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Do you love wedges? Do you loathe them? Neither of these two questions are actually relevant right now because the proof is in the pudding. Wedges are here and they are here to stay. Every season that some think they will become a regretful fashion faux pas, they return, bigger and better than ever. OK, I know what you’re thinking, and yes it might be a challenge to make outfits with wedges look stylish and street fashion worthy. Sometimes they get shamed for allegedly being the ugly sister of the infamous high heel, but let’s get real for just one second, they can give you the comfort of a sneaker and have you looking amazing at the same time. Wedges are sturdy and stable, whilst allowing you to spend all day in them looking glamorous with the bonus of having the comfort of wearing your house slippers at home!

outfits with wedges history
Salvatore Ferragamo wedges from 1930s

Want to know a secret? If you haven’t already been made aware, high heels were invented way back in the day, BUT (drum roll please…) they were made explicitly for men, not for women. I can already see your skepticism but I promise it’s true! If that wasn’t enough, more specifically they were created for soldiers so they could be more precise aiming their weapons, as well as to give off a more powerful silhouette making them more intimidating. Can we just take a second to envision these soldiers on the battlefield wielding swords and other equally dangerous artillery in heeled shoes? Hilarious right? This is probably the reason why they can be such a nightmare to wear in the first place.

Heels may have the ability to make us look great but they are as practical as a faux fur coat in the middle of an Indian summer. Going for a walk through some botanical gardens? Stay off the grass if you are wearing heels. Do you live in an area where temperatures reach below zero and ice glazed streets are common? Good luck in those sky high stilettos. Maybe you’re planning a fabulous getaway to Europe and constantly daydreaming of the glamorous walks down the cobblestone streets of Santorini as the sun is setting. Just imagine your friends taking Vogue-worthy snaps for your Instagram feed with the impossibly gorgeous and unique architecture in the background.

Sounds like perfection right? Think again because those heels will become your worst enemy when combined with those cute cobblestone streets. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the silhouette and stance of a catwalk model on that glorious holiday without the pain and suffering, not to mention shame-filled stumbles, en route to what will surely be an unforgettable adventure? Deep down I know by now that you have guessed the solution to this dilemma. You can achieve your street style fashion savvy goals whilst being stable and comfortable at the same time!

History of Wedges

Outfits with Wedges Ferragamo 1930sShort history lesson, these babies have been around since the 1930s. They were first introduced by the well-known designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936. Due to the fact that there was a lack of certain materials like rubber and leather at the time, he used cork and wood to create this form of footwear. Cork in itself is very light, and it was the more popular option because it made these shoes so light it gave the illusion of walking on clouds, whilst making your gams look impossibly long and elegant. What more could a girl ask for? They say pain is beauty, well that may be true, but the wedge shoe is the exception to this rule. Let’s thank the shoe Gods for that! They made a heavy comeback in the 70s, where men and woman alike wore platform and wedge shoes, but after that the trend died down. Just like any other hot trend, they reappeared this century where they have marked their place as a wardrobe staple not to be left out from any serious fashionistas wardrobe.

Wedges differ from high heels in that the sole and the heel are joined in one piece, whereas high heeled shoes have a heel separating them from the sole itself. Simple right? As any style maven can tell you that this form of footwear can be worn repeatedly at all manners of social events. We are talking day, night, formal or informal looks, these are the shoes that can go anywhere with you and make you look fabulous, while keeping your feet from dying! Don’t believe it? They say seeing is believing, so I’m going to show you just how to get that outfit looking perfect.

How to wear wedges with jeans

Outfits with Wedges white jeansSomehow we tend to associate wedges with that white summer dress that you throw on when you cannot be bothered trying that day. Am I right? They are SO much more than that. For a look that says I am completely carefree, but exudes style to make the most established fashionistas do a double take, throw on a pair of jeans and a printed shirt and finish the combination off with your trusty wedges. Outfits with Wedges blue jeansAlso channeling the: I just threw this on in two minutes look is the blue denim with a cotton or better yet linen shirt. You will feel fantastic. And let’s not kid ourselves, as soon as you feel fantastic you automatically radiate with confidence!

What to wear with wedges on a night out

So let’s just be upfront about one thing. You are heading out for a night out with the girls and you look amazing, but only minutes after entering your favorite hot spot your legs start to get numb from your chosen footwear. I know, because I have been there, and if we are being honest, we all have. Why not try combining your go to LBD that transforms you into Wonder Woman with some brown wedges? Look gorgeous, feel great and dance the night away! Alternatively, if you have a classy backyard dinner party scheduled in your diary, wedges make for a perfect choice. Arrive looking sexy, yet carefree capturing the spirit of summer with your look.

Question. Ever walked into a backyard party with heels on and struggled to keep balance on the grass? There is guaranteed to be a girl at the party, wobbling around on the grass in her stilettos, trying to keep her balance. You on the other hand, don’t have that problem because you’re as stable as though you’re prancing around in your sneakers. Remember that outdoor dinner party your work associate had a while back? Trying her best to entertain her guests, her choice of footwear did not allow for her to enjoy her own party, and it was clearly evident on her face. Seriously, what is the point to that? Why go to all the trouble in the first place?

What to wear with wedges on a night outBetter still, put yourself in her shoes and just imagine you are the hostess of the party. The difference is that you know how to look great, while being comfortable and don’t have to worry about entertaining while suffering because of your choice of footwear. You’re sure to blow everyone away with your look with your poise, composure and killer outfit at the same time. If there were an award given to the hostess of the year, it would most definitely be awarded to you, because the vibes you send out to the guests creates the atmosphere and mood of the party itself. Maybe a work opportunity arises at a similar social event, and because of your fearless attitude, you work your magic earning brownie points, which leads to an eventual promotion. In different circumstances you could have been sitting in the corner because your feet were feeling as though they were on fire. Who would have thought that your choice of footwear can influence such occurrences on such a level?

What to wear with black wedges

outfits with wedges back wedgesIt is not uncommon to see wedges in their usual beige or tan shades, which give you a footwear option for virtually any outfit you pull out of your wardrobe. Why not wonder out of that realm and hit up the darker toned wedges? Black has a knack for simply oozing character just as a color choice in itself. Whether you incorporate them into your summer look, or tread around town with your on point wedge booties in the cooler months, and your black wedges are a sure winner in the style department.

Wedges with shorts

Wedges with shortsWhen the weather warms up and you start to bear a little more skin than usual, a classic, yet classy outfit option with this particular footwear are shorts. Throw them on, add a nice shirt, striped top or even your favorite jumpsuit, and you are ready to rock and roll, wherever you are headed. It’s a no brainer.

Summer outfits with wedges

outfits with wedges summer dressPossibly the easiest way to introduce wedges to the rest of your treasured wardrobe is mixing them into your summer styling. Whether with your floral, flowy dresses, maxi dresses, or even with your bathers and a cute cover up, you can add that little something to your look whilst avoiding looking like you tried too hard.

They can be many things, classy and elegant, or fresh and easy-going depending on the attitude you want to radiate on the day. This form of footwear should have a place in your wardrobe because that day when you feel like you have nothing to wear, you can throw those wedges on and feel confident, comfortable and trendy all at the same time. You’re welcome!

What are your favorite outfits with wedges? Comment below!

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