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How to Wear Women’s Loafers: Fashion Ideas

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Penny loafers are no longer only for backpack-wearing students in uniforms. In fact, classic loafers have been reinvented. But before we go into how to wear women’s loafers today, it would be worth your time to learn a little about their history and how they’ve lasted as a popular shoe through the years. History Of Women’s Loafers […]

How To Wear Boots With Jeans For Women 2018

The marriage between denim and boots is legendary; it is the “match made in heaven” combo of the fashion world and one of the most-sought-after looks in colder temperatures. The most common perception about this union is that it affords a “macho/tough” look to women, or that is only intended for casual settings, but with […]

How to Clean Suede Shoes – Definitive Guide

A well-balanced fashionable wardrobe deserves, among other things, the indulgence of the soft and velvety suede. Sneakers, boots, loafers or oxfords—suede shoes provide that perfect balance of casual and dressy that makes them so versatile. And let’s face it, it’s really hard to resist the allure of a camel suede jacket. Also, doesn’t every fashionista […]

Fashionable hiking outfits

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Hiking is is becoming a favorite exercise of many celebrities. It doesn’t hit as a surprise, as hiking has everything one might wish for: the endorphins, great views and unlimited Instagram photo opportunities. It also can burn a few calories and allows one to look fashionable while doing so. Are you wondering how to achieve […]

How To Wear Vintage Clothing With Modern Outfits

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Mixing vintage clothing into your modern wardrobe is anything but daunting. With a few guiding tips below and reflection on your own true personal style the process will seem less overwhelming and more exciting. First things first; go through your current wardrobe and remove anything you do not wear or is not working for your […]

How to Wear Flats with a Dress 2017: Fashion Ideas

How to Wear Flats with a Dress

It’s time to say yes to flats paired with dresses. While heels are the staple of many of our wardrobes, at some point in our lives—particularly when styling dresses— there comes a time when it’s necessary to integrate a new style of shoe into our wardrobe that will give an extra spring in our step. […]