How to Prolong Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall 2017: Fashion Ideas

How to Prolong Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall title

For me personally, I hate bidding adieu to my summer dresses and tops once the weather gets colder. Which is why, I thought to myself, is there any way I can prolong the usage out of my summer styles? Turns out there is so read on to find out more about how you can prolong your summer into fall.

The Layer Trick

This layer trick is exactly what it sounds like: you add layers to your dress. A great idea is to pair plain or neutral color knee-length dresses with an oversized coat or jacket. You can add some nice boots and a chic bag and you’re good to go. Oversized sweaters and cardigans worn with dresses also make this layer trick work. Adding a little belt-detail around your waist for a polished look is also a great idea for a more streamlined silhouette.

How to Prolong Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall The Layer Trick

Other simple tricks include adding multiple layers of clothing such as a boyfriend sweater and an oxford shirt – both of which can be worn over the dress. The dress acts like a skirt. You have the option of using an above-knee dress for this ensemble but you will need some form of stockings or leggings in the bottom to ward off the cold.

The Under-T-Shirt/Shirt Trick

Here’s another neat little trick: hide your arms inside a plain white tee and then don the sleeveless dress or top. Wearing the t-shirt under the dress is a very cute, spritely way to upcycle a dress.

How to Prolong Your Summer into wardrobe Fall The Under-T-Shirt Shirt Trick

Another similar trick is to wear a collared shirt underneath the dress (popping its collars over the dress’s neckline) which works with both high-neck and low-neck dresses. The dresses can either be short-sleeved, long or sans sleeves. Depending on the sleeve length, you can play around with the shirt’s sleeves as well.

Masquerade the Florals

Florals are a print that are heavily associated with summer, but this year, they are poised to feature in some funky fall trends as well. Nonetheless, if you have some summery floral dresses that you would like rerouted for fall then listen up: you need to masquerade the print with neutrals.

How to Prolong Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall Masquerade the FloralsThis is a very simple trick; you take the floral dress and you add a black or grey power suit around it! Meaning, you wear the floral dress or top and then wear your power suit’s skirt or pant over it and finish it off with the blazer. This fun business-ready look is a great outfit for the office.

The Pants Trick

The main reason why dresses are unsuitable for the weather is because our legs are exposed. The solution? Wear pants underneath your dress. Very simple, right? But, because this is a very haphazard look, the trick here is to own it as your own. It’s an eclectic style which is why you should employ a bit of a trial and error method to perfect it before stepping out.

How to Prolong Your Summer into wardrobe Fall the pants Trick

One helpful tip would be to wear lighter-colored pants with the quirkier pattern dresses or tops. You can even add some cotton tights or black leggings as pants alternatives. One great look with pants is tunic dresses that are shorter than regular dresses making them look like tops. If paired with a blazer then they can be work-appropriate as well. Good luck!

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