How To Wear A Jean Jacket 2018 Styles And More

How To Wear A Jean Jacket

If you are anything like me (or any woman out there) you definitely own at least one denim jacket in your closet. Or you may be asking yourself how to wear a jean jacket that you just got. This wardrobe staple is a go-to piece for casual and laid back styles but also can be elevated into fancier outfits. The versatility is the reason why we adore it so much: a denim jacket is a casual equivalent of her majesty little black dress. It’s perfect transitional outerwear, that goes with literally everything! But if you somehow stuck with new and fresh ideas how to style jean jacket this season, don’t worry I got you covered!

How To Wear A Jean Jacket with Jeans

A long time ago, denim on denim was a fashion no-no, but nowadays we see this alluring trend all over the streets. It’s incredibly easy to pull this look off, just pair your favorite jacket with your favorite boyfriend jeans, and that’s it!

Gigi Hadid opted for oversized denim jacket and jeans in the same tone, with the accent on big white stars all over. Just add a pair of white sneakers and your effortlessly chic outfit is here!

You can mix different denim washes as well: two-toned skirt and faded jacket make a perfect combination. Go for basic white tee and add a cool bandana for finishing touch.

How To Wear A Jean Jacket with Layers

You don’t need to put your favorite jean jacket for rest during the cold weather. Consider it as a blazer and wear it under the coat. This daring denim ensemble is definitely a head turner. Followed by neutral pieces: nude stilettos and a white tee, this outfit exudes polished, yet hip vibe.


And there is a classic way of layering, of course: long shirt, crop sweater, and classic blue denim jacket. Perfect casual outfit for transitional weather, if you ask me. Add on an oversized scarf for chillier weather, and you’re ready!

How To Wear A Jean Jacket On the Night Out

This outerwear shouldn’t be considered as casual wear only. How to wear a jean jacket for a fancier occasion, you ask? Throw it on anything you planned to wear, it will work, we assure you!

Pair your classic denim jacket with a silky slip dress and strappy sandals for a romantic dinner date. The result will be perfectly balanced look with a seductive hint under this cool outerwear.


Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and textures with your beloved jean jacket. Delicate lace and ripped denim make such a good combination. Add a graphic print tee and high heels and you’re ready for a cocktail hour with your girls.

How To Wear A Jean Jacket Off-The-Shoulder

Transform your basic jean jacket into an avant-garde piece with one easy step. Take it off your shoulders and button it up: it may sound a little bit silly, but this trend was present all over the runways of leading fashion brands, and it’s warmly welcomed among celebrities and bloggers.



You can wear it as a jacket, layered with sweater or tee (and belt, like Gigi), or as an alluring top for a night out (like Riri and Emily). So, what do you think of this new way of styling your jean jacket?


How To Wear A Jean Jacket Cropped and Chopped

Are you ready for a simple DIY  project to make your old jean jacket trendy again? Take scissors in your hand and start cropping and chopping! Sure, you can buy a cropped jacket in the store, but why waste your money, when you probably have one in your closed craving to be transformed.

Both Kim and Selena based their looks on this statement piece with all black outfits to follow. This type of outwear is a perfect match to high waisted pants, skirts or dresses. It will accentuate your curves and make an hourglass silhouette.

It works for any body type, it’s hip, trendy and very versatile. So, what are you waiting, go for scissors ASAP!

How To Wear A Jean Jacket: Cool Girl Uniform

Is there anything cooler than supermodels off-duty style? They’re always on point mixing latest runway trends with streetwear. So, its no wonder why are they considered as biggest trendsetters. How to style denim jacket as a supermodel: follow the guide below!


Leather leggings and denim jacket are proven outfit formula for supermodels. Add a pop of color and an interesting accessory: furry clutch or beanie. Finish off the look with high heeled boots to add an unexpected twist to this sporty ensemble. You can go for over-the-knee ones as Hailey or ankle booties as Kendall, either way, the cool vibe won’t lack.

How To Wear A Jean Jacket Toned-Down

If you are into daring trends such as mixing prints or color blocking, consider a jean jacket as your secret weapon! Avoid too much busyness by adding a classic denim outerwear to your outfit, and balance off the look with this easygoing piece.

This blue and white ensemble is a perfect example of polished, yet hip look: stripes and flowers are a match made in heaven! Stay in the same color palette by adding a classic blue denim jacket and finish off the look with neutral sandals.

Bold color combinations such as purple and red will guarantee you stand out from the crowd. But you don’t want to look like you tried too much to be noticed! So, add on an oversized jean jacket to tone down your outfit and achieve statement look with that effortlessly chic vibe.

With this last idea, our countdown came to the end. Well, not the end, we could find at least 10 more ways to stay stylish in your jean jacket, but let’s stop here for now! We don’t want to overwhelm you. So, did you find a new favorite way to wear this staple on our list? Or, perhaps, you have some outfit ideas with a jean jacket you want to share with us? Don’t be shy, leave it in a comment, we always like to hear what’s on your mind!

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