How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

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Are you one of those people who take five minutes to get ready for a night out throw on the highest pair of heels in the world and party the night away? Maybe you’re the type of person who goes to a wedding and doesn’t change from your murderous heels to flats in a matter of hours, or if we were being completely honest make that half an hour? If this is you, well, you can stop reading right now, take your mystical powers with you and go back to whatever parallel universe you came from. For us mere mortals who appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into making high heel shoes and spend far beyond our means to have them, only to remove them after a short period of wearing them understand this pain.

How to make high heels more comfortable cinderellaThe stages of this process are quite simple really. You’re in your favorite store. You make eye contact with, well it’s difficult to call them shoes because they’re so beautiful it’s hard to imagine they don’t have a life of their own. The sales assistant tells you they have your size which is a cause for celebration in itself considering they are the best piece of footwear you have ever laid your eyes on. It’s a perfect staple piece! Sliding them on you feels like Cinderella, traipsing around the store amazed at the gazelle you have instantly transformed into. Although you feel a pinch here or there it doesn’t really bother you. Besides, the lovely sales assistant, your new bestie, just said you have to wear them around the house a little to wear them in. Reasoning with yourself that this is an investment that may ultimately result in finding your own Prince Charming or at the very least world domination, you take the leap. Happily you hand over your credit card and leave the store with a rush of adrenaline like energy running through your body. Realistically assessing the situation you feel as though you can take over the world.

How to make high heels more comfortable GiseleFast forward to any social event you have decided to wear these heels and reality sets in. The fairytale has ended and you are in more pain than the man on the front lines in the World War Two movie you didn’t finish last night. The pain is unbearable and as if on purpose, another gazelle like figure floats past you in her perfect heels grinning from ear to ear. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be. You too can run around in your fabulous heels all night long without a care in the world and channel your inner gazelle/Gisele.

The Art of choosing the right heels

How to make high heels more comfortable Christian LouboutinThe trick is in the preparation. Prevention is the main key to keeping you from running away before midnight leaving your shoes behind in true Cinderella fashion. You see, those ladies that are running around in their high heels are no different than you. It is a common misconception that shoes which are pricier, let’s say some infamous red Christian Louboutin sky scrapers, are so much more comfortable than the pair of gorgeous heels you bought from Zara. They are not. It is true that these shoes may have more padding or are better designed to your feet thus making them easier to wear. However, after wearing them for an hour the exact same outcome happens as with the cheaper pair you bought. Why? There are various factors which come into why shoes make your feet ache, for example the height of the heel and the shape of the shoe itself, that is, the point to be more precise. Leather shoes tend to shape a little around your foot because of the nature of the material itself. Also a little literally means a little so if they are two sizes too small in the store, you will never wear them and you have wasted your money. Do yourself a favor, listen to your feet in the store, can you hear them wailing from inside? Do not buy them!

High Heels History

Historically speaking high heeled shoes were initially made for soldiers in the 15th Century so they could appear taller and more intimidating. They only became a footwear option for women in the 1800s where they were used in French postcards. High heels, then were used as an extension to illustrate an erotic image of the female form. Although today women sometimes wear heels to appeal to the opposite sex, they are also a symbol of power, grace and sophistication. Globally we wear them for numerous reasons, but mainly due to the fact that they make us feel more feminine, elongate our legs and in general make outfits look a thousand times better than flats. Consistently the problem with high heals is the fact that we cannot bear to wear them for long periods of time without our feet aching or earning painful blisters after wearing them. It is surprising that in contemporary society, what with all of our technological and medical progress in the past few decades we have not been introduced to that magical pair of high heels that will keep us dancing all night long. While living in hope that some form of charmed shoe will be invented in the near future, there are some ways around the painstaking process, which you may or may not be aware of.

Ways to make high heels more comfortable

There are many great alternatives, relieving women all around the globe from their uncomfortable stilettos such as insoles, heel protectors and arch support cushions that are available to everyone online. Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads, for example, offer rapid foot pain relief. They stick to the balls of your foot, which is where most of the pressure is applied when walking in heels. These foot pads are best to be worn before you head out, not after a few hours of already wearing your heels. Your feet will thank you for it, and you will be able to endure the whole night looking fabulous. When purchasing high heels, although you may not feel it so much in the store, when you come home and get ready, you feel that horrid pinch around your heel. That pinch can soon turn into blisters making you instantly hate your once loved footwear.

Best inserts for high heels

Foot Petals have Tip Toes and Heavenly Heelz Cushion Combo to combat such issues. They come in cute flower designs, and most importantly do the job. The heel cushions prevent blisters on your feet or can act as a buffer between your foot and your shoe. That really does sound heavenly. Trust that these items will not only make your life easier, but will shorten the time it takes to choose your outfit for that important event that is coming up in your calendar. How many times have you had the perfect shoes to go with your amazing dress to a friend’s wedding, but have had to go a different route because you know your legs will be killing only a few hours in? Now this doesn’t have to ever happen again! Another incredibly popular item that will make your pins happy and keep them looking amazing all night long.

Best Ball of foot cushion for high heels

Heelho Ball of Foot Pads One Pair Our High Heel Insert. They consist of a metatarsal Indention which makes it all the easier for you taking the pressure off the ball of your foot. Their design is slim and will not take up too much of your shoe space, making them soft, but at the same time your shoe will not be too tight. Win-win, right? They are so confident with their product that they also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with them.

Another product worth a mention is the Footminders Catwalk orthotic arch support insoles for high heel shoes, pumps, sandals and boots. This insole covers all the bases, better said all footwear, not only high heels and gives you the support you need. It redistributes the weight along your feet making it easier for you to wear your favorite shoes, and also gives your whole body metatarsal support.

Some of these items are single use only, while others can be taken out and reused. It is all up to personal preference, depending on the shoes you have and what kind of support your high heels need. One thing is definitely for sure, products such as these have been able to ease the pain that can sometimes come with wearing such footwear. As simple as it sounds, the previously mentioned gazelles running around with their long limbs know this, and it is their secret to lasting all night in their sky high stilettos. From now on you don’t have to look at them in awe or admiration, but rather arm yourself with the same secret and join them. Your next task is to get online, browse the items that you think may suit your needs make your magical heels more comfortable. Next, get out your calendar and mark the next big event you will be going to and transform into the social butterfly you always knew you were!

How do you make high heels more comfortable? Comment bellow and let us know!

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