European Fashion Trends: Everything You Should Know

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There are no rules of thumb when it comes to European fashion. However, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you probably know that Europe is known as a leader in the world of fashion. Paris is definitely the fashion capital, while the fashion weeks in Milan and London are following right up! No one can deny that European designers are leaders on the fashion stage – Versace, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, all of them represent kind of a European way of dressing to all of us.

How Do They Dress in Europe?

If you are asking for a golden rule for women’s dressing in Europe, let me tell you – there is no rule. You might have heard how Italian girls love animal print and silky materials, while the Parisians wear only black and chic items, but that is not definite. Yes, these things are correct, but it doesn’t have to mean that going to Paris you won’t find a girl dressed in color. However, European women pay attention to fit, and they try to invest in basic and classic items that will last few seasons. They are not interested in blindly following trends. That is what distinguishes them from the rest of the world.

It’s All About the Fit

Before buying anything, always try. Don’t buy something just because it is trendy, but buy something that fits good to you and that you can wear for few seasons, not only one. You don’t need to spend your fortune to find something that suits you – a lot of retail and high street style stores like Zara, H&M, Mango, etc. have clothes for everybody’s taste and fits. And guess what – they are expensive at all.

Little Black Dress

As I have mentioned before, Parisians will assure you in having few statement pieces in your closet. Some of them are little black dress, a trench coat, the perfect pair of jeans, and a white button-down shirt. Little black dress phrase was coined by Coco Chanel back in the 1920’s. The rest is history. This kind of loose and classic cut dress is now a timeless and classic piece that not only European women love to wear. Whether you want something that looks classy or with a modern twist, it will work perfectly with any other staple.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is representative of a typical British style. The most popular British fashion house Burberry is known for their classic, perfectly cut trench coats. European ladies like to wear them in neutral, beige colors. However, last few years trends demand wearing trench bit differently. Vinyl, leather, and PVC are just some of the materials that became popular. From classic camel models to the modern ones, there are many options for you to pick.

Statement Bags

If there are things that European women like to invest in then that are shoes and bags. Bags should be made of leather, but it is not necessary. However, don’t buy copies of famous brands. These bags look even cheaper than any other bags. Europeans don’t leave their house without bags. Whether they are going somewhere for a weekend or just to buy groceries, they always carry a tote bag with them. Make sure the bag matches with the rest of the outfit. It is the best to choose the bags that are in neutral tones – black, brown or grey so you can combine them with anything. Stay away from shiny details.

Skinny Jeans

All the jeans that were existing before skinny jeans are forgotten. Skinny took hearts of all girls not only in Europe but also all around the globe. You can choose between dark jeans and a white one. The first is perfect for fall and winter months, while white jeans go perfectly with summer tops and ruffle blouses.

Slip Dress

Along with famous little black dress comes the slip dress that French women especially love. Even though it can look like a dress you would rather sleep in, these dresses are classy, sexy and very sophisticated. In short, they are perfect for elegant occasions. You can find these dresses not only made of silk, but also patterned, and in many different lengths. European women would definitely advise you to go with midi or maxi lengths for special events.

Invest in Shoes

As I have already mentioned before, shoes and bags are the only things you should really invest in. Shoes should keep you warm in winter, and fancy at the same time. You should invest in good winter boots, like Timberland, or any other sporty-casual boots that will keep you warm and comfy. When it comes to high heels, you shouldn’t care about length. European women wear super high heels, and they know how to walk down the cobblestone streets! Wedges are fashionable as well as block heels in the last year.

Easy on Makeup

Makeup is the thing on which European women don’t pay so much attention to. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. When buying cosmetics, let them be good and bit expensive. Don’t use something that is not good for your skin. Find the natural beauty brands and stick to them. Red lipstick is definitely the must-have if you ask Parisians. A little bit of foundation and some neutral eyeshadows will do the job.

Knot a Scarf

Nothing is more French than the scarf around the neck. They tend to wear it all the time – in wintertime, oversized scarves to keep them warm and cozy, and in the summer the silk ones for making them chic.

How to Dress Like Italian Women

Italian women are always ready to look fabulous. Even if they are going to the grocery store. They are taking good care of themselves, their skin, and their body. You should start from the inside out and invest in a few statement things that will last and always be in style.

Start with Underwear

La Perla and Intimissimi are some of the most famous Italian brands of lingerie. They come as the first choice of many fashionistas and stylish girls not only in Italy. Choose a bra that fits perfectly, with the addition of lace and other chic details.

Show Off Your Curves

Italian ladies are not ashamed of their bodies. They proudly show and highlight the parts of their bodies that they feel most comfortable with. If you have long legs – wear leather shorts. Great decollete? Show it off! However, don’t overdo it. Try to stay classy as much as you can.

Leave a Hat On

As the song says, Italian women know that hat on your head is not only fashionable, but it is also a smart move for keeping you cozy. Fedora hats are popular among all girls from Italy, so why don’t you try it with the upcoming fall outfits.

High Heels Are The Must-Have

Even on the rockiest and cobblestoned streets Italians know how to walk in heels. We are all aware of the shoe brands that come from Italy – both cheaper and expensive ones are perfect for you. Investing in good shoes are common for all Italian girls as well as for European ladies.

Statement Handbag

You will always see an Italian girl wearing a statement handbag. Along with brands like Prada, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana, many families in Italy have their own leather-business. Unlike the French girls, Italian like their bags to have many different embroidered details, shiny clasps.

Flats are For the Beach

Unlike the French women for Italians, flats are considered as beachwear. They don’t like them at all! And even though they are comfortable, you shouldn’t wear them for some special ceremonies. Not even when your legs are tired.  

Cool Sunglasses

When Italians want to hide from everybody they simply put on their big sunglasses. They also represent the final touch of every outfit combination.

Cashmere Sweaters

In every closet of Italian women, there is a place for a warm and soft cashmere sweater. They can be in all shades possible – neutrals, jewel tones, or basics. Choose something that works with your everyday outfits. These sweaters are perfect for workwear as well!

How to Dress Like German Women

Everybody says that the real fashion city in Germany is Berlin. The mix of cultures, people, and fashion habits make it as unique as possible. There is a saying about German fashion – they don’t know how to dress. That is usually because of the tourists that wear socks with sandals, as well as shirts and shorts in some retro patterns and colors. However, the younger generations are very fashion-aware, and they surely follow trends.

Black is The New Black

Don’t be surprised if you see everyone dressed in black. No, they are not imitating Parisians, that is just the way Berliners like to wear clothes. They are not a big fan of colors, so they opt for something more basic. Whether the season is you won’t find anyone dressed in neon yellow or pink color. Even if it is trendy at the moment!

Leave Heels at Home

If you don’t want to look like a tourist in Germany and especially in Berlin, then leave your heels at home. While some clubs in New York don’t allow the girls to enter if they are not wearing the heels, in Berlin the situation is completely opposite.

Pajama Look

You have probably had a chance to see the pajama suits that has appeared not so long ago in the stores. They are usually made of some fine material, silk or satin, and they really look like you have just got out from your bed. Many Germans-Berliners like to wear this look. It seems undone and very casual. So, if you are visiting Germany and you see someone wearing pj’s you will know it is on purpose.

Backpacks and Fanny Packs

And while Italian women like for their bags to be eye-catching, made of good leather, and branded in Germany is completely the opposite. They usually wear backpacks on their backs and nothing else. And why is that, you might be asking – that is because they like more practical over trendy things. They carry everything they need in a backpack, so in case they need to stay out late working (or partying), they can be sure all their belonging are with them.

Fanny packs re-appeared a few months ago on the fashion week street style wear. Many girls wear these forgotten bags again. Berliners as well – you can wear them as crossbody bags, not only around your waist.

Sneakers For Every Day

As I have mentioned before, heels are not recommended in Germany, and especially not in Berlin. But the sneakers are! Not only the ones that you choose every day like these but also sporty ones. Sneakers like these ones are not just reserved for running.

Brands Not Allowed

Even though logomania has conquered the fashion world in the last 12 months, no one in Germany likes to show the brands off. It is just not cool. Women in Germany doesn’t want to wear branded bags or sweaters with the logo all over the chest. If you have these things, then it is better to leave them at home when visiting Germany.

Bras are Not Required

Unlike the Italians, German women are not even so strict when it comes to bra-wearing. Berlin is known as a bra-free city, so you can definitely forget to wear it. Push up and wonder bras are not-cool, according to Berliners, so try not to wear them if you don’t have to.


If you were wondering how to dress when you come to Europe, then these were all the things you should know about European fashion. There are no rules of thumb on how Europeans style and dress but every country is specific in its own way. The most important thing is to be natural, not follow trends blindly, and to find your own style.

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