What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

If I must use an apt food analogy, boyfriend jeans are like chicken soup. (Why food analogy? Because I’m trying to keep my mind off of those two cookies in my sight right now as I’ve already had two. Dozen.) Remember those torturous nights of squeezing in all your bits into a Herve Leger and not breathing for hours? That’s like kale for you. Makes you look great, but isn’t the most enjoyable process to go through. Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, fill you up, soothe your soul and don’t make you any less attractive either! Which is why it is important to take note of what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans.

For all their comfortable and chic perfection, boyfriend jeans run the risk of making you look slightly boxy. The right shoes will take care of this problem. Also, if you don’t already know this, shoes are everything when it comes to creating diverse looks with the same jeans. We’ve created a little listicle for you to refer to:

What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans –Sneakers

Sneakers are to boyfriend jeans what Netflix is to chill: Always better together. Sure you can wear sneakers with almost everything and sure you can wear boyfriend jeans with a whole lot of other shoe types, but think ultimate comfort chic, and you’re most likely thinking sneakers with slouchy boyfriend jeans.


Adidas trainers

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Because the 90s are back and because every sneaker head owns a pair. Your favorite Adidas trainers, especially ones in white make the perfect lounge-in combination with a pair of mid to high rise boyfriend jeans and an oversized pastel shirt knotted at the waist. If you’re willing to go the whole hog, get yourself some Jane Birkin bangs too!


Vans sneakers

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Another pair of very popular and identifiable sneakers, and ones that you probably have stashed in your closet already. These canvas shoes lend their simplicity effectively to the ongoing-for-ages normcore movement. Just a plain white tee, your most comfortable boyfriend jeans and Vans –that’s all you need.


Converse sneakers

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Weren’t you paying attention when I said the 90s are back? So channel your inner Avril Lavigne and wear your super slouchy boyfriend denims with a fitted tee or a plaid shirt or both. The emo/grunge makeup and hair is your choice though.


What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans –Boots

It’s fall and it’s time for boots. How fantastic is it, then, to know that boyfriend jeans and boots make one of the best pairings ever? Read on to know all about what boots to wear with boyfriend jeans.


Combat boots

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

The ultimate IDGAF combination! Combat boots, whether laced up or buckled, provide that much needed toughness that finishes off the androgynous jeans extremely well. Black jeans work, but for the maximum impact, go for the classic blue jean, white tank and black boots. Perhaps a plaid shirt tied to the waist.


Suede ankle boots

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

If combat boots feel far too outrageous for you, the more subtle suede boots should serve you well. The brown and tan ones especially, lend a slight country feel to your boyfriend jeans. Wear them with a chunky pullover for a very “this moment” fall look.


Cutout boots

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Cutout boots are a marriage between the ruggedness of boots and glam of heels. And a marriage that’s not leading to divorce anytime soon. Because they finish off boyfriend jeans in slick style while still being casual enough. Plan a business-casual outfit of boyfriend jeans, crisp shirt, a long overcoat and cutout boots.


What Shoes to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans –Heels

The juxtaposition of the super laidback boyfriend jeans and highly dressy heels is what makes this combination click. But besides bringing in the surprise element, heels serve a secondary purpose here. They balance out the boxiness of the boyfriend jeans and lengthen the silhouette. Get set and get dressy!


Pointy stiletto pumps

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Pointy stiletto heels amplify the form-lengthening effect of heels. So ditch those chunky square-toe heels and slip on your pointy heels. Add a structured jacket or a trench coat and some jewelry. Alternatively, you could dress up a super simple jeans and tee combo with just a pair of pointy stiletto pumps.


Classic single strap heels

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

These elegant shoes are here to stay, possibly forever. And why shouldn’t they? They go with everything! Boyfriend jeans are no exception either. So if you find yourself short of time to decide what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans, here’s your answer.


Statement heels

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Just a one up from the simple heels with the common goal of bringing in a surprise element to your outfit. A very basic outfit of jeans and a shirt/tee can be instantly rendered glamorous with statement-making heels. Studded, pop color or embellished with pompoms –they all do the job.


What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans –Flats

But hold up before you reluctantly arch those feet onto heels! Flats go well with boyfriend jeans too. In fact, they complement boyfriend jeans the best, as opposed to the contrast of heels. Since flat shoes spell comfort, their pairing with boyfriend jeans makes a lot of sense.



What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Much too business like to be paired with boyfriend jeans? Think again! Oxfords and brogues come into the picture when you want to wear your boyfriend jeans to a more formal outing because why not? Or because you just want to make things interesting beyond the usual jeans and sneaker routine.


Lace up or strappy flats

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Flats are the epitome of comfortable casual and by virtue of that, work well with boyfriend jeans. Roman sandals, flip flops or laced up caged shoes –they can be worn with boyfriend jeans for a complete casual finish. However, to keep things interesting, pick flats with quirky details like pom pom, laser cutouts or glitter embellishments.


Studded flat sandals

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

Comfort, glamor, and edge –get the best of all worlds with open toe flats that have studded details on them. Spikes, metal eyelets or chains –any biker-style detail can help elevate flats from generic to “rivet”-ting (puns are my thing yo!) and make your boyfriend jeans outfit interesting.


So that is my prototype list of what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans. But like I always say, fearlessness and experimentation is the soul of fashion and style. Take chances and go with your gut. And remember, there’s never a fashion mistake made by someone who pulls it off with confidence!

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6 years ago

look at that color combination, just amazing, i think i would try with a little feminime color with some of them, btw amazing work, keep it up.
big love xoxo