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QC Makeup Academy is one of the leading online makeup schools around the globe offering a wide range of training and courses. If you’re looking to learn the art of great makeup at a time and a place to suit you, then the QC Makeup Academy could be the option you’ve been looking for.

The company has many classes where you will receive high-quality professional training videos including from celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson who will be able to guide you through the process. It makes the training as easy as possible and can put you on the right path to becoming a well-paid makeup artist.

QC Makeup Artistry Courses

In this fast-paced environment where people can’t afford to work fewer hours and get by, learning online could be the best route to change your career. The learning tools are available at all times of the day and there is a support system in place that can give you help via e-mail, live chat or phone.

QC Makeup Academy certificate

Becoming a makeup professional can be tough and it’s a highly competitive industry. Due to this, it’s important to make sure you are well qualified and able to advertise your skills. Developing your skills with an online course is a great way to learn at your own pace, to make sure that you have the ability to become a professional. The certificate that you will receive is important to show that you have completed one of the accredited online makeup courses available. In order to gain new customers, they need to trust you can do a great job, and that’s what a certificate can provide.

What courses are available?

The courses offered from the QC Makeup Academy are vast and could give you a huge portfolio that will help you once you become professional.

Master Makeup Artistry – This is QC’s flagship course and gives you a complete training experience in professional makeup. It will give you techniques for high-end fashion, theatre productions, television and film sets as well as editorial photo shoots.

Makeup Artistry – This is in the same vein as the master makeup course, however, it isn’t quite as extensive. It will, however, give you great knowledge of different makeup looks and a complete guide to professional makeup. It will also give you tips on how to start up your own business or land a job in the industry.

Pro Makeup Workshop – This is a course designed to take your knowledge of makeup to the professional level. It’s provided by celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson and will give you all the tips you’ll ever need.

Skincare – Skincare routines can be difficult to get right, especially for those that wear a lot of makeup. This course will allow you to give great routines to clients to keep their skin clear. It will also teach you how to avoid common skin care problems.

Special FX Makeup – This is a course for those looking for a more creative way to use their makeup expertise. It will help you learn how to create the effects of age, make injuries and even apply prosthetics.

Fashion Styling – If you’re into fashion then this could be the perfect course for you. This course will help give you the tools you need to start a career in fashion. You’ll have access to e-books and videos which will give you a rich platform for learning.

Hair Styling Essentials – A huge part of beauty is hair styling, and by taking this course you’ll be able to start your career as a professional stylist. It’s perfect for makeup artists looking to expand their portfolio and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of how to do perfect hair.

Airbrush Makeup – Another way to bring out your creative side is with airbrush makeup. This course will allow you to apply best practice and to help you to use the equipment you need to apply perfect airbrush makeup.

Portfolio Development – Even if you’re a great makeup artist, you’ll struggle to get a high volume of clients if you can’t show off your work. This course will show you how to take perfect images so that you’ll be able to show everyone just how good you are.

Global Beauty – Makeup tastes are different around the world and different skin colors need different types of treatment. This course will teach you about those differences who you know how to approach any client or any type of culture.

Check out the full catalog right here.

Who is doing the teaching?

The QC Makeup Academy is run by a host of individuals who all have the highest level of knowledge in the industry. The way it works with assignments is through their Online Student Center which is where completed work will be uploaded.

Once it has been it will then be reviewed by your tutor who will then be able to give you personalized feedback which will constantly improve your skills. The personal tutor will be your port of call and will be able to guide you through the process until you complete the course.

There are professionals and experts for each course whether that be special FX, makeup, hair stylists or fashion experts. You’ll always be safe in the knowledge knowing that your tutoring is being provided by an expert in their field. The reason the QC Makeup Academy has the reputation it does is due to the quality of the information that is given, whether that be directly from a tutor or through their videos and e-books.

Is an online course for me?

Some people might be hesitant to take up an online course, but it’s easier than ever before. You can learn at your own pace and at the time that you want to. The assignments are very detailed with personal feedback from high-quality professionals.

It used to be the case that once you left school and had to take up a full-time job, you could never advance yourself or get new qualifications. You were stuck in the career that you had found yourself in with little prospect for anything else. Thankfully due to online courses, you are able to work towards a new career at your own pace while still doing your full-time job. That means you can keep your dream alive and not get stuck in a job that you hate.

With this online makeup academy, it isn’t a case of just being left with the learning tools to work it out for yourself, there is a host of support systems that you are given to help you succeed in your course. Learning online had never been easier, and it’s the likes of QC Makeup Academy who are helping to lead the way.

How long does it take?

Everyone has a different level of work commitments and time that they can give to an online course. It’s important to have the ability to work as fast or slow as you need to. With the QC Makeup Academy, they help achieve this by having no deadlines for their assignments.

They plan for their courses to be completed within 3-4 months, allowing for a small amount of time each week to be dedicated to the course. Of course, if you don’t have any other commitments then this can be completed a lot sooner, or a little later if you really struggle to find the time. In all, they allow for their courses to be completed within 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

What are the risks involved?

A lot of these courses can look quite expensive, and a huge commitment to take on. There is a fear factor there that you could sign up for the course and realize that it’s not for you. If that happens, then you are not stuck with the course. QC will provide you with a full 21 days to change your mind if you wish to. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that if you feel that you’ve made the wrong choice, you won’t be financially penalized for it.

You may also feel like it’s a risk if you have little or no experience with using makeup on anyone else but yourself, but the main courses are designed to be able to be completed by any levels of expertise. They will take you from the very basics to eventually learning the skills you will need to become a professional in whichever industry you decide to take up. There are specialist courses available like the Pro Makeup Workshop and Airbrush Makeup Workshop where you will need a base level of knowledge already.

If you’re wanting to take up one of these courses it may be that you are not satisfied with the money you are currently earning and want to be paid for doing something that you love. If that’s the case, then looking at the price of the courses may seem daunting. Thankfully payment options are provided where you can break up the amounts over a number of months to give you a payment that is easy to manage. It means you can achieve your dreams without worrying about how you are going to finance it.

QC Makeup Academy BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization which holds companies to a high standard and makes sure that any services or training provided is of the highest quality. The online Makeup Academy from QC has been given an A+ rating from the BBB. Once you complete the training you are given a certification from the QC to say you have completed the course. Due to the accreditation from the BBB, it will be a respected certificate.

A lot of help at your fingertips

The level of resources available for the QC Makeup Academy is vast.

Online Profile – QC give you the ability to make your own online profile to instantly give yourself a professional look with photos, contact details, testimonials and more.

School Forum – This is a great place where you can ask questions and talk about assignments and anything else that you need. It helps to talk to like-minded people.

Virtual Makeup Boutique – It can be hard to know how everything will look on people. This tool allows you to practice your makeup selection on virtual clients so you can get it perfect in real-life.

Makeup Discounts – Due to their connections, QC can offer great discounts on a number of top brands in the industry.

QC Makeup Academy graduates

QC is proud of their academy graduates and you can see why the results they achieve can be brilliant and it can set them up for a great career in the industry. Every career has to start somewhere, and there is no better place than with a company that has so many happy graduates.

You only have to do a quick search on the internet to see the type of reviews that they get. The vast majority of the reviews they get are 5 stars because they give you the platform you need to succeed, but also the support network to go with it. You become part of a community that helps you along every step of the way, and at you own pace.
Makeup Artist School Online

There are many great online resources out there. There are many great online videos that can give you tutorials, and there are many great beauty schools where you can attend and learn your trade. At the QC Makeup Academy though, they tie all of that together into an amazing course that is sure to help you on your way to the career that you want.

You get the best of all words by having high-quality training materials, but with personal tutoring and a community that you can lean on for any advice, you might need. Getting the career you want has never been easier, even when you have a full-time job. Thankfully with companies like the QC Makeup Academy, those career dreams can be made true, even if you only have a few spare hours in the week.

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