How to wear a bralette

These past few years, lingerie has become more and more of a fashion statement rather than just an undergarment meant to be hidden under your clothes. More recently, bralettes have taken over as they have become an unavoidable piece of clothing that you can wear in many different ways. From lace to a more sporty vibe, bralettes have developed into very eclectic trends that can suit anyone willing to follow them.

Bralettes are not bras, which doesn’t completely classify them as an undergarment, but they’re still comfortable and sexy enough to be a proper piece of an outfit. Depending on the style you’re the most comfortable with, there are many ways you can wear a bralette, whether you prefer a comfortable approach or if you’re going for a more sophisticated look. Let’s take a look at the ways you can wear a bralette and all the options that make them such a trendy piece of clothing.

How to wear a lace bralette

Lace bralettes are probably the most popular ones. Coming in different shapes and colors, you might think that wearing a lace bralette might be too revealing or sexy for an everyday look but that are many ways you can wear them so that your outfit stays casual and comfy.

The first option is to clash the lace bralette with a more laid back outfit to make it a sexy casual look without trying. You can pair your bralette with high waisted jeans or shorts and sneakers. The high waist bottoms will keep the focus on your outfit on your bralette and give it a comfortable and casual vibe. If you’re going for a more feminine outfit, you can also pair your lace bralette with a high waisted short skirt.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, you can pair your lace bralette with a long skirt which will give your outfit an elegant feel, for example for an evening out. You can add a jacket or blazer on top which will make your outfit even more sophisticated.

How to wear bralettes in the winter

Now you might think that bralettes and the cold winter season don’t really go together but there are still ways you can wear bralettes during this season. The key word here is layers.

You can pair your bralette with a see-through sweater, to keep a warm and comfy feel but still let your bralette show through the transparency of your top. You can also go for a low cut top which will only reveal a little bit of your bralette with a deep neckline or a one-shoulder kind of sweater.

Usually, wearing white tops can be tricky because your bra will automatically show and not everyone is comfortable with that, but here, it’s a good trick for a more laid back look. You can pair it with a white loose shirt that will only reveal the details of your bralette with a slight transparency or go for a low cut shirt and only reveal the top details of your bralette. You can also wear black transparent mesh tops which can be plain or with nice patterns that slightly distract the focus from the bralette but still show it off.

As we’ve talked a lot about layers when it comes to bralettes, you can go all the way and layer your bralette over your shirt. This is a good option if you’re not comfortable with wearing it alone, especially for see-through bralettes, or if the weather is not cooperating. You can wear a plain white shirt and clash it with a black bralette, or wear a fancier shirt, shimmery or sparkly for example.

How to wear a halter bralette

Halter bralettes have bigger shoulder straps than your usual bralettes. It’s good to emphasize on this part of the bralette by wearing low cut shoulder tops for example. You can also go for off the shoulder tops that will completely reveal the straps of the bralette, dress your shoulder and emphasize your neckline.

In a slightly similar style, you can also go for high neck bralettes which dress the neckline with nice laces and embroideries. It’s a good alternative for people who don’t necessarily want to emphasize their neckline.

How to wear a bralette without padding

You can wear bralettes without padding by layering the pieces of your outfit. You can add a jacket on top or a shirt with a few buttons opened to make it more casual. You can also go for a top open on the sides, which will prevent your outfit from being too revealing from the front but will keep it casually sexy and allow you to experiment with different styles of bralettes.

You can also go for overalls which have made a comeback in our wardrobes these past few years. They can be a little difficult to style as they tend to have a slightly childish vibe but the clash of the bralettes with the laid back vibe of the overalls, especially paired with sneakers, will give a very casual sporty feel to your outfit but still allow you to show off your bralette.

Even if the most conventional way of wearing a bralette is usually to reveal all the details of the front with a open cut, you can decide to take another approach and wear tops with an open back. Some bralettes have very detailed backs that are also good to show off from time to time.

Do you wear a bra under a bralette

A bralette is different from a bra as there are no wires or padding. They are more comfortable and suitable for all body shapes so you don’t need to pair the two together. If you’re not comfortable with see-through bralettes, you can go for layers or for bralettes that are more sporty and provide a better support than the casual triangle bralettes.

Bralettes come in different styles and you can find the one that suits you best according to the style you’re looking for.

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Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee
4 years ago

Great Tips! You are sharing great tips to wear a bralette. I love to read fashion blogs and I really enjoyed reading this blog and found very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.