Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans style tips

shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans are a staple in every closet and if god forbid you don’t own one, we HIGHLY recommend grabbing a classic dark wash, high waisted version to finally complete your wardrobe. You might think that finding shoes to wear with skinny jeans might be pretty basic but is it really? We don’t think so.

Here is an extensive guide on shoes to wear with skinny jeans based on seasons and of course, your personal style. Best bit: Skinny jeans can be worn throughout the year and in every season!

  • Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans In Spring

shoes to wear with skinny jeans
Image Credit: Nordstrom Rack

You finally get to enjoy the fresh breeze of spring and with that comes the yearly wardrobe overhaul. Clean your closet out of those bulky jackets and chunky scarves and jump back in the world of soft summer dresses and floaty tops.

Skinny jeans do the most work during these transitional periods, since a) they can be practically worn with just about anything and b) they provide just the right amount of cozy vibes mixed with their quintessential classic edge, of course!

The best shoes to wear with skinny jeans during spring has to be sneakers! They will not only protect you from the sludge of the changing season- no one wants to ruin that delicious pedicure but also perfectly embodies the laid back trend that everyone is trying to emulate.

If you are looking to add length (which I always am) then a somewhat controversial yet loved ( by me) addition would be wedge sneakers. The lines created by these babies help add that extra oomph to your skinny jeans without overdoing it and is the perfect in-between shoe for this season.

Try going for a cropped pair of skinny jeans during Fall time or even a straight leg version. The more professional cut of straight leg jeans will perfectly balance out the more casual edge of the sneakers and will keep you looking at the top of your style game.

Outfit Idea: Try these pristine white sneakers with lightly distressed skinny denim jeans, pair with a floral spaghetti strap top and an oversize jacket to complete the look. Add classic accessories such as a chunky watch, dainty earrings, and layered necklaces to complete the look.

Bonus points if you pick a denim oversized jacket to match your skinny jeans since denim on denim in so HAWT right now!

  • Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans In Summer

shoes to wear with skinny jeans
Image Credit: Evo

Summertime calls for light washed jeans mixed with lightweight fabrics on top and the best shoes to wear with your skinny jeans? We recommend a mixture of easy flats and sandals with a wedge thrown in for parties.

Extra Tidbit: The right pair of shoes mixed with the perfect skinny jeans will help elongate your legs while still keeping you comfortable.

shoes to wear with skinny jeans
Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

You can try substituting your skinny jeans for jeggings. Jeggings are usually made of soft spandex and made to look like jeans, some even come with handy pockets and other detailing to truly create an impressive combination.

This best of both worlds item is versatile in wear as well as being extremely comfortable. What is not to love here?

You can style your jeggings just like regular jeans, but just to throw a little caution your way, make sure that your top is long enough to cover your bum since a lot of jeggings can cling to the skin. Some cheaply made versions can even be SEE THROUGH!

If you want to experiment with one of the hottest trends right now aka athleisure then head straight to the sneaker aisle. Sneakers are back with a vengeance and now can even be found with girly ruffles to edgy studs.

Mix sneakers with high waisted skinny jeans and an easy crop top to get the perfect essence of summer trends while still feeling laid back.

A great way to dress up your skinny jeans in summer would be to throw on a pair of statement heels. Experiment with color and even bolder shapes since the classic nature of the skinny jeans will tone down whatever you decide to wear.

I personally recommend going for a low block heel because not only are they super trendy right now but also easy to wear and won’t leave your feet tortured by the end of the day.

Outfit Idea: With long sweaty summers in mind, pick breathable denim jeans, paying close attention to the material. Once you have the right jeans, build your outfit by adding on these statement Anna Sui mules, which embody everything that is a must have for this season. Let the shoes do the talking and pair with a basic white tee.

For a more dressed up option, change up the mules for these tropical printed Nine West beauties.

  • Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans In Fall

shoes to wear with skinny jeans
Image Credit: Julia Bo

With the temperatures dropping and the usual winter chill creeping by, your best friend during this season has to be oxfords.

These feminine and playful shoes mix both the playful essence of summer with the practicality of fall.

If you want to create more of an edgy outfit, a great alternative would be loafers. Go for a clean color palette to add versatility in your closet. Make sure you balance out the modern loafers with a classic pair of skinny jeans.

Outfit Idea: Go for these dark chestnut Madewell Oxfords and pair with classic dark washed skinny jeans. Add personality by wearing a colorful top matched with a light jacket.

You can also try changing up from your usual skinny jeans to a straight leg cut, don’t forget to balance the change by adding height through these retro heeled oxfords.


  • Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans In Winter
Shoes to wear with skinny jeans
Image Credit: The Savvy Backpacker

One word and one word only: Boots! These must have shoes to wear with skinny jeans will help you looking stylish even when the temperatures go haywire. Go for full off personality fur trimmed boots ( Of course faux fur) if you live in the colder parts of the world.

Bonus points if you wear a matching faux fur scarf or even the hat!

Get rid of that winter bulk by adding length to your outfit through tucking your jeans into your boots, this is ideal with knee length boots but can also work with something as simple as ankle boots. This is also the reason #89217 why we love skinny jeans, haha!

Use your Fall loafers to add a casual edge to your winter outfits. Not only are Loafers back with a vengeance but can also be found in a variety of color combinations, detailing and materials, all the while being extremely comfortable.

If you are looking to up your comfort level even more than running shoes are THE shoes to wear with your skinny jeans and no don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the gym afterward “wink wink”.

Outfit Idea: Take your athleisure outfit to the extreme by pairing it with a sports bra and a streamlined puffer jacket. Break the black and blue expectation of this season by adding color through your running shoes and accessories. Complete it all with a trucker hat, adorned with a cute slogan!


If this article taught us anything, then it has to be that every woman needs a well-made pair of skinny jeans because you can virtually style these bad boys with just about anything from your crazy loud statement heels that will get you double take to your casual loafers that are a must have for those #lazydays.

Just know that all these tips are just a guideline and in the end, it really depends on how you want to update everything with your own personal unique touch because what is even the point if you don’t?

All in all, I have to give major kudos to skinny jeans for helping me look like a put together human being for those days when I can a barely think about brushing my teeth let alone finding a cute outfit!

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



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6 years ago

Great content! Very helpful tips for fall.

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Michael john
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Thank you for sharing this contents,
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Great Article! Thanks for sharing these tips. These tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.