Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs And How To Dress Like Them

Dress like top female entrepreneurs

It is no news now that this generation belongs to women. And while that statement is true of all aspects of human existence, it manifests so much clearer on the professional front. From equal pay to equal opportunities, women are not just fighting for their rights, they’re also proving that they’re capable of great things when empowered with those rights.

But have you ever wondered what goes into the dressing decisions of these powerhouses of success? How do the real wonderwomen of our times dress for success (success with a capital S too, when we take into consideration their massive net worths!) I’ve listed down our top 5 women in business and attempted to break down on how to dress like them, hoping it helps many aspiring entrepreneurs to mirror them, both in dressing and in action:

How To Dress Like Sheryl Sandberg

How To Dress Like Sheryl Sandberg
The COO of Facebook, who is also a board member of the Walt Disney Company, and an author of books on women empowerment, is a champion for the cause of confidence in women. She insists that she is just a “suburban mom” and not a “model type” and prefers to wear clothes that make her feel comfortable so as to instill confidence. That is probably why she’s mostly seen in clean cut sheath dresses with no frills or fuss but ones that are clearly tasteful and do a great job at showing off a very fit body that she works out regularly for.

How To Dress Like Sara Blakely

How To Dress Like Sara Blakely
What does the woman who holds the secret to dressing well for millions of women, opt for when she needs to dress well? Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is the perfect example to drive home the point that you don’t really have to wear certain clothes to fit into the “professional woman” mold. Rather, it’s more about dressing for your personality and Blakely isn’t afraid to add bright colors and patterns to her wardrobe, admitting her style is very “feminine and funky” even at the workplace. Which complements her cheery personality to the hilt. But she does balance it out with classic silhouettes.

How To Dress Like Arianna Huffington

How To Dress Like Arianna HuffingtonSitting at the helm of the Pulitzer-winning Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is not just successful in her profession, she is one of the most influential people, irrespective of gender. Fashion-wise, this media mogul and best-selling author makes it quite clear that substance over style is her mantra. One of the key fashion advices she hands over to her staff at the Huffington Post is never to be afraid of repeating your clothes. And this, coming from someone who makes appearances at events all over the world under the careful scrutiny of media!

How To Dress Like JK Rowling

How To Dress Like JK RowlingThe owner of the Harry Potter empire epitomizes the word ageless. And not just in a vain Botox-good-looks way, but in proving that it’s never too late to start on your journey of immense success. This is reflected in her dressing too, a poster girl for women over 50, breezing from nerdy gray sheaths in the day to glam sequin gowns at premiers.

How To Dress Like Oprah Winfrey

How To Dress Like Oprah WinfreyBut of course, the moment we think entrepreneur, we think Oprah. And a vision of confidence, intelligence and positivity floats before our eyes. Besides her net worth of $3 billion that is completely self-made, what stands out about her is her unapologetic way of dressing confidently irrespective of size. An inspiration to plus size women, she embraces her curves in snug-fit dresses and pantsuits, usually cinching in her waist with a statement belt. After all, success comes in all shapes and sizes, right?

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