Fall Shoe Trends – What Shoes Are In Style 2017

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Fall Shoe Trends include roughly five types of shoes that you need for the fall season. Let’s face it, if you want to be a fashionista then you should probably own a pair of each kind as well. These shoes are: boots (either knee-high or ankle length), heels, loafers, brogues or oxfords, and mules (either flat or in heels).

This list is going to discuss the hottest shoe styles of 2017 for each of the types of the essential fall shoes.

The Heels Trend

Fall Shoe Trends HeelsIt appears that the wave of 80s nostalgia is high this year which is why expect to see a lot of sparkle and glitter in this style of footwear. If it’s not the glitz and glamour then expect some wild prints such as Chinese designs painted on the shoes. Otherwise, sequins and beads arranged around the toe can also feature in this shoe type.

This year is all about the statement look as the heel-part of the shoe does not limit itself to a stolid line. They are getting a makeover to become the focal point of the shoe, acting as statements of art this season. Satin and silk trims on the shoes are also poised to feature this season. An odd summer style that we predict will spill over to the fall trend this year is the heel-sock combo.

The Boots Trend

Fall Shoe Trends BootsRemember those kitschy lace-up combat boots in platform heels from the 60s? Well, they’re making a comeback this year but the colors are going to be a bit more subdued. These boots will mainly feature in neutrals such as black and white for that military-style look. They will mostly be available in the knee-high variant. Knee-high boots will also welcome thigh-high lengths and expect to see more of red in all types of boots.

One more style from the past for boots are slouchy ones (from the 80s) in both knee-high lengths and ankle lengths. A very trendy style for boots this coming season is a redesigned “cowboy” boot for the urban lady. What this means is that expect the same style as the cowboy boot with the mid-calf length, the curved toe area, and the chunky heel, with the addition of more modern or contemporary looks such as animal prints, etc.

Fall Shoe Trends Cowboy BootsAnd, that’s just one kind: there will also be other styles with the heel seamlessly attached to the rest of the shoe. Other styles include go-go boot-inspired boots in the cowboy styles as well.

An interesting take on this “urban cowboy” look is one by Stella McCartney. She has debuted a heel in this style in a very classic camel-brown color that also functions as an ankle boot because it is close-toed. The foot can be scalloped into the shoe easily for a comfy closed-off look.

The Oxfords, Loafers and Mules Trends

The remaining shoe styles, namely the oxfords, loafers and mules will not be experiencing any radical changes. The loafer is the most versatile and comes in many forms such as the wildsmith, the aurland, the penny, the tassel and of course, the Gucci loafer. The penny and the tassel loafers are the most common styles currently.

The mule is supposed to be the “it” shoe of the season and the “Barbie mule” especially is a hot-ticket item for Fall. This kitten-heel, open or closed-toe, vintage-inspired shoe is a great addition to any closet. For the more contemporary mule styles, rock these shoes in red.

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