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The end of summer can be a bit of a downer but the arrival of fall gives us a chance to flaunt our best jacket-hugging looks. In fact, fall can be aptly described as one of coats and layered clothing.

We had listed the trench coat in our list of statement pieces to own and it is a great timeless look, but sometimes you might want to shake things up a bit. The alternatives to timeless fashion is to opt for trendy or unique items of clothing. And, there’s no rebuke there – you should do as you please. Which is why, here is a list of the most

Trendy Styles

trendy fall jackets
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We have already discussed in length about the summer styles to watch out for. You would think that with the changing season the fashion sensibilities would change as well but this year, fall styles will prolong the summer styles. Thus, florals are meant to stay on in the clothing racks. This woolen floral coat is going to inspire plenty of imitators this year.

Keeping with the summer trend, stripes will remain in the season with the check-pattern poised to feature prominently. That means that those check-pattern blazers that you always saw your favorite professor wearing is going to be very fashionable now. Another variation of this style is also the classic “professor jacket” which is the woolen tweed jacket. This jacket will be a great addition to your wardrobe staple this season.

The denim-on-denim look aka the hipster tuxedo is sticking around for this coming fall as well. This year’s autumn styles are a bit of a rehash of spring clothes. Nowadays, fashionistas adopt an “everything but the kitchen sink” outlook to style which is why anything goes now.

Cash-saving sensibilities are creeping in and people are trying to life-hack their way to early retirement. That would also explain why styles come and go from the recent past as well. It’s almost as though the fashion gods try to give us some reprieve for holding on to our old clothes. How can you complain?

One trend that is might be considered a new entrant to the season is the color red. Red is likely to be the season’s spirit animal so anything from rocking the color in boots or jackets works. You can even accessorize with this color for that added oomph.

The Wildcard Styles

wild fall jacket
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For a very off-beat yet stylish look, you can opt for a style that can only be described as “chic Hugh-Hefner robe style” or the “luxe evening wear jacket.” The silk-satin texture is a great statement piece and a great uplift for the tried and tested blazer.

Something a lot more adventurous but great if paired with jeans and the right pair of ankle boots is fringed cowboy jackets from the Ol’ Wild, Wild West. Another classic style that is getting an upgrade is the off-the-shoulder bomber jacket that is poised to make a flashy entry into the style racks of fast-retailers like Top Shop and H&M this season.

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i bought the same jacket in last June. The quality was fine and look fantastic. whenever i wear my friends compliment me and i love that.