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So you been asking yourself what are jeggings? If you are one of those people who claim that leggings aren’t pants, we won’t object – maybe they’re not. But, jegging certainly are! They are the perfect cross between leggings and jeans. With a distinctive form of skinny jeans and indisputable comfort of leggings. The best jeggings are versatile, comfortable and uber stylish.

What Are Jeggings

In past decade, skinny jeans were imperative of denimwear. From season to season they become tighter and tighter. Like you were trapped from the waist down in this firm fabric. It wasn’t easy to breathe, let alone to move around. Then, one clever man got an idea to reform this wardrobe staple, by adding features of the most comfortable piece of clothing: leggings, of course. This is how the jeggings were born.

There are two types of jeggings. The first ones are made from legging materials, such as spandex or cotton and dyed to look like jeans. They feature an elastic waistband and don’t have pockets. The second one, called denim jeggings, are actually advanced skinny jeans. They have zip closure and pockets, like every pair of jeans. But the denim material is super stretchy in order to give the comfort of leggings.


This jean-legging staple was warmly welcome among women around the world. And why it shouldn’t be? You get the effect of super skinny jeans and easily move around! Celebrities didn’t stay immune on it, either. Kendall Jenner gladly replaced uncomfortable skinnies with light washed jeggings for a coffee date, while Beyonce picked a darker pair for night out.

Just like our beloved celebrities, you can rock a pair of jeggings whenever you desire! Consider them as a much nicer sister of your skinny jeans! They are suitable for any season and (almost) every occasion. Yeah, you guessed, just like jeans!

What Are Treggings

Fashion industry went one step further, creating yet another hybrid: The Treggings. If you assumed that we’re talking about trouser-legging mixture, you’re right. This, more sophisticated version of jeggings is a great choice for business women. They are equally professional and sleek as a pair of trousers, cause they’re actually are trousers. But, treggings are made of stretchy material like ponte knit or scuba knit that are thicker than leggings without the see-through issue. So, we are talking about wardrobe staple that is just as comfortable as leggings but even more stylish.

As we told, they’re appropriate office wear, but you can actually wear them for any occasion. They come in a variety of style to choose from: basic black, bright colored, printed treggings… You name it! Just like trousers, or leggings.


There is no need to point out that the pair of black treggings are absolutely must-have. From work to a casual gathering, this clothing piece will give you endless outfit options. However, you should consider upgrading your wardrobe with trendy pieces, such as checked or side stripe treggings. And if you are really fashion-forwarded try stirrup treggings. Yes, you heard right: this 80’s staple came back in style. They were seen all over the streets during Fashion Week. Pair them with sleek boots or pumps, chunky knit or structured blazer for that blogger-approved look!

So, if you had any doubts what jeggings and treggings are, hope we cleared them out. They’re comfy and chic clothing pieces you definitely need in your wardrobe! And, if you are jeggings/treggings lover as us, let us know what’s your favorite way to wear them! Leave a comment, don’t be shy!

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Jessie Willis
Jessie Willis
5 years ago

look at this, well i have a new option now. i love those Jeggings and Treggings, they are amazing and in trend now.
keep up the good work