Music Festival Fashion Style Outfit Ideas 2017

Music Festival Fashion Style Outfit Ideas title

So you going to a an awesome festival this summer and you don’t have anything to wear! It’s time to start shopping for music festival clothing. With festival fashion season in full swing, and tons of amazing pieces being flaunted at every music festival, it can seem daunting putting together outfits that will stand out. Think positive and take the time to experiment with the wilder side of your fashion self.

Whether your plan is to attend Coachella, Lollapalooza, Burning Man or Electric Daisy Carnival, you will be able to begin forming cute outfits for the next festival you are jetting to. These festival styles have been popular for awhile so keep in mind that keeping the styles fresh by combining them with the most recent trends is the key to standing out. Stylish and practical should be the two goals of your outfit and are both important in their own right. The latter will be determined by where the festival is and what the weather is like if it is outdoors and can make or break an outfit.

One of the most important festival styling tips is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This cannot be stressed enough. From your bag, to your hat, to your iPhone cover, keep it fresh, fun, and reflective of your look. Go wild, please! Maybe even try mixing some vintage pieces with your modern outfit. This is the absolute best time to do so. With so many well dressed people around, it’s even more fun to find those pieces that are people stoppers in that sort of environment. While splurging is recommended when purchasing your festival wear, if you are in a bind and can only splurge on a few items, make your bag one of those items. If the concert is outdoors and a bit muddy, maybe it’s best to hold off on wearing those cute Valentino booties and opt for something more mid range.

Effortlessly stylish looks will carry you a long way when buying your festival wear. Find pieces that you love and fit in with your style but that also reflect a current trend. This will provide you with that ‘effortless’ feel to your look that you are looking for. This season bralettes are totally hot; cut outs on shoes, bags, and clothing are on trend now; ruffles and lace are totally in as well as velvet and those little pom pom tassels that were made popular a season ago. So keep these in mind and search out other trends to incorporate into your outfits. Take advantage of the creative and fun atmosphere of the music festival to push the boundaries of your personal style.

Check out the guide below for an ultimate packing list and product recommendation page for the next festival you are jetting to. Current Trends reflected throughout. Catch them if you can!

Bohemian Style Inspiration


Off the shoulder garments, ruffles, and sheer materials are super hot right now. Try one of these three bohemian styled dresses below that reflect each of these trends.



Flowing and Floral Dusters are perfect for the Boho trend. Pair with a bralette to keep your outfit fresh.



Embroidery is also hot right now! It’s a perfect trend to incorporate into the bohemian look.Check out the embroidered off the shoulder blouse (another fresh trend) below and the embroidered shorts as well! Also more ruffles never hurt.



Little slippers made of velvet? Yes, please. Not to mention velvet is in.



Take advantage of the colorful tassel trend by checking out these fun straw hats below. The first one is packable as well. Quite practical!


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