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Hiking is is becoming a favorite exercise of many celebrities. It doesn’t hit as a surprise, as hiking has everything one might wish for: the endorphins, great views and unlimited Instagram photo opportunities. It also can burn a few calories and allows one to look fashionable while doing so. Are you wondering how to achieve the fashion forward look while staying comfortable? I will provide some guidance on what to wear on a hike and still look cute.

Hiking Date

Besides being popular form of exercise, hiking is becoming famous as an alternative date activity. Miley Cyrus and her fiancée Liam Hemsworth are just one of the celebrity couples who jumped to this past time activity in April. But what to wear on hiking date? Obviously, you want to look cute for it, but need to consider the comfort as well. M. Cyrus chose a red sports bra and a pair of matching shorts, grey Nike sneakers and completed the look with gold necklaces. However, if your hike is not in the sunny California’s hiking paths, you might want to swop a few of the details.

Fashionable hiking outfits Miley Cyrus and Liam HemsworthFirstly, for your own safety, swop sneakers to hiking boots. They can be just as fashionable with the right outfit. If you pair your sports bra with denim shorts and an oversized button-down shirt, hiking boots will compliment the outfit perfectly. For some extra romance points borrow the shirt off of your date. This outfit would also work great with a hoodie on a chillier day.

Another suggestion on how to wear hiking boots with shorts would be to pair it with oversized T-shirt, or a flawy crop top. The key to a successful hiking boots plus shorts outfit is to make it casual and add an oversized layer to the top half of your body. This will balance the heaviness of the shoes and make you look feminine, yet adventurous.

For cooler climates, exchange the shorts for a pair of leggings on your hiking date. If you do not feel comfortable showing off your stomach – grab a high waist pair. To add some funkiness to your outfit pick up a patterned pair instead of the usual black or grey. Leggings, as well as sports bras, come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so even the pickiest one will find the perfect fit.

Fashionable hiking outfits trendyThis is another great idea for an outfit during colder seasons. The key is layering. Do not be afraid to layer nontraditional things. For example, put a denim shirt over another button-down top. If it does not provide enough warmth, top it off with a chunky cardigan. Finish the look with a pair of your favorite jeans, hiking boots and a beanie. A necklace or two would compliment the outfit, too.

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are the best ones for hiking. It will not make you look overdressed, however it will give you a chance to elevate your outfit. Choose either an interesting shape or a pattern, but try to not mix both.

Also, remember to pack a raincoat. It might appear romantic to get caught in the rain in movies, but in reality it can often put you in a bad mood. Raincoat will ensure that you have a great time no matter the unexpectedness of the weather. It also looks great layered on top of a hoodie or a button-down shirt.

Ladies Who Hike

Once the warmer seasons roll over, hiking can be a great activity for a girl’s day out. Kendal Jenner chose to celebrate her 20th birthday by hiking with her close friends, including model Hailey Baldwin, back in 2015. All of the girls wore relaxed outfits of sports bras and leggings, covered their eyes with mirrored sunglasses. Trainers were their choice of footwear.

Fashionable hiking outfits Kendal Jenner

A perfect hiking outfit for spring can be as simple as a pair of leggings, oversized Tee and hiking boots. If you want to bring more personality to your outfit, a slogan T-shirt is your best bet. Your old time favorite one will work great, however if you want it to fit the mood, many stores offer slogans related to hiking. For example, ‘Tryna Hike’ and ‘Happier Campier’.

Fashionable hiking outfits happier camperAnother hiking outfit for ladies, especially the more adventurous ones, would be an earth colored outfit. Pair a beige pair of shorts with a dark green or khaki top, finish it off with brown boots and a matching belt. It guaranties an appropriate, yet more interesting outfit. This set would also be a perfect hiking outfit for summer.

Fashionable hiking outfits tryna hikeYou could even expand your hike, and turn it into an overnight camping trip. However, if you do decide to do so, pack a white T-shirt for the next day. The earth inspired outfit would look amazing yet different if you replaced green top with a white one. That also leaves more space for snacks in your backpack!

For camping trip, make sure to pack a pair of leggings, jumper or a sweater. Even on the warmest of days can get chilly at night. You would not want to get grumpy on a girls trip just because you are cold, would you?

However, summers can also get really hot. So one might wonder, what to wear for hiking in hot weather? Sports bra is your best friend in this case. Pair it with barely there baggy shorts and make sure to put your hair up to a ponytail or messy bun. You can also exchange your hiking boots to a more lightweight trainers, however only if it is safe to do so in the hiking path of your choice. Most importantly, do not forget to cover your head. You can do so with a sun hat or a scarf, which matches the colors of your outfit. Also, ensure that you and your hiking pals are wearing sunscreen.

Wearing Hiking Boots Everyday

Hiking boots often might seem a bit of an investment. Especially if you are only just discovering the pleasure of the activity. However, hiking boots are not limited for hikes, they can also be worn on a daily basis. Even in summer!

Wearing hiking boots in summer often appear tricky. One might wonder: how to wear hiking boots with skirts? Could that look fashionable? The answer is yes! Hiking boots can be a great pair of shoes when trying to dress down a skirt or a dress. Yet again, the trick is to add a flawy layer to the outfit. For example, a circle skirt paired with hiking boots and a simple T-shirt would make a great outfit for a casual pop out into town or a picnic in the park. If you want to add an unexpected pop of color try wearing a longer pair of colorful socks, and allow it to stick out of your boots.

Another way to wear hiking boots with a skirt is to pair it with a body-con dress. It would work best if the outfit was in similar colour tones. For example, browns: starting with beige and ending with the darkest shade. An addition of green would also be welcomed.

To make the outfit more casual and to balance the heaviness of the shoes, pop an oversized flannel shirt on. If the day is warm, tie the shirt around your waist. Braided hair would complete this outfit perfectly.

In autumn season wearing hiking boots becomes even easier. There are a few different ways to wear hiking boots with jeans. Skinny jeans, either in black or blue color, paired with a white oversized sweater, a beany in the color and pattern of your choice, and matching wool socks, sticking out of the boots. This outfit screams cosiness! For a colder day finish the outfit with a black leather jacket, brown or khaki green waistcoat.

If you desire more layers, try pairing your hiking boots with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Then at the top half of your body is where the layering happens. Start with a loose Tee in a neutral color, such as white, nude or black. Layer an oversized shirt on top of the T-shirt. Then finish it off with a chunky cardigan, the longer the better. If it gets too warm the shirt can be easily tied around your waist. On the other hand, if it starts getting chilly a leather jacket or raincoat would be a welcome addition to the outfit.

Hopefully, I answered the question – what do you wear to go hiking – and provided some inspiration to you. Always remember, you do not need to abandon your fashion style when hiking. Actually, it can be yet another great opportunity to show it off. So this is what you should do now, put on your fashionable hiking outfit, invite some friends, and make the most of it!

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