How to Wear a Blanket Scarf – Ideas and Style Tips

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Just to be clear, this post is not about wearing a blanket and a scarf as separate entities, it’s about how to wear a blanket scarf, you know those scarves that are humongous enough to also use like a blanket. Although if you want it, I could also do a tutorial on how to be snug in your blanket (cats will be involved FYI). Or not. Whatever.

So if you’ve just bought yourself one of those pretty scarves that are large enough to plonk a picnic group on, because they looked so cute on Olivia Palermo, this tutorial should be helpful. So far if you’ve been struggling with the drapes, and are now thinking you have no idea how to wear an oversized scarf, I got your back. I know, the allure of the comfort that blanket scarves provide is difficult to resist. But it’s important to know how to wear a rectangle blanket scarf in a chic way to avoid looking like a homeless you-know-what addict.

I’ll walk you through the different steps and ideas of how to wear blanket scarf in the next 5 minutes. Try to stay warm until then.

How to tie a blanket scarf

Okay, first up, let’s tame that monstrous piece of fabric. With so much volume and length, you could get totally overwhelmed in the style, especially if you’re a petite girl like me. Here are 10 different ways to tie a blanket scarf that should make it look like a scarf and not a blanket. Also, keep in mind that I name my styles the best way I can remember them so don’t go looking for these terms on Google. You’ll only find pretzels and spaghetti in the results. Possibly.

How to wear a blanket scarf –Basic knots and loops

How to wear a blanket scarf Basic knots and loops

The no-knot simple loop –Bunch up the scarf lengthwise and simply drape it around your neck twice to create a loop around the neck with the end of the scarf hanging on the front.

The classic loop – Fold the scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Then twist the triangle length-wise to form a thick roll of fabric that is pointier at the ends. This makes the amount of fabric more manageable. Now fold the scarf into half its length and take the loose ends and pull them in through the other looped end, like you would with a stole, draping it around the neck.

How to wear a blanket scarf The classic loop

The one side knot –Roll the scarf lengthwise and drape it around your neck. Now take one end and make a knot, tightening it to secure close (but don’t choke on it!) around the neck. Shift the knot over to one side of your neck, letting one end of the scarf fall to your back and the other end hang in the front.

how to wear a blanket scarf infinity loop

The infinity loop –Folding the scarf diagonally and then rolling it into, well, a roll, tie the very ends to make it look like a huge ring (“ring of roll”; what is life?). This goes around your neck multiple times to create that turtle-neck effect that is the most convenient because it keeps us warm like scarves should normally do.

How to wear a blanket scarf

The partial loop –This looks part like the one side knot and part like the infinity loop. Take the aforementioned role of the scarf and drape it across the neck with one long end hanging on the front. The other end, instead of going back, goes around the neck in multiple loops (as much as the fabric allows), so you have both the comfort of a loop and the casualness of an overhung scarf. Win win!

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf partial loop

The Bandana style –Start with the diagonally folded triangular scarf again. Take the pointy ends and tie them around your neck. It should look like a Bandana in the front (of course) but since it’s a blanket scarf and not a Bandana, the ends are long enough to come back on the front. Tuck them under the triangle to make the Bandana style clearly visible.

How to wear a blanket scarf

The Bandana style knotted –From the Bandana style described earlier take the ends and tie them again in the front and this time, tuck the triangle under the knot, so the result is chunkier with the knots showing. It’s also understandable if all this Bandana and triangle talk is making you crave an adventurous holiday at Bermuda.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf multiple knots style

The multiple knots style –It is easy to take the Bandana style and transform it into the multiple knot style by adding –you guessed it –multiple knots. Twist the scarf into loops and eights and you’ll end up with a very knotty style that works great because there’s a lot of fabric to play with.

How to wear a blanket scarf

The loose, linear style –A very classy and fuss-free tutorial on how to wear a blanket scarf would be to simply sling it lengthwise around your neck and let it hang loose on the front, basically making my job of tutoring easier. But also because it’s a great style to go with long overcoats and dusters.

How to wear a blanket scarf

The loose, linear and belted style –If you want to get a little extra with the previous style, simply cinch in with a slim belt at the waist. It will also help secure the scarf in place.

How to wear a blanket scarf in different styles

A scarf doesn’t have to be strictly, a scarf. If you clip your regular bra straps to wear with a backless dress when you run out of strapless bras (instead of just buying the damn thing), you’re cheap like me, and you know what I’m talking about. A blanket scarf is perfect for many fashion hacks, so let’s talk about how to wear an oversized scarf in styles other than that of a scarf.

How to wear blanket scarf like a poncho

How to wear a blanket scarf

Besides the loop style, another way to make sure your picnic blanket of a scarf works overtime is by making it look like a poncho. Or a cape. Whatever you kids are calling it these days. Take the triangle-shaped scarf and drape it across your shoulders letting the pointy ends hang out front. You could either opt to tie the ends or add a belt to secure the waist.

How to wear a large scarf shawl

How to wear a blanket scarf

Another fabulous way of working that scarf is to wear it like a shawl (it’s called a blanket for a reason). Either just drape it loosely across your body and channel the IDGAF attitude, or fold it lengthwise into half the thickness and then drape it across the body. But you still need the IDGAF swag. And then go play with knots and belts and even other accessories like faux fur collars to really make the look stand out.

How to wear a large silk scarf

How to wear a large silk scarf

If your blanket scarf is made of a lightweight fabric like silk, ditch the clothes, just wear the scarf, because who needs clothes when you have a giant mass of silk? Kidding. Or am I?

General instructions on how to wear a large rectangular scarf have already been enlisted above but for a silk scarf, you could opt to wear it as a cover-up on the beach or even make a Grecian drape that will make it look like a flowing maxi dress. Definitely add a belt here and lots of dangly earrings for a complete Bohemian chic look. Silk-made scarves are also the best scarves to be worn with lady-like dresses, both midi, maxi or sheath.

How to wear blanket scarf with different outfits

How to wear a blanket scarf with different outfits

What you choose to pair with your blanket scarf is what ultimately decides how fashionable or otherwise you’ll end up looking. Let’s talk about what clothes to wear with a blanket scarf because it’s essential, but mainly because I’m looking for a reason to clean out my wardrobe (lazy, messy girl alert).

The holy trinity of jeans, cardigan (or pullovers) and boots –You can never go wrong with this classic combination. This combo is to the scarf what thin crust is to pizza –perfect base!

Leggings and long overcoat –This is a really polished look, and if you’re the kind that spills food on your clothes often (Whaddup personal reference!) it stays polished ‘cuz the scarf catches the morsels! Seriously though, a long scarf just casually slung over an overcoat is very Parisian chic.

Miniskirt and thigh high boots –Don’t dismiss scarves for accessories that just go with jeans. You can take the already-popular miniskirt and thigh high boots combo and elevate it further with a blanket scarf tied in an infinite loop.

A little black dress –You wear that LBD every time because you love it so much, but you’re fidgety each time because it looks the same. Change that by draping a scarf over your dress like you would a pashmina and see that dress transform. Of course, that would mean you’ll wear it even more often now.

Overalls and sneakers –Sporty and wintry? That’s practically my look for the whole of Fall! Comfortable and very this-moment stylish, this athleisure look gets a feminine twist with the draping of a scarf.

How do you like to style your blanket scarf though? Do you have tricks up your sleeve on how to wear blanket scarf? I’d love to add them to my list, so do list them down below!


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