Outfits with Thigh High Boots 2017: Fashion Ideas Tips and Advice

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As the days get shorter and nights cooler we anxiously await pulling on those cosy oversized knits and drinking chocolate by the fireplace. Are you prepared for the cooler months? Which winter staples are hanging in the wardrobe and which ones are yet to be bought? This season it is all about the thigh high boots which promise to give a sophisticated edge to virtually any outfit. For day or night, formal or informal this footwear option will spice things up. We will even discuss few ideas to wear them in the office.

We first fell in love with thigh high boots as they appeared on none other than Julia Roberts where she debuted them in what is now known to be a cult classic, Pretty Woman. Since then they appeared on and off the runways, but we grew to love them once more on Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada.

Outfits with Thigh High Boots Anne HathawayIf you’re thinking of adding this go-to piece to your wardrobe, and we strongly recommend you do, there are a few things that must first be considered. Other than the obvious color choices it is also vital to think of which styles suit your body shape. Heeled or a flat boot is also an option that needs to be considered to optimise your wardrobe.

Looking at this seasons color palate and the vast possibilities it is vital to pick a thigh high boot that will spice up your already fabulous wardrobe, or to bring your dull one back to life. The trick to the thigh high boots is wearing them with a heavy dose of self-confidence. At the same time pulling them off means wearing something stylish to avoid what can sometimes be a trip down trashy lane.

How to Wear Thigh High Boots Without Looking Trashy

Wearing thigh high boots in a way that does not come off as cheap can be somewhat of a challenge at times. Luckily for you, this guide will give you pointers and lots of tips and tricks which will make pulling off these boots a breeze. Making sure you choose the right material for your boots goes a long way in this department. Leather or suede boots are a sure bet in ensuring that your look stays classy and sophisticated, especially when paired with expensive looking outfits. Whether synthetic or real, depending on your budget and your morals, know that this is probably the best way to go.

Outfits with Thigh High Boots Julia RobertsWhen purchasing thigh high boots make sure to avoid materials such as patent leather, unless you wish to channel Julia Roberts in her Pretty Woman glory days. You don’t. Patent leather boots are incredibly difficult to keep from veering over to the trashy department which is something we need to steer clear of.

Whether day or night there are a few things that must be avoided at all costs when wearing a statement piece such as thigh high boots. A general rule which every stylish woman should adhere to is not wear these boots with tights. Tights are by no means trousers, and unless your booty is covered with an oversized shirt or tunic they should in no way, shape or form be worn with thigh high boots. To prevent yourself from looking tacky try to steer clear of loud animal prints especially in large doses. An animal print dress which would normally look fantastic for a night out could essentially end up looking very cheap and cause confusion as to which profession you work in. As an alternative use an accessory with an animal print to spice up the outfit instead. Sometimes less really is more.

Another way to keep things classy is sticking to the flat variation of thigh high boots. Although the heeled thigh highs are definitely more flattering in many aspects, the flatter heels give off a more carefree vibe to any outfit. Outfits with Thigh High Boots and oversized knitwearThick oversized knitwear pairs amazingly with thigh high boots as it combines into a luxurious finished outfit, and can be worn for day or night variations.

How to Wear Thigh High Boots to Work

A fabulous way to keep things classy is pairing your wonderful new boots with a skirt combined with a turtle neck jumper. This is one of the options for the office, keeping your outfit demure, however throwing on the boots sends out a power statement at the same time. The hemline of your skirt should cover the top of your boots to keep the whole look office ready and less street fashion. You can wear them with jeans too, tucking them in and completing the look with a flowy shirt and blazer, mixing feminine flair with a little structure.

Cute Dresses to Wear With Thigh High Boots

If you thought that your beautiful summer dresses have to be discarded just because the temperatures have gone down, think again. Pull out those floral dresses, throw on a leather jacket and finish off your look with the boots. Voila! Once more you have an outfit combination that will make people stop and think, why didn’t I think of that?

Thigh High Boots with Shorts Outfits

Shorts are another variation which people tend to avoid which doesn’t have to be the case. During the cooler months, some thick tweed shorts teamed with a crisp shirt and thigh high boots are a combination created in fashionista heaven. Denim shorts can be a little tricky to pull off, and somewhat of a challenge. Bring your whole look together with a simple t-shirt and oversized camouflage jacket channeling your inner rocker. Another solution is to pair your distressed shorts with that trusty black turtle neck which always gives off a dose of elegance.

Thigh High Boots Club Outfits

Outfits with Thigh High Boots Club OutfitTrying to figure out what to wear with thigh high boots on a night out? Pair your thigh high boots with your favorite little black dress, keep the makeup natural and fresh and you are ready to party. The best option for this outfit is the golden rule of choosing one half of your body to show off. If the dress is shorter, make sure the dress is sleeved or to keep your cleavage out of sight, however if it grazes to top of your boots feel free to have to have a tasteful V-cut style for the evening. When it comes to outerwear try to distance yourself from options like loud sequined jackets which by themselves make a great fashion statement, but coupled with thigh high boots veer more towards hooker than style maven. Throwing on a coat or a blazer instead always works as a classier alternative.

Always remember that the fit is one of the most important things, with regards to your outfit, but also your footwear. The boots themselves should not be too tight, giving off a muffin top vibe, nor should they be so loose that they consequently slide off your legs. Find a pair that fit you perfectly and rock that sidewalk like the Chanel runway.

Pick an outfit for your body type

Over-The-Knee Boots and Skinny JeansAs with all styling situations one of the most important factors in choosing your outfit is your body shape. If you are tall, gazelle like you can basically wear thigh high boots in any shape or form, however remember they must fit your gams like a glove. If your body is more the apple variation, you can combine cute flowy skirts and V-neck cut tops. That V-neck will elongate the top half of your body and keep you looking fabulous. The pear shaped ladies can pair the boots with a dress that have some sort of print on the upper half of the body or a statement necklace which will ultimately have the same effect. Hour glass shapes are blessed with heavenly curves, so keeping the sex appeal to a minimum with thigh high boots is essential.

Try opting for the flat version, don’t wear really baggy outfits so as not appear frumpy. Also avoid low cut tops to keep the look stylish. If you are on the petite side and think these boots are an impossible feat do not despair! You too can wear this look, just adapt it to your body shape. Wear the boots with block colours, or if you have grey jeans, wear them with your grey boots to give the illusion of looking taller. The plus sized ladies should rock these statement boots also, in combination with midi skirts, a well fitted shirt and gorgeous sleeveless cardigan. As you can see these boots should not be something to be feared.

Thigh High Boots Care tips

If you do make the choice to go the authentic leather route it is vital to give them the protection and care they deserve. Think of these boots as an investment you have made. Just as with your little black dress and your crisp white shirt, this will become a winter essential, so it is best to look after them so they last forever. Weather proofing them with a spray against the elements is the first step, especially if we are talking suede. This is a must or you may be throwing out your ultra-expensive, love of your life and new best friends in the trash before you can say winter is coming. Speaking of elements, avoid all the dancing in the rain, and rain all together because your suede boots will not thank you for it later.

Wear it with Attitude!

So there you have it, your complete guide as to how to wear your thigh high boots. The outfit possibilities are virtually endless, keeping your look stylish, sexy and classy. The last, but probably most important piece of advice for wearing these boots is your attitude. Thigh highs are in themselves a power statement. Having said that, wear them with confidence, as your look is never complete without you’re the attitude that you wear it with.

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