How to Dress for In-Between Weather 2017: Fashion Ideas

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Global warming is not something that can be dismissed by politicians anymore. All the seasons are getting muddled together so we have a new phenomenon known as “in-between” weather.

This not-hot-not-cold weather can be quite annoying to dress for. You might want to flaunt a nice summery color on an unexpectedly sunny day in December, but everyone around you might be decked out in winter gear.

Or, perhaps you might want to start flaunting your suede spring booties but there’s one inch of snow expected later in the night. These are very real, palpable problems, ladies! So, what can you do?

Well, you could try the always practical layering technique. That’s what the Londoners do (and any other place with unpredictable weather). They carry an extra bag equipped with an umbrella, an emergency sweater, sunglasses, sun screen or even beach sandals (like they do out in LA) for any unexpected surprises. Oh, but wait, carrying an extra bag does equal extra hassle.

So, here’s the lowdown on dressing for that pesky in-between weather without the added burden of extra clothes or bags.

Wear an All-Purpose Jacket

When I say all-purpose jacket, I mean specifically windbreakers. I love that stuff. Not only are they light but they also have a ton of pockets which means I can leave the purse at home and carry my lipstick and wallet in the pockets (the essentials, am-i-rite?). It does mean that your outfit automatically adopts a sportier look but you can also be snug during any weather. This classic athleisure look is all the rage right now anyway.

How to Dress for In-Between Weather Wear an All-Purpose Jacket 1

For the ultimate sporty look, don some sleek black yoga pants, some trendy sneakers, tie your hair up in a bun and voila, you’re ready to brave the cold. An alternative to the windbreaker solution is the hoodie – which also has a somewhat youthful and sporty look.

Another great “all-purpose” jacket is the sleeveless vest. You can wear a windbreaker variety that is a runner’s (or an athlete’s) best friend. Or, you can opt for the sweater vest kind and wear that with a crisp full-sleeve shirt underneath. You could even try a flyaway open front kind that is very vogue right now. Leather vests or fur-trimmed vests are also a great way to elevate any ordinary outfit.

How to Dress for In-Between Weather Wear an All-Purpose Jacket 2

For the more classic look, don a leather jacket or the classic trench. I love the idea of a trench because it is light and since it goes up to your knees you can wear a dress underneath and still be cosy-ish.

Wearing a jacket will keep your arms and torso warm but what about the rest of your body? If you wear a dress with an all-purpose jacket, then your legs are going to be cold. And, there’s a remedy for that too.

Keep Your Head and Toes Warm

I don’t know about you guys but I always find that I am more comfortable when my feet and legs are warm. As a rule of thumb, I stow away my dresses and skirts once October rolls around and only take them out again in June! But, you don’t have to as boring as me. You can choose to cover your legs in several ways. Leggings, jeggings, stockings, regular pants, culottes – these are all viable solutions.

One of the fastest routes to uncomfortable-ville is through, quite literally, cold feet. If you can keep your toes warm then your body retains a lot of its body heat. You don’t have to grab boots but you should probably wear shoes with socks. The best solution is to channel your inner prep-school-girl and opt for some dapper oxfords.

Other warm-weather accessories that can fit into your bag are scarves, a knit cap (or a toque) and gloves. Keep them stowed in your purse and take them out if you think you need them.


I know what you must be thinking: that wool is itchy and it’s only suitable when curling up in front of a fireplace. But, that is not the case because of a little something called: merino wool.

How to Dress for In-Between Weather Wool-Blend

This high-quality wool blend does not cause rashes like those itchy sweaters we get at Christmas every year. Instead, merino wool is soft and smooth, and it even keeps bad odors away. Wool-blended clothing, be it dresses, pants, even underwear and socks are a great way to add some extra warmth during unpredictable weather.

In Conclusion

If this list seems very intuitive to you then it is! I don’t dare to step out unless I check the weather app on my phone so, start with that and dress accordingly!

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