fashion tastes change. Designs change and are reborn again. I imagine that the future of fashion will be ever evolving. For me, I’ll stick to my jeans and a cozy sweater.

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