How to Wear Oxford Shoes 2017: Fashion Ideas

Just last month I made a blog post How to Wear Women’s Loafers. A lot you really liked it so today I decided to write another guide on How to Wear Oxford Shoes. Oxford shoes are really having a moment right now on the fashion scene. They seem to be everywhere, taking front stage over other variations of footwear with no difficulty whatsoever. When they first appeared on our radar only the most courageous of fashion forward beauties dared to slip into oxfords. Sick of your oh-so ordinary shoes bringing down your fashion game? I feel you! Want to take look beyond chic in oxford shoes, but are still unsure as to how to style them? Well worry no more! I’m here to deliver simple ways to lift your street style cred with this season’s most on point accessory. You too can dive into the deep end of the fashion pool with these oxford shoe styling options.

Here at Hi Fashion not only have we embraced oxford shoes with open arms, we are literally obsessed with them. To be quite honest, I was just as intimidated by them in the beginning as the next person. However with time, I learned that there is no wardrobe oxford shoes have not been able to give that special spark to. In saying that we ALWAYS deliver on our promises, so today I will be covering some of the basics. This includes outfit selections to combine with your oxfords, color choices, and incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe. I will also be delving deeper into some clever alternatives for those of you ready to up your game in the field of style. Get ready to take the plunge into serious fashionista territory as we look at how to wear oxfords with summer attire, including dresses. Also on the how-to list is the heeled oxford shoe option, how to wear oxfords with socks, as well as other ideas accomplishing a chic look, while staying true to your unique self.

The unfathomable thing about oxford shoes is that they give off so many vibes at the same time. Pulling them on in the morning you really cannot go wrong. They have this bizarre ability to be incredibly sexy, but are innately so classy at the same time. They also have genuine street cred, making you look effortlessly cool without looking like you are trying too hard. Oxford shoes channel that cool French girl look, which in reality we all wish to achieve. You know the one I’m talking about, right? She appears to be 100% carefree, simultaneously though she somehow looks ridiculously fabulous at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great if you were that girl, oozing relaxed glamour with every step? You know it can be, and it is, do not even try denying it!

Oxford shoes outfit ideas

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OK, I know what you’re thinking. How do I even introduce oxford shoes into my daily look? They can be perceived to be somewhat masculine, but realistically they’re not. Today there are countless variations of the oxford shoe on offer to work into your daily outfits. I assure you that you have everything you need to create a look for a brunch with the ladies, a first date and even some perfect for the office. Keeping the look casual, whilst adding these babies gives you the ability to turn your image from drab to fab! Pair them with some distressed denim, a simple white t-shirt and blazer. Voila! That effortless chic moment you yearned for is instantly achieved!

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Simple, right? But why stop there? Let’s keep this train moving in the right direction with some more ideas. Use that oversized shirt-dress hanging in your wardrobe, add a trench and some oxfords and you have paved your way down fabulous lane! Feeling a bit uninspired with your look? Give it a little zest, whilst still keeping it class with some leopard print oxfords! Throw on a hat and your spectacular daily outfit is good to go.

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How to wear oxford heels

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If you are feeling too petite for the flat version of the oxford shoe, why not hit some high notes? Taylor Swift is a huge fan of oxfords getting snapped wearing them too many times to count. Let her be your muse, and like her, combine them with a dress and gorgeous winter coat. She looks polished and chic at the same time. Heeled oxford shoes can also be worn with jeans and a thick knit sweater as a day to day outfit. Another option is to wear these beautiful shoes with a high-waisted floral skirt and some thick stockings. The look is simple, yet effective and makes a statement all whilst keeping you warm during those cooler months.

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How to wear brown oxfords

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Trust me on this, brown is the hit color when it comes to oxford shoes. They are the easiest to use as part of any outfit, look sophisticated and stand out at the same time. If you are unsure about the tan color, you can always go for the lighter beige option. Fashion icon and general bad ass, Rihanna rocked these Prada oxfords making the internet go wild in her shirt-dress. Channel your inner Parisienne by wear a skirt and a striped sweater. Don’t be surprised though if people start asking which part of France you come from.

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Do you wear socks with oxfords?

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Once again revisiting the cooler months can be a challenge, but oxford shoes work like a charm when paired with socks! Whether over the knee or just above your ankles, they make you look sexy without being provocative. You can thank your lucky oxfords for that. They do double the work making sure your lovely legs look long, lean and keep them warm. What more could a girl ask for? Suddenly, you may also find yourself being snapped for random street blogs due to your immaculate fashion sense.

How to wear oxford shoes in summer

Don’t you hate it when the weather starts to get warmer, and you look like a crazy person wearing your boots, but it’s not warm enough to break out the sandals yet? The solution is in the oxfords. Do not discard them just because you think they are a winter shoe. They don’t have to be. Whether teamed with shorts or bringing your summer dress to life, they will save you during these periods. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous pick a pair of vintage looking floral oxfords. They will steal the show wherever you are and give that extra bit of femininity to your look. A sure winner for a summer night cocktail with friends, without the pain of the stiletto.

How to wear oxford shoes with dresses

As previously mentioned, whether summer or winter, oxfords work with whatever is in your closet. Team them up with a simple dress, giving what you’re wearing some attitude. A metallic shade is all the rage right now, whether gold or silver. Rose gold is the hit this season, and also a color that suits almost everything. Use them to accessorize your favorite dress and you are set! But wait, we are not done yet! Is summer over, and you’re suddenly feeling constricted to the usual knits and heavy sweaters? Wrong! The dresses you may have packed from your summer season need to come out of hiding. Use that floral breezy dress in the frostier months too! Throw on some thick tights, your leather jacket and you immediately channel that inner rock star. Simultaneously you look feminine and elegant. Oxfords naturally just ooze sophistication and give your outfit that extra bit of class.

How to wear saddle shoes with jeans

So wearing saddle shoes with jeans is like wearing sneakers to the gym. It’s a combination that needs minimum effort, however when presented looks exquisite. Get those cuffs rolled up a little to show off your oxfords and walk in style and comfort. Maroon is the color that seems to be coming back season after season, so if you’re feeling like trying out a new shade, this is the one to try. No matter what color your jeans, the oxfords melt into the outfit, giving it that light, yet refreshing finish. Fact: whether wearing your jeans with a shirt, sweatshirt or t-shirt the oxfords will finish the job for you.

To sum up, oxford shoes have the ability to introduce various facets into our wardrobes. At the same time though they are often misunderstood and looked at with confusion. So, at this point we will leave you with one quick question. Have you ever heard of the saying, be the change you want to see in the world? Do yourself a favor and accept the advice! Take charge and watch yourself transform into the style goddess you always knew you were. Hopefully by this stage, you are well aware that you need a pair of oxford shoes in your life. If they are already chilling somewhere in the back of your closet, take them out for a well-deserved stroll. Oxford shoes are an investment that will pay off pretty much instantly. You will be amazed at how they can change your regular outfits, and they will soon become your staple shoe. Now that you have some ideas as to how to wear them, I bet you will not be taking them off.