How to Make a Man Miss You

How to Make a Man Miss You

I used to be the girl who called and texted my boyfriend constantly. It was like I was always texting him first- like I was bothering him. I started to feel unwanted. Why was he never the one texting me unless he was asking for naked pictures? Was he not interested? Was he using me? If you’ve ever felt unwanted by your man, you need to experience the lessons I learned from this revolutionary new system that will make your man more attentive and appreciative of you.

If you’ve ever felt like that, take a lesson from my new secret – His Secret Obsession. It taught me how to make myself more appealing to my boyfriend and make him call me instead of me reaching out to him constantly and waiting until he was home from hanging out with his friends.

college coupleEli and I had been dating for three years when I started noticing that things weren’t quite like they were in the beginning. I met Eli while I was in college through a mutual friend, and he was into from the first time we hung out. In the beginning, he would go out of his way to pick me up for dates and take me out. I noticed that he stopped be romantic completely. Date nights consisted of laying on the couch with frozen pizza. If one of his friends called, he would leave me alone without even thinking about it. It hurt my feelings, but he didn’t seem to understand. I wanted him to want to hang out with me, but he just didn’t show me that same passion anymore. It caused a lot of fights and a lot of tears. The fights didn’t help at all. It only made us grow further apart. This was the love of my life, and I didn’t want to lose him. I started feeling hopeless, and I thought that we would never be able to get out of our slump. Luckily, it wasn’t too late to change our dynamic.

Thanks to the help from His Secret Obsession, I learned how to make my man finally show me the attention that I wanted. The first thing that I did was try to bring our relationship back to the beginning. Instead of assuming that we were going to hang out every single night, I made specific plans with Eli. Sure, we still did dinner and a movie at home, but I gave him a few days alone to miss me. I would keep up the feeling of our initial dating by stepping up my hygiene and makeup routine. He even mentioned that I smelled really good when I did some over. Instead of texting him immediately after we hung out, I gave some time. This isn’t what attracted him, though. There was one specific thing that I did that attracted to him more than he ever was the first three years of our relationship.

To understand how to make a man miss you, you have to understand how men think. Men are extremely prideful and competitive. It’s in their primal instincts to want to win- especially when it comes to women. I wanted to bring this primal desire out of him. In order to spark this competitiveness in him, I started by just playing video games with him. He wasn’t that great at it, but I let him win. You could see the joy on his face when he won. He was proud of himself. And he felt like a man. I bet who would cook dinner, so he felt like even more of a man when I made him dinner. This isn’t how I brought out his primal instinct. It was simply how I encouraged the thoughts in his mind. Throughout the night, I encouraged this feeling. I also told him the twelve secret words that bring out the desire in every man. After that, he was excited to please me and be there for me. These words were strong enough to stroke his ego and make him want to continue pleasing me and fighting for me. Before I knew it, he was looking at me in a different light.

Before I knew it, he was texting me more and more. Eli went from being inattentive and careless to being the man that I always wanted him to be. There were more date nights, and the romance was reignited. There was a difference in the way he talked about me around his friends, too. Soon, he wouldn’t go out and leave me alone like he once did. Now he wanted to hang out with me. When his friends called, he would ask if I wanted to go out with him. The best part was that he completely thought that it was his own idea.

Men are simple creatures with big egos. They want to feel like they are the only one who can fill a certain place in a woman’s life. They also want to feel like the hero that they fantasize about being. Your job is to make him feel like the hero.

This does not mean that you should be a complete damsel in distress. Many women mistake the advice. Don’t unload absolutely every problem that you have on your man. Guys don’t want a woman who doesn’t have her stuff together. However, you want to expose a little bit of vulnerability to make him feel like a hero in your life. You need to make him feel wanted so that he feels like taking care of your emotional and sexual needs is a part of his everyday life.

Never think that it’s too late to change the dynamic in your relationship. I was able to do it with the wonderful secrets of His Secret Obsession that helped me change Eli from insensitive to the most caring and loving man that I’ve ever been with. In fact, we are currently picking out venues for our wedding next winter, and the ring is beautiful.

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