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Boat shoes are a must have this season and if you’re feeling the need to add them to your collection you are spot on. Now, I know what you must be thinking and you are not alone. To some, boat shoes seem like a casual piece of footwear difficult to incorporate into their favorite outfits. Let me assure you this is not the case. They are both chic and versatile allowing for a breath of fresh air to flow into your regular styling routine. Whether you call them, boat shoes, sperrys or topsiders this is one piece of footwear you need ASAP. Much like oxfords or loafers, they ooze so much luxury and opulence people will take one glance at you convinced you own a yacht.

OUTFITS WITH BOAT SHOESStylish and comfortable are two words that are rarely compatible in the fashion world, but get this, its achievable! I kid you not, sperrys are the answer to all your fashion prayers. Are you stuck in that never ending battle of your heels causing you discomfort with their daily wear? I feel your pain girlfriend, but no more! I have solutions for everyday wear, combining them with dresses and pairing them with jeans. That’s not all though, there is much more in this treasure chest of secrets. Read on and find out how to put your best foot forward in those trendy topsiders.

Boat shoes have sometimes had a bad rep over the years on the fashion scene. Why? No idea. Sure they have this natural casual vibe to them, but in reality you can rock them with various styles. As with everything else you wear it all depends on your attitude and how you feel at that moment. Want to add sass and character to your outfit or just interested in keeping it casual? You can do it all with topsiders. Boat shoes have been around since the 1930s when the creator of these babies almost died in a boating accident. OK maybe I exaggerate a little, but he did slip and fall overboard. It was that crucial moment that inspired Paul Sperry to make, well, sperrys. They are designed with a rubber sole that ensures better grip on surfaces we tread on. No more embarrassing falls in these shoes! Now that we have covered the basics, let’s explore how topsiders can shoot a luxury glamour streak into our wardrobes.


OUTFITS WITH BOAT yellow SHOES So how do you work a shoe that was initially created by a man for men I hear you asking? This is a valid question as they do have that neutral look about them. Despite that, the great thing about boat shoes is that they come in so many colors and styles. Take your pick from the original tan color to the other classic tones like beige, navy blue and olive. If you’re thinking of taking a walk on the wild side I have you covered there too. Contemporary sperrys come in a range of leopard print, florals and bright hues to make your outfit that much more daring. We’re talking next level fashion and topsiders are going to take you there.

outfits with boat shoes Keira KnightleyLet’s start off with celebrities we love to follow and admire on a daily basis. Fact: these are the women that inspire our wardrobe choices whether we like to admit it or not. Time and time again our favorite big name personalities have shown us the dos and don’ts of cutting-edge fashion. I’ll let you in on a little secret, celebrities LOVE their boat shoes. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the photographic evidence! Whether getting snapped by the paparazzi at the airport or just heading out for a drink they rely on topsiders to keep them looking fab.

outfits with boat shoes Rihanna Case in point, style maven Blake Lively has been snapped numerous times wearing boat shoes. She has made her mark on the fashion scene for years now and is a style icon to many. The best dressed list is essentially now incomplete without her there! If she gives her stamp of approval to boat shoes then I am on board.

Next we have the ever poised and elegant Keira Knightley. The woman simply exudes style with each step she takes. Working her boat shoes with this casual but chic combination we know she can do no wrong.

Lastly we have the self-proclaimed bad girl herself, Miss Rihanna. Whether you aspire to her fashion choices or not you cannot deny one thing. Her style is unique, has character and the woman always makes a statement with her presence. RiRi has been rocking the boat shoes for years so why doubt their style cred any longer?


cute outfits with boat shoes and shortsNow that we have established that all the coolest stars are wearing boat shoes it’s time to show you how to do the same. Regardless of your personal style, boat shoes cover the whole fashion spectrum giving savvy individuals that little bit of luxurious flare to complement their outfit. Whether you strive to exude feminine vibes or are a rocker at heart there are topsiders to flatter your unique flair. Sperrys come to the rescue when you have a thousand errands to run but still need to look chic. They can be incorporated into your office attire, street fashion, daily wear or keep you comfortable whilst on holiday.

cute outfits with boat shoes and pink pantsCute outfits to wear with your favorite sperrys consist of virtually anything hanging in your closet. For a casual, preppy look pair them with shorts, a cute knit sweater and crisp shirt peeking out from underneath. It appears fun, put together and screams class all over. As previously mentioned your topsiders can be found in the metallic silver variation. This look is beyond trendy at the moment. Pair them with neutral trousers, a denim shirt then for a finishing touch add some color with a scarf and/or bag.

cute outfits with boat shoes loafersBoat shoes have a reputation for being relaxed and casual when it comes to the array of footwear on offer. Although sperrys have a tendency to veer towards informal attire, this does not limit you to wearing them exclusively to the beach. Now I am not suggesting you pair them with your favorite LBD for a night out, please don’t. However, there are limitless options out there for creating an elegant silhouette with your boat shoes. Take charge at work by adding topsiders to your office attire. Fear not the curse of their otherwise informal distinction, but walk around in comfort all whilst looked refined and polished.

If you don’t have a style department at work, you soon will when you start rocking these cool boat shoes at work. Embellish on your outfit by choosing a brighter hue and wear them with some chinos and classic trench coat. Alternatively keep it classy, but sassy by going for a block color from head to toe. Add an accessory to liven things up and instantly you will look and feel confident to shine through the day.


outfits with boat shoes and white jeansPossibly one of the easiest ways to get better acquainted with your new sperrys is through your jeans. Denim is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and in combination with your boat shoes you are sure to look a fashion dream. Listen, the good news is that you can wear them with any cut from skinny, cropped or boyfriend. The bad news? There is none. You can create any look, from glam to rock with this footwear just by pairing them with your favorite jeans. Word to the wise, make sure a little ankle is showing to keep the look on point.outfits with boat shoes and dark jeans


outfits with boat shoes and a dressSo far so good right? We’re not through yet. There are a few more ideas consequently allowing you to get the most out of your boat shoes. Have you ever found yourself on holiday somewhere regretting the choice of footwear you packed? Imagine walking the romantic European cobble stone streets, wobbling your way around too distracted by your shoes to pay attention to your surroundings. This has happened to everyone at some stage, no matter the destination. Boat shoes are a dream in combination with your favorite dress during the warmer months. Not only do they save your feet from pain, but they give your outfit a little something special. Walk around in style sporting lace, florals, stripes with sperrys. Look carefree and fashion forward all the while having the comfort of your house slippers on your feet.


HOW TO WEAR SPERRYS WITH SOCKSWearing sperrys with socks is a topic of debate in the world of fashion. Some argue that topsiders were created to be worn exclusively during summer, therefore shouldn’t be worn with socks whatsoever. I for one believe in making the most of my wardrobe and encourage this combination whenever the situation presents itself. Turn heads by spicing up that outfit by adding some printed socks to the mix. If you’re feeling extra daring add some knee high socks to your ensemble and really make a statement. Show the world you are not afraid of taking a risk. Accept the challenge and it will definitely be worth it!

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