How to Wear Short Boots For Women 2017: Fashion Ideas Tips and Advice

How to wear short boots

Short boots or ankle boots are like the greatest invention ever!

They are cute, they are comfy and they go with practically everything in your closet; literally.

You can wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, rompers and shorts.

Ankle booties can work for both casual occasions and formal occasions; isn’t that totally crazy?

This is why they are so popular and everyone just loves them a little too much.
There are so many different styles of short boots out there which includes heel, flat, laced, buckled, wedges, peep toe and the list just goes on and on.

Since they are so popular, you obviously need to know how to wear and style them.

To make your life easier, we decided to put together a little guide that will give you some tips, ideas and inspiration.

Let’s go ahead and get started on that:

How to Wear Short Boots with Jeans

Ankle booties are most commonly worn with jeans. So, let’s discuss the many ways you can style them.

Rolled or Cuffed Hem

Rolled or Cuffed Hem and short bootsRolled or cuffed jeans look amazing with ankle booties because you get a chance to show a little bit of your ankle.

This style works best with skinny jeans, but some women can also pull it off with boyfriend jeans.

The trick to it is that your jeans should be rolled up enough that your shoes are completely visible; as in don’t try to tuck the jeans inside.

Inward Folded Hem

Inward Folded Hem and short bootsIf your jeans are too long and you want to do something other than cuffing the hem, than you might consider folding the hem inwards.

This way the cuff would not be visible at all!

This style works best with skinny jeans.

To get the perfect look, roll the hem inwards before putting on your jeans and iron the cuff so that it stays flat all day long.

Ripped Hem

Ripped Hem and short bootsThis is basically the hottest way to wear jeans and short boots right now.

You can find jeans that are ripped from the hem at stores, but they sure are super expensive.

So, why not DIY them yourselves?

Use a marker to outline where you want to cut your jeans and then use a sharp knife to make that happen.

Now, just use a pair of tweezers to pull along the freshly cut hem and give your jeans that laid back and distressed look.

Tips for Wearing Different Style Booties

We already mentioned that booties come in a million different styles.

Each style speaks something different, which is why you can’t wear all your short boots exactly the same way.

You might be feeling a tiny bit confused, but don’t worry because we are going to explain everything in just a second.

High Block Heel

How to Wear Short Boots High Block HeelIf your booties have a heel that is 3-inch thick, then they fall in this category.

These short boots have a dressier appeal to them, which is why they would be suitable to wear on occasions when you want to have a more put-together.

You can wear them with jeans, dresses and skirts.

Low Block Heel

How to Wear Short Boots Low Block HeelThese short boots basically have a very low heel and therefore are perfect for an everyday look.

These work best with double rolled jeans, swing dresses and skirts.

Oh and they are super versatile!

Stiletto Heel

How to Wear Short Boots Stiletto HeelStiletto or pointed heels just scream dressy!

They are best suited to be worn at night time; whether you are heading to a date night or at a club with your friends.

These short booties will instantly give you that dressed up vibe, which means that you won’t have to put too much effort into your outfit!

No Heel

How to Wear Short Boots no heelShort boots that are flat or have no heel look best to achieve a very casual and laid back look.

They look best paired with swing dresses or shorts.

These boots have that boho chic vibe to them and are therefore super cute.

Ankle Boots with Dresses, Skirts and Shorts

Let’s talk about the different ways you can wear short boots with dresses, jeans and shorts. Are you ready to get inspired?

Brown Suede Skirt with Ankle Booties

How to Wear Short Boots Brown Suede Skirt with Ankle BootiesThis outfit is perfect for the spring/summer time!

A bright yellow colored blouse with a brown suede skirt matched with ankle booties; now doesn’t this sound like a totally amazing outfit?

Brown Suede Skirt with Ankle Booties

How to Wear Short Boots Brown Suede Skirt with Ankle BootiesSuede skirts and ankle booties work really well together!

A comfy white striped tee tucked inside a skirt and finished off with short boots; we adore this outfit.

Skirt, Leggings and Short Boots

How to Wear Short Boots Skirt, Leggings and Short BootsThis outfit just reminds us of the autumn time.

A super cute and comfy sweater tucked inside a black skater skirt; this outfit sounds perfect on its own.

And when you add some sheer tights underneath the skirt and some short boot; you’ll have a BOMB outfit.

Shorts and Short Boots

How to Wear Short Boots Shorts and Short BootsThis outfit is super sleek and put together.

We love how the black and grey striped shirt looks tucked inside those blue cotton shorts.

This outfit would be incomplete with the short booties; which is exactly why they are there.

Jean Shorts and Short Boots

How to Wear Short Boots Jean Shorts and Short BootsThis outfit is basically all about summer vibes.

A plain white blouse matched with some distressed shorts and finished off with ankle booties.

Striped t-shirt and Short Boots

How to Wear Short Boots Striped t-shirt and Short BootsWe all own a pair of black and white striped tee, right?

We also know that it looks good with denim shorts, so why not add some short boots to this look?

As you can see, it looks amazing!

Dress and Ankle Booties

How to Wear Short Boots Dress and Ankle BootiesA summer floral dress and ankle booties; now that sounds like the perfect combo!

Dress and Ankle Booties

How to Wear Short Boots Dress and Ankle BootiesHere is another floral dress paired with ankle boots. Basically, florals and short boots are a match made in heaven!

Jacket with a Dress and Ankle Booties

How to Wear Short Boots Jacket with a Dress and Ankle BootiesWe love the addition to a jacket with this dress.
And those brown ankle boots complete the outfit super well.
And that is how you can wear short boots!
We have basically covered every possible way you can wear them, so we hope that you now feel inspired.


Ankle boots are a must-have for every woman, so make sure you have a few dozen pairs of them in your closet.

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