by Jordan A

My second week of freshman year, I found toilet paper rolls and a mannequin on my desk. My teacher said, “Design your own dress with only toilet paper”. The moment I started creating my dress, I developed a passion for fashion design. Fashion exists in the lives of everybody, whether a person is interested in clothing or not. I have found that fashion allows people to express themselves. Everyone has their own unique style, and clothing gives people the chance to have a first impression of who they are. Taking Fashion Design my freshman year, I made dresses out of newspaper, sketched designs of shoes, made my own hat, learned about trends, and even created a window display. In class, we also learned about how trends and fads are always coming and going; however technology is always improving. As the fashion industry is evolving, advancements in technology ultimately affect fashion. Through technological advancements, fashion will become more advanced digitally in the next ten years.

When I think of fashion and technology being mixed together, I immediately think of the movie Clueless. In the beginning of the movie, there is a scene of the main character, Cher, deciding which outfit to wear for the day. On her computer, Cher browses the screen and picks different outfits together. Suddenly, the computer flashed “mismatched” in bold letters, when Cher picked her first outfit. When finally a match appeared on her screen, a picture of the clothing was shown on Cher. I have always been drawn to this scene of the movie, and am surprised that this fashion-based advancement has not broken through yet. The idea of fashion and technology at the use of a person’s fingertips is already prominent in everyday life today, but having a computer to help guide a person to decide what outfit should be put on their body could be life changing. For instance, imagine how many times you have changed your outfit choice in the morning. I cannot even begin to count how many stressful mornings I have had picking out an outfit. There have been times that I have changed my outfit at least three of four times because I simply cannot decide what to wear. What should be an easy task can be difficult at times; I personally think this computer could reduce less stressful mornings. Clueless has already given people the idea for this new time saving invention, now the steps just need to be taken to create this computer. However, in the next few years, I think there will be an app or a new technological advancement to help create outfits.

Not only do I see an app or machine to help decide outfit choices, but I also envision robot models. Robots are actually becoming more relevant. For example, there have been studies trying to create robot bees because these important insects are becoming extinct. I think robot models will become popular because fashion is always evolving and designers are seeking the newest trends. What is more trendy than a robot model? Robots could be made to fit the specific size and need of the clothing. People would be drawn to see a robot walking down the runway. Ultimately, fashion and technology are entwined, however, having robot models would take technology to the next level.

Technology is already relevant in clothing. For instance, the Apple watch is a popular accessory. Although Apple watches are bought, I think people do not feel they are a necessity. I believe this is just the beginning for touch screen watches. People are drawn to touch screen technology. The idea of having a screen at the use of a person’s fingertips is mind bottling. Not only do I think watches will become more advanced through technology, but I think different jewelry or purses could become technology based. Imagine jewelry that can change to match your outfit. I can picture a beautiful necklace that can be easily changed by clicking a button to change the color. Also, I can envision a purse with interchangeable textures. These are only ideas, and the possibilities of technology impacting fashion are endless.

3D printing is starting to make its break. The industry of 3D printing is well known, but not common for everyday items.  This type of printing is a manufacturing process that creates digital designs into a physical object. I imagine stores that are filled with screens and people can design their own accessories clothing and then in a few hours, their designed possessions will appear. This new invention is almost like magic! The idea of creating your own clothing through a machine is life changing. Personally, I have always wanted to design my own clothes, and this way anyone can create their own outfits. In addition, the break for man-made fabric is already prominent. Synthetic fabrics are textiles man-made. These fabrics are made by process called polymerization—joining monomers into polymers. In this case, technology is already affecting fashion. In about ten years, I can picture a majority of clothing items will be made out of synthetic fabrics.

Another way of how technology has impacted fashion is through social media. Companies spread their name through different apps. Brands will now connect with their followers through posting images. I am honestly surprised there is not a special app dedicated to just shopping. I can see in the near future, that like Google, there will be an app for shopping. This app will provide customers with exactly what they are looking for and by sending in measurements, the app will able to determine the perfect outfit. Also, customers will be able to keep up with the latest trends. Like social media, this app will provide shoppers with the availability to post images of clothing and see what other fashion-forward people are wearing.

In the end, fashion and technology feed off of each other. As technology is always evolving, fashion is too. Although it can be a hard to imagine having a robot select your outfit, this could possibly happen in the next few years.

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