by Layal A

Technology has immensely improved over the years. One would say technology has evolved into culture all on its own. As a culture full of dedicated followers willing to find new ways to improve different aspects of their lives, technology has had a direct impact on fashion, art, and design. With the progression of technology there are apps and websites created that allow people to interact with each other by sharing their ideas and sense in fashion, art, design, photography, and much more. One can get inspired by the work of the people they follow on a social media platform such as Instagram and Pinterest to name a few. Technology has allowed creative minds to be able to expand and create content on a much larger scale.

An app that has significantly increased the use of technology for fashion, art, and design is Pinterest. I, myself, am a frequent user of this app. Pinterest allows creators to post pictures of their home designs, how they arrange their furniture in the space available to them and the color scheme they choose. Articles and websites can be linked to each post to allow followers to read more on the post and find out where to get items they would like for themselves from the post. Pinterest is a go to app for me when I want to piece items of clothing together, if I don’t know how to wear a certain article of clothing, or if I am interested in seeing what the new trends are. Pinterest has also inspired me to create a polaroid wall in my room surrounded by fairy lights. Artists also post their art on Pinterest to inspire others and be inspired.

The social media outlet, Instagram, also allows users to share their home decor, art, and their everyday outfits online. Some users create blogger accounts that are themed based on their interest. I take interest in fashion bloggers on Instagram that give me inspiration on how to dress and their tagged clothing on their photos can give me easy access for any item I may be interested in. These fashion bloggers allow me to keep up with the trends and how to wear different articles of clothing. When I see a certain outfit I like, I tend to save it and create a similar outfit based of off the one that I took inspiration from. Even when it comes to home decor, I have been inspired by various accounts on instagram to re-decorate and remodel my bedroom and other rooms of my house.

With technology came Youtube. Youtube has boomed in the past few years. Content creators on Youtube post videos of their DIY projects, “Do It Yourself,” that help provide viewers with ideas of projects to make on their own. Youtube also provides users with videos about drawing for beginners and fashion 101 videos that give tips on how to wear certain items of clothing. I have recently watched a video by one of my favorite favorite Youtube creators, Rosanna Pansino, who showed how she decorated her new house and what theme and color scheme she has been in love with. Another one of my favorite Youtube content creators is Safiya Nygaard, she had found a website,, that allows you to take pictures of your clothing and accessories and post them on the site. From there the site pieces together an outfit for you based on what you have and what the algorithm of the site decides is a perfect match together. When given an outfit you can either like it or swipe to get a new outfit. This site would be a fun experiment to see how a website would piece together items that your would never have thought about pairing together before.

Buzzfeed as a network has quizzes for its followers to take for fun that can be quite educational and helpful in many ways. There have been quizzes I have taken that require me to choose one picture of decor in a room out of four for different rooms in a house to determine either my personality type or life status. The quizzes give me an idea of what kind of home decor, color scheme, and overall theme I seem to lean towards more. There are similar quizzes that deal with choosing fashion or art instead of home decor. The quizzes give insight on what one likes while being entertaining at the same time.

Back when I was in middle school I had discovered an app called Covet. This app is a fashion design game in which users create an outfit based on the requirements of the contest they would like to enter to win points, clothing and accessories, and coins. The contests are judged and allow the contestants to get insight on how their creations kept up with what people like, what items match together, and what is currently trending. With the items on the app you can also find them through links if you are interested in buying the items or you can find dupes at other places of clothing that you fell in love for. I absolutely enjoyed this game as it had been a way I can express my through fashion which I absolutely adore.

The use of technology in everyday life is by no means withering away. On the contrary, it is vastly increasing. In the next ten years the use of technology will continue to prosper resulting in more people using available applications to share and get ideas for their fashion, art, and design needs. It is apps and networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Buzzfeed, Covet, Polyvore, and that have emerged from the use of technology that allow creativity to flow and improve the use art, design, and fashion. Technology gives people a chance to interact with each other and share their interests. As technology improves in the future so will the applications and networks that come with it. Through these evolvements there will be even more creative and intriguing ways in which fashion, art, and design will be used differently through technology.

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